I know you guys are going to love the new moisturizer, but I want to make sure I state very clearly to:

Use 2 full pumps of it

Our old moisturizer was made with glycerin, which is extremely moisturizing, but can cause redness and stinging and can leave the skin feeling tacky. In our new moisturizer we switched from glycerin to methyl gluceth-20. Methyl gluceth-20 is extraordinarily gentle. It won’t sting or cause redness and does not leave a tack on the skin. It is just as moisturizing as glycerin when used in larger amounts. I use 2 full pumps each day and I’m good to go.

The new formula also has licochalcone in it. Licochalcone is the most powerful natural calming agent found on land (there is a type of sea coral that is more calming but I think its wrong to harvest sea coral). With proper application you’ll notice your skin is calmer and less irritated, which is a huge benefit to acne-prone skin. But to get the full calming and moisturizing benefits of the moisturizer, 2 full pumps (4mL) must be applied daily in the AM and PM. (Note: You can substitute the moisturizer with AHA+ ever few nights if you wish)

Looking forward to your feedback!


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  • Kris

    Can’t wait to try it. Dan can you give us another update on the Spot Treatment? A estimated month of arrival would be great.

  • Anna

    So excited! I wonder if this will be better then Cetaphil lotion. How is it for oily skin, Dan?

  • Will

    I just used the new moisturizer tonight for the first time and I have not to say that it is amazing. I did not feel it. Dan has 100% completely eliminated the stingy irritated feeling that you were left with in the old moisturizer. Also, my skin feels good. It feels hydrated. It also feels soft and dry to the touch. I used to have this sticky, damp feeling to my skin for a while after I applied the other moisturizer. My skin just feels calmed. I used to get the feeling that I had been too rough with the old moisturizer because of the stinging no matter how gentle I was. Now, I feel like I don’t have to worry about that. I will definitely have to try using more moisturizer so that I can get it to go on better. It is slightly thicker which makes me feel like I need to use more for it to “glide on” and to completely cover my face.

    Very excellent work. This is an awesome moisturizer.

  • S117

    I can’t wait to get it on Monday! I’m also wondering about the spot treatment, but hopefully by the time it’s out I won’t even need it. That’s probably naive to think, but for some reason I’m always positive-thinking about how, “In a year it’ll be gone” but it never is. I’ve always had a feeling this new moisturizer would be key though, that’s the main thing I’ve never had, is a good moisturizer, and it’s caused years of damage and problems.

  • Grace

    Thanks Dan, for putting so much time and effort into this, it really shows. I just got it yesterday in and woke up with super soft skin. My skin usually gets oily by the time I get up but not with this! AMAZING!!!! I liked your old one too but yes, I did get oily after a while and stung a bit if worn w/o the BP. Will write a review soon! The search is over! Thank you Dan!!!!!!

  • Will

    I just wanted to make a new comment based on having warn the moisturizer overnight.

    I have never been able to find a moisturizer that does a great job moisturizing and does not eventually make my face look and seem like an grease pit. Even with the old acne.org moisturizer I would wear it overnight and by morning my face would be so oily. Well, I woke up today nearly as hydrated and oil free as last night when I put it on last night.

    I suggest everyone make the switch from whatever theyare using to this. It is awesome.

  • typoprone

    Hmmm… I haven’t tried the new moisturizer, but I just want to express my concern since I found nothing wrong with the old one. I never felt any stinging or irritation or tackiness. I guess I’ll find out if the new moisturizer is better in a few months when I run out of the old one. :\

  • Chikyuu

    This is great you’ve finally finished making the new moisturizer. How are your other projects of SPF moisturizer and spot treatment going? I’d love an update on that. Especially on the spot treatment since I’m not clear yet XD Oh well, almost 2 months down, a couple more to go I guess.

  • Sam

    This new moisturizer feels SO good going on and there’s absolutely no sting whatsoever. It’s amazing.

  • Rebecca

    I gave up on using BP years ago because, when I used it with the old moisturizer, my face would turn bright red, hurt, swell, etc. That happened even when I used just a little bit of BP. It also happened when I used a different moisturizer. So I figured I was one of the unlucky few who are allergic to BP. I’ve been using just your cleanser and moisturizer ever since. (Of course, I still have lots of acne.) Just got the new moisturizer and tried a little bit of BP under it. No problem at all! I’m hoping I might actually be able to do the regimin now! I know I’m not the only one who had such a severe reaction and attributed it to the BP. Maybe the new moisturizer with the BP will work for others too. Spread the word!

