I got the latest sample in the mail today. First the good parts: It feels so good going on it’s a joke. It’s like liquid silk and it goes on clear and fast. It also takes care of flakiness as it should. It also has no scent but in a good way. Let me explain. Lots of “unscented” products still have a scent of whichever ingredients are in the product. This moisturizer is no different. It has a very slight scent, but the scent is pleasing and something I could really get used to.

One last bad part: It still feels like I’ve got something on my skin after I apply it. I could describe it as a mild tackiness/stickiness. Brandy, our Regimen Assistance person, and Joel, our webmaster, didn’t notice this, but I do. So I’m sending it back to the formulator again. I hope this tackiness issue can be resolved in short order. In the meantime, I have a second formulator working on the project. So, onward and upward!

Something I find very cool about running a business is being able to affect the sustainability policies of partner companies. Sustainability basically means fulfilling our needs today without jeopardizing the health and well being of future generations. It is a huge movement in business and I believe the way business will be performed in the future. I was active in environmental organizations in college and remain committed to working in that area. After all, when I think about it, I’m part of nature.

I have been diligent lately about requesting written environmental statements from partner companies. A friend of mine who works at a local business school that concentrates on sustainable business suggested I do this. I’ve found it is a great way to express my concern and get them involved. I received the first statement from our fulfillment house and posted it here.

I’ve been interviewing people for the Administrative Manager position and I’ve talked to some amazing people. I’m consistently surprised at the level of intelligence out there. Maybe it’s just that I’m not all that intelligent 🙂 But for real, not only have the candidates been experienced and qualified, they are cool people who share my vision of getting the community involved and heading for people over profit. So I am excited to see what two of us working full time can get done.

I am also waiting patiently to try the latest moisturizer sample. It was delivered FedEx to my door when I was not home, and it is simply not there. I don’t know if it was misdelivered or stolen. But I’m trying hard to breathe and practice patience. I will let you know how it is when I get it.

By the way, do you guys like hearing all my nitty gritty, or should I wait to update the blog until I have serious news to report?

Oh yeah, and my brain is exploding in oh so good of a way. I have been reading Wikinomics, which is a book on how collaboration on the Internet is changing everything. It’s putting into words a lot of what I’ve always wanted to do and given me mass ideas. A quick run-down of Wikinomics’ main tenets:

Openness: Companies are becoming more and more open and working with their customers and with each other to produce products and intellectual property that is much better than what they can produce themselves. I think we can definitely do this. Imagine an open letter to large skin care companies on Acne.org where we can ask for them to make us specific products. Then as the products come out we can rate them, and due to increased openness, we can rate the companies as well since we will insist on knowing their environmental and social policies.

Peering: History is replete with heirarchies. I don’t know about you, but I have never been big on authority figures. There’s something inherently weird about it for me. In my eyes we are all peers, and none of us is better than anyone else. What peering refers to is the end of heirarchical structures where companies are structured top down and simply present the public with a finished product or intellectual property. With the advent of the Internet, however, we can now all work together to create content and share it with each other. An example we could use on Acne.org would be personal blogs where people can post their acne treatment story along with pics and links. Perhaps Joel and I could organize these blogs in such a way that everyone knows which blogs are most widely read, and thus informative. We are already doing a lot of peering on Acne.org with the messageboards and gallery, but we can take it a lot further I think.

Sharing: Acne.org grew out of this concept 10 years ago. I never charged for the Regimen or the videos of me doing the Regimen or for any other info on the site. I decided from day one to share the knowledge and let go of the outcome. I’m tempted to say this is the wave of the future, but I think the wave is already upon us. The most successful Internet sites are largely free and involve a huge amount of sharing. Think flikr, myspace, technorati, etc.

Acting globally: The world is unifying like never before, and in large part due to the Internet. Just look at all the countries represented on the Acne.org messageboards. This is simply a fact of the future and a very cool one. Making sure to think outside of the boundaries of our own country helps us bring in the peering and sharing of the world community. So yeah, that’s pretty much where my mind explodes 🙂 Now I just need more people to help implement this stuff! But I am hopefully hiring someone today.

Two blog posts in one day. I am out of control. Anyhoo, I asked you guys last week what you thought of the homepage and how we could make it better. You gave me a bunch of great suggestions and Joel and I implemented some of them, such as making the community more prominent and moving the mission statement up toward the top. Thanks!

I wasn’t planning on updating the blog this often, but more stuff happened in the last day or two.

First, I’m hiring an administrative manager. I put an ad up on craigslist here. If you know any cool and talented people in San Francisco, please let them know.

Ain’t she purdy? I started selling this thing called “body buddy” which helps people apply skin care products to the back. People have been asking me for years how to reach the unreachable areas of the back to perform the back acne regimen and I finally have a good answer for them. My friend Debi discovered the body buddy at a skin care conference and told me about it. The body buddy company, who are really just a couple of people in Oklahoma, sent me a sample and it’s quite nice. It is made of a soft yet non-absorbent material so it doesn’t irritate. I dig it. If you end up trying it, please let me know what you think.

Hi everybody. I thought I’d start a blog so I can keep you informed on what I’m doin’ here to try to make Acne.org and DanKernsRegimen.com the bestest ever. So, if you’re interested in the details, read on. I have big plans and I’m totally on it.

These sites have gotten pretty big. I now work on acne.org and dankernsregimen.com full-time, plus I’m hiring a second full-time person to help me out. I’ve gotten so busy with admin stuff that I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to do site improvements.

Joel, our webmaster patiently works with me to make stuff happen. He is completely fantastic to work with, but he’s all mine. Do not, I repeat, do not, offer him a job! 🙂 Joel is in North Carolina and I’m in California, so we chat through GoogleTalk for hours on end several times a week working on little site stuff.

Fun Schtuff you can expect at Acne.org: To be perfectly honest, I haven’t even figured it all out in my mind yet, but suffice it to say that my mind is racing with ideas and I am excited to make some stuff happen. I can’t really be more specific because I don’t know which ideas will win out, but in general I’d like to expand the community part of Acne.org and let everybody be more a part of decisions and information authorship. I’m thinking of adding wikis like wikipedia.org where we can all collaborate from our own computers on a document. I’m also thinking about adding more ratings, and a YouTube-type of self-updating video so we can all share videos of how we perform the regimen or apply certain skin care products. I’ll keep you posted.

What you can expect on dankernsregimen.com: Quick product update: I am still working on both an spf and a non-spf moisturizer–weekly, methodically, and steadfastly. I lost count, but I’ve received about 46-47 samples now from seven manufacturers. I recently added yet another manufacturer to the field of competition. dum dum duuuum. They seem on top of the latest science, and are cool people who employ happy individuals who are proud of their work. But, the last moisturizer sample I designed myself! I have learned so much about moisturizer formulation through trying samples, going to the Society of Cosmetic Chemists conference this winter, and speaking with chemist friends that I have narrowed down my favorite ingredients which can be combined safely and which do an amazing job at moisturization. I like sodium lactate (a ‘salt’ form of lactic acid) which is great at moisturization, urea which holds in moisture, glycerin which is great at moisturizing and kind on the skin, and anti-inflammatories to help further combat the inflammatory side of acne. I had a private formulator make up a sample like this for me and it is my favorite so far. But I’m shooting for the best moisturizer ever in the history of the world, and don’t really want to put one out that is not, so I’m not going to rush anything. I’ll keep you posted.