zinc pillIt’s so easy to forget to take a vitamin. I try to take one 30mg zinc pill per day to keep inflammation down in my body and help with my acne-prone skin. While I am completely clear from The Acne.org Regimen, I still like the idea of using zinc to help calm everything down from the inside out. Multiple studies point toward a 40% reduction in acne symptoms from regular zinc supplementation. In my own completely subjective and anecdotal case, my skin is calmer when I remember to take the zinc pill on a regular basis.

However, zinc is the only pill I’ve been taking lately because I’ve been getting my omega-3s from wild fish and sushi, and remembering to take just one vitamin can be hard. I looked around online for tips on how to remember to take a pill each day, and to be honest they all sound a little over the top. Tape it to your toothbrush? Seriously?! The one simple suggestion that I did like was to just make it a habit and pick a time of day to always do it. I think I’ll choose with breakfast and see if I can get more regular with it.

You can buy zinc at any Walgreens or CVS or from countless vendors online. Just make sure to get zinc gluconate. From what we can tell, this is the best form. 30mg should be a good dose because we get zinc from food as well and you don’t want to get too crazy with it.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, a fun way to forgo the pill and still get a ton of zinc is to eat oysters. Oysters have far more zinc than any other food. Eating just 3 raw oysters gives you around the same 30mg that you’d get from a pill.


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  • Anonymous

    Which type of zinc do you recommend?

    • asdf

      reads in the article

      >Just make sure to get zinc gluconate. From what we can tell, this is the best form.

    • Sylvia D. Hibbitts

      Thank you for sharing this article

  • Ethan Kauffman

    Hi there! I can see where this is coming from: zinc has anti-inflammatory properties which can work wonders if you’re having a bad case of irritating acne. Plus, studies have suggested that people who have a bad case of acne are deficient in this mineral, so it would make sense to take a supplement in regardless if you’re a teen or not.

    Anyway, I love oysters, but it’s not exactly accessible to most people. Their best bet is spinach (put it in a lasagna, and you’ll love it), beef and beef liver, shrimp, crayfish, kidney beans, turkey and pork.

    A hundred grams of each a day can give you a few milligrams.

  • Brad Davis

    What a great reminder to load up on the zinc right now. It’s especially great right now while we should all be boosting our immune system to keep from getting sick. Thanks for all the amazing tips about what kind of zinc to purchase.

  • Annie

    I take Zinc daily as well as vitamin C and hardly ever get sick anymore! I was mostly clear from retin-A micro for years (still am) but thought the zinc couldn’t hurt. It really made me break out even less. And when I think about it, I think a zinc deficiency may have been what gave me acne in the first place! I only started to get acne in college, about a year after I became vegetarian. Zinc is mostly found in seafood/meats so I think it was likely a deficiency that really contributed to my acne.

    I did a lot of research on the best form of zinc and Zinc Picolinate is actually much better absorbed by the body, so that is what I use. It is a bit more difficult to find but I get mine at the Vitamin Shoppe, they have a large variety of different types of zinc supplements.

  • Annie

    Also zinc is not a “vitamin”, it’s a mineral 😉

    But I know what you mean, sometimes it’s easier to just call any supplement you take a vitamin.

    The I’ve been taking for a couple years is 22mg Zinc Picolinate from Solgar and I highly recommend it! It’s a little over 150% daily value. I used to wonder if it’s possible to “overdose” on zinc but recently learned the body does not actually store zinc, so it’s not something to be concerned about when just taking a daily supplement. I also have really healthy nails that can grow really long (zinc is supposed to be great for hair, skin, nails, and immune system in general).

    • Dan


  • Anonymous

    Hi Dan. I couldn’t fond 30mg. Is 50mg safe? Thank you.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Anon: 50 mg zinc is a lot and may make your skin a bit dry. If it’s in tablets, break them in half. If capsules take one three times a week. Seriously, zinc will make your skin very dry if you take too much

  • parveen

    is safe “zinc lactate”

  • Anonymous

    You can try to remember to take a pill by putting the bottle with the area where you put your skincare supplies. I NEVER forget to do my skincare routine, but I often forget pills so if I put them in the same area I don’t forget.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, I did not know that zinc had benefits in the acne treatment

  • Anonymous

    Vitamins and minerals play an important role in the treatment against acne