  • Rachel

    Do you still recommend adding the 6 drops of jojoba oil to this moisturizer? I’ve been on the regimen about 6 weeks, and I still get cracking and flakiness at the corners of my mouth and around my nostrils. I apply the old moisturizer with jojoba oil 4 times a day in those spots right now, and it still dries out. Is it possible that using too much or too often could be doing harm?

  • skybluesky

    At work right now, but USPS says that my shipment of the lotion and cleanser and AHA were delivered today! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Vivian

    Hi Dan, How do I know if I have the old version of the moisturizer or the new one? I have a stingy irritated feeling with it, and it’s bothering me…and I was wondering if maybe I have the old version. My complete regimen package was sent to me 09/13/2010.. I can’t believe that I just missed a couple of days..
    If that sting continues what should I do because it’s really bothering me.. I want to make it stop because I’m really excited about following the regimen!

    • admin

      The new moisturizer has a yellow tint to it. I doubt you have it since it wasn’t sent out until after September 15th.

  • Jessica

    I would love to say that I really like the new moisturizer, but I wouldn’t know since I was sent the wrong one! On top of waiting months and months for this to be released, and then waiting for it to finally arrive in the mail to Canada, I ended up with the wrong one.
    Check the ingredients and make sure the moisturizer is light yellow, because you may also have received the old one.

  • erik

    it’s only been day 2 for me with the new moisturizer but what i can say is that right off the bat, i think the consistency is much better now. the old moisturizer always seemed too thin and runny for my liking. this one is thicker but in a good way. it’s creamy and feels good going on.

  • erik

    continuing to like the new moisturizer. i definitely think it’s an improvement on the old stuff.

  • schachermacher

    so… if you use two pumps… it is going to be twice as expensive as the old one?

  • Ryan

    I agree with “schachermacher”. Two pumps = twice as much $$…plus this new stuff leaves my skin with an awful yellow tint!

  • Andrew

    I absolutely LOVE the new moisturizer. Though the old moisturizer was did a great job in eliminating flakes and keeping skin moisturized, it burned and left my skin feeling raw and shiny, consequently adding to irritation. However, this new moisturizer completely takes away redness from my skin (especially when i put a bit of AHA+ with it) and absorbs extremely well. My skin really absorbs the moisturizer well and there are no feelings of oiliness, burning, or any sort of even minor irritation.

    This new moisturizer has completely reinvigorated my confidence in the regimen and after 2 month of redness from the moisturizer, I feel I can stick with the new moisturizer-powered regimen indefinitely. Fantastic job Dan!

  • Fran

    Hi Dan,

    I so wanted to like the new moisturiser but I’m afraid to say that I prefer the old one. I never had any redness/stinging with the old formula, and I used to just very gently blot my face with a single sheet of tissue to get rid of any shininess or tackiness. However, with the new one ( I didn’t know it was new, I just thought the yellow colour is a minor difference with a new batch), I started to get stinging sensation for about 30 minute after application and redness until I wash it off at the end of the day. As this is my second week using it, I’m hoping that this is just my skin getting used to it and that it will go away soon…

    Would you please consider re-introducing the option of the old formula? Please?

  • Autumn

    Hey Dan…
    I like the new moisturizer although I do feel as though its not as moisturizing as the old one even with the extra pump. I also feel like it takes longer to absorb…But hopefully it does the same job 🙂

  • CAKES ^_^

    i too wish i could say i love the new moisturizer, but i do not =( i prefer the last one. i agree with Ryan about it leaving a yellow tint. it is less shiny than the old moisturizer, but still too shiny to not blot away the extra shine. as for the exfoliating, idk what is going on but my skin has started shedding like crazy. maybe my skin did not need exfoliation. My skin feels tight and dry. this ALSO may be because it recently became colder. so, it could be the weather. I hope it is the weather and not the lotion. iAutumn, i too think the old one was more moisturizing =(

    If the old formula was still available i’d use it for the night and this new one for the morning, seeing as i don’t care how shiny my face is while i sleep.

    ORRