I’ve been working hand-in-hand with a dedicated team of doctors and PhDs lately to learn as much as I can and as deeply as I can about all things acne. All this new information deserved a whole new site design, along with the world’s best graphics. Can you even believe how good these new graphics are?! We have an amazing team of artists working with us as well.

We are also putting Acne.org products a little more front and center on the web site. I have gotten a lot of feedback that people didn’t know where to get our products, so they’re now on the bottom of every page, and sprinkled elsewhere as well. One of the best ways I can help people is to let them know about The Acne.org Regimen and allow them to easily order products and start clearing up. However, it’s still the same acne.org. We do not accept any advertisements and the web site is here to inform without any advertising clutter.

If you guys find any bugs on the new site, which you totally will (I’m considering this a beta launch), please contact us and let us know what you found and we’ll fix it up.

Also, if you want to stay abreast of all the new content that we’ll be releasing, following us on Facebook or Twitter is an easy way to do that.

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