I am looking to animate the 3 Regimen steps: Cleansing, Treating, & Moisturizing. Before I go outside of the Acne.org community to find an animator, I wanted to see if any of you, or your friends/family, were proficient in 2D or 3D (I am open to either) animation. I am looking for someone with experience who can deliver a professional finished product complete with animation, text, and sound. Please contact me (choose ‘Questions/Comments for Dan’ from dropdown) if you would like to speak about this further.

We’re hiring a full time Web Developer to keep Acne.org thriving and to implement lots of cutting edge stuff we have planned. It will be a challenging and fulfilling job. I’m posting the help wanted ad online in several places, but ideally I’d love someone right from the community here at Acne.org or at least someone who you guys refer to me. Here’s the ad:

Web Developer

This position directly assists in the implementation and maintenance of our web site and shopping cart. A successful candidate would be a task-oriented hard worker who gets things done and is comfortable in a fast paced atmosphere. Candidate must be fiercely and naturally detailed and take direction extraordinarily well.

Required skills and experience (5+ years):

– JavaScript
– Advanced Photoshop skills a plus
– Invision Board (IPB) experience a plus
– E-commerce experience highly preferred


– Professionally program and implement multiple concepts to an extremely high level.
– Perform regular web maintenance.
– Maintain server.
– Keep a can-do attitude at all times, concentrating on how to make a project work.
– Be open to anything. Everyone on our team pitches in when needed, no matter how big and no matter how small the task may seem.


– Our office is in San Francisco, but we are open to working remotely for the right candidate.

How to apply:

Please send a copy of your resume with cover letter (both as attachments) with “Web Generalist:0150-1” in the subject line to humanresources@acne.org

Hey you guys. I’ve got multiple projects at the ready: a newly updated scars page, an interactive picking page, and several other fun new web pages which are designed and ready for implementation. But, Joel is back in school and too busy to handle it all! So, we need another Joel 🙂 OK, that’s not possible. We’re all unqiue 🙂 But let’s way it were. What is another Joel? Basically, someone who is amazing in PHP, Javascript, and who can also design stuff in Photoshop part time to full time. The work would be done remotely. Pay is commensurate with experience. If you’re interested, please email miriam@acne.org with a resume and cover letter outlining why you’d like to work for Acne.org in particular.

Thanks you guys!

My operations manager moved on to another thing so I’m once again hiring. I’d actually like to hire two awesome people, one as a project lead and the other as a day to day operations manager. If you guys know anyone in the Bay Area who…

– Is highly ethical
– Is passionate about conscious business practices
– Has an interest in skin care
– Has experience with computers (Quickbooks a +)
– Is a self-starter
– Who you generally feel is a great person who you’d hire if you were me

…please ask them to email their resume over. It will be an alternative and fun work place with tons of room for experience and growth. Thanks.

I’ve been interviewing people for the Administrative Manager position and I’ve talked to some amazing people. I’m consistently surprised at the level of intelligence out there. Maybe it’s just that I’m not all that intelligent 🙂 But for real, not only have the candidates been experienced and qualified, they are cool people who share my vision of getting the community involved and heading for people over profit. So I am excited to see what two of us working full time can get done.

I wasn’t planning on updating the blog this often, but more stuff happened in the last day or two.

First, I’m hiring an administrative manager. I put an ad up on craigslist here. If you know any cool and talented people in San Francisco, please let them know.

Ain’t she purdy? I started selling this thing called “body buddy” which helps people apply skin care products to the back. People have been asking me for years how to reach the unreachable areas of the back to perform the back acne regimen and I finally have a good answer for them. My friend Debi discovered the body buddy at a skin care conference and told me about it. The body buddy company, who are really just a couple of people in Oklahoma, sent me a sample and it’s quite nice. It is made of a soft yet non-absorbent material so it doesn’t irritate. I dig it. If you end up trying it, please let me know what you think.