After speaking with several women with decades of experience with makeup application, and after applying and playing with makeup myself, I have added a makeup guide (click ‘Expand’ when you get to that page) to The Regimen instructions page. My goal is to help acne-prone people apply makeup more safely by reducing irritation. Feel free to take a look and let me know if there are any glaring omissions or changes that you think need to be made.



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  • Anna

    Hi Dan,

    These steps are very helpful and an excellent addition to the Regimen. However, I have found that merely washing my face with cleanser is not enough to remove all of my makeup, even when I wear very little. To remove all of my makeup, after cleansing I massage a little jojoba oil all over my damp face, and then very gently use a cotton ball or pad, which I have moistened with water, to remove the remaining makeup. The wet cotton ball does not seem to irritate my sensitive skin, and this step prevents makeup from building up, which is often a cause of breakouts for me.

    Obviously, everyone’s skin is different, but this might be helpful to other people. In any case, thanks for your Regimen and great products, which have really worked wonders for me.

  • revitol acnezine

    Ive heard green tea and aloe vera are considered good for acne, is that true?

  • D

    Green tea works as a pimple killer and aloe works as a healing agent and calms redness/irritation. I would only use green tea for spot treatment because it can be too drying.

  • C

    To clean my makeup brushes, I use bar soap, rinse very very well then rinse with rubbing alcohol.

  • Laura Salamanca

    I have suffered acne like forever and it is finally clearing up after struggling with it for years. The obvious thing we girls do when we see our faces like a whole volcano ground is concealing it with tons of make-up but the problem is that, at least on my personal experience, make-up (no matter the brand or price tag) does fire back. I am almost reaching the point where I can go out without make up (thanks to The Regimen, thank you Dan!!!!) but that is due also to the fact that now I’m just using loose mineral powder most of the time. I try to avoid concealer and foundation and any other thick or greasy stuff as much as I can because will ONLY accumulate in your pores making new pimples. The other product I’m using to remove make-up is Sébium H2O purifying non-rinse cleanser. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!!! It does take all of your make up away while refreshing, disinfecting and calming your skin. Hope this helps!

  • Cathy

    I feel that the steps were very helpful, and well written.

  • Jessica

    Hey dan, I was just wondering what you thought about “Covergirl Clean Sensitive skin makeup” it is a very very sheer foundation and on the covergirl site it says that it is oil and fragrance free, noncomedogenic, and nonacnegenic. I am surprised you haven’t mentioned this one. It seems like the perfect makeup if you are just looking for a very sheer coverage. Can I get your input on this one? please and thanks!

  • Lena

    Just started the regimen and so far it’s pretty good! In regards to makeup, I do wear makeup daily- foundation and concealer- to cover my breakouts and scars. I’ve been able to use less now that my skin is clearing and hopefully will be able to do without it completely (fingers crossed). Anyway, what I do for makeup removal on the regimen is this: at the end of the day, before I wash my face, I gently slather the moisturizer all over my face. The moisturizer works to loosen and absorb the makeup making it easier to wash off. Then I jump in the shower quickly to rinse. I do this because the spray from the shower quickly and easily rinses off the moisturizer/makeup, and it’s more gentle and effective than using my hands at the sink. Then I wash and continue with the regimen. My make is also water soluble, so this makes it easier to remove since oil based makeups tend to stick to your face and clog pores.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not able to view the steps