Hi you guys. I didn’t have time for a video today. I’ve been researching women & acne for the last few hours. It’s a fascinating topic, yet somewhat frustrating. We do know that hormone fluctuations tend to cause breakouts, and hormones fluctuate more widely in women. However, the exact mechanism of this is highly complex and oftentimes we don’t know exactly what causes the fluctuations. I feel like I keep saying, “the bottom line is we just don’t know”, about a bunch of acne related topics, and women & acne is no exception. But still, there is interesting research going on, and we do have effective ways of clearing acne even if we don’t fully understand why it occurs.

While researching cosmetics and acne, I read a particularly interesting study. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology concluded that just because finished products might contain comedogenic ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean the product itself is comedogenic. I have always suspected and stated that we can’t fully trust comedogenic lists. Lots of us here have had success with products which contain some of the “bad” ingredients on these lists. In my opinion, we need to take those lists with a grain of salt, while remaining vigilant and sharing our personal success or failures with certain products.