has always relied on word of mouth to get the word out. Lately we’ve been receiving lots of emails from people telling us they found through watching YouTube videos that mention I took a look and there are lots of people posting videos on YouTube sharing their experience with The Regimen or giving their opinions on products. If you have a few minutes sometime, please feel free to add your voice by uploading a YouTube video yourself. Feel free to be as creative as you want. Here are a few of the types of videos people have been posting:

  • Sharing their opinion and experience on The Regimen
  • Product “hauls”
  • Showing before & after pictures to share their success
  • Doing weekly updates as they proceed with The Regimen so people can watch their progress in real time
  • Thanks to everyone who has been posting on YouTube. It is a great way of letting people know The Regimen is the real deal.

    Note: All of the YouTube videos which mention are unsponsored.

    A while back I mentioned that I wanted to get more of you guys represented on in the form of videos of people performing the face, back, body, and neck Regimen, as well as some other stuff. I went ahead and made a new self-service page of for this purpose. Please take a look if you have a sec. I haven’t launched it yet because I’m still uncertain about the product giveaway part of it. Here’s what I’m struggling with…

    1. Do you think I should give away products in exchange for people submitting videos?

    2. If so, should I give away more or less than I list on the page?

    I would love your input on this before I go live with it. I don’t want to say any more because I don’t want to color your opinion either way. Please just give me your gut read if you don’t mind.


    Hey Everybody.
    Yesterday was officially the first day of summer. In honor of summer’s arrival we are re-airing our Sun Week series. We’ll be covering everything from how the sun affects acne, Vitamin D, choosing an SPF that won’t break you out, chemical exfoliants, and hats. Hope you all enjoy Summer 2009!