summer humidityI live in San Francisco where the weather is almost always temperate–cool with low humidity. However, I am in Pennsylvania right now visiting family. I forget how unforgiving hot, sticky summer weather can be to acne-prone skin until I am enveloped in it. I’ve had to be super strict with The Regimen since I’ve been here to stay clear. This is par for the course in hot, humid weather, however. Researchers have found that people in hot and humid climates have more incidence of acne and more severe cases of acne than those in temperate climates. This is not to say that you can’t still stay clear during summer. It just takes stricter adherence to The Regimen.

Tips to stay clear in hot/humid climates:

1. If you end up sweating, try to be gentle when you dry off. Dab your skin gently with a towel or napkin and do not rub the sweat off. Constantly wiping off sweat can be irritating to the skin and cause a breakout. More tips on how to avoid irritation here.

2. Be super strict with The Regimen. Do it twice a day, every day, use plenty of benzoyl peroxide, and moisturize even if you don’t feel that you need to. In the summer it is even more important to follow The Regimen to a T.

3. Try adding 10% glycolic acid (AHA) to The Regimen to bump up the effectiveness even more. Just be sure to adequately protect your skin from the sun if you decide to add in glycolic acid.

4. Since body acne can be aggravated by irritation, and sweat + irritation can make this worse, you may need to treat your body in the summer as well.

Now go out and have some fun! 🙂


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  • Anonymous

    The humidity in Memphis is a beast – all year. Even in the colder months I’ll check the humidity level and find that it can still exceed 70%. Ridiculous! So it makes sense that my skin has been angry with me for the past 15 years 🙁
    I have the best skin when I travel west (Anaheim, CA) or northeast (New York, NY). I have no allergies, no sinus issues, and no acne. If it wasn’t for the great cost of living here in Memphis, I would have moved in a heartbeat before discovering! However, now that I’ve been on The Regimen for 2 full weeks I don’t have to leave the city or the country. For the first time in a long time, I have no active breakouts on my face or neck!! The last pimple went out with a fight, but I won the final round 🙂

    • Dan

      That is so cool. I’m glad The Regimen is working well for you. I just realized adding AHA is another tip I could give people, so I’ll add that to this blog post now. If you’re not 100% clear try adding some AHA into the mix.

  • jean

    Oh yeah right summer can really cause acne due to hot temperature. Additional to that hot temperature will open up pores even more bigger that makes it more prone to dust and dirt that can irritate the skin that causes acne. Your regimen really fits for this hot summer and will surely help everyone with the same problem!thanks for posting!

  • Ck

    I just ordered your system for my 14 year old son. I am so hopeful this will be the answer to his skin issues.
    I am wondering what type of sunscreen to use? He plays sports & sweats a lot out in the sun.

  • Mary hiezel

    Hi dan im on my 3 weeks now in regimen just wondering my face is flaky and red.I am here in dubai i didn’t use sunblock is that ok?kindly long my face will be flaky?

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  • Anonymous

    How much moisturizing should I be doing in humidity? I’ve been on the regimen for over a year. I recently moved from DC to MS and now I’m battling breakouts every day. My forehead is very bumpy with the tiny bumps. I use the full regimen. Aha, jojoba oil, etc. thanks!