pathogenesis and treatment of acne and rosaceaA new book hit the market recently called Pathogenesis and Treatment of Acne and Rosacea. The biology dork in me is excited to chomp it up. This is a perfect time of year too. At my latitude here in San Francisco, from April through October you can get tons of vitamin D from sitting in the sun, and I absolutely love sitting in the sun. So, I’m going out back to start reading this thing. Anybody want to join me in reading this thing!? I’d love to hear your input if you want to be in the world’s nerdiest book club with me 😉


  • RRRR

    I have just started. Quiet interesting:)

  • Katharine

    Hi, my name is Katharine, and I suffer from cystic acne. I see you say we should sit in the sunlight to get vitamin D, but as I am currently on accutane, this is very difficult for me to do without getting burnt. Do you have any suggestions? I would love to read the book with you, and see if you have any other suggestions to help me with my acne 🙂

  • Elizabeth B

    Thanks for sharing the pics of and info on licochalcone! Very interesting. I’ve just ordered this product and looking forward to positive results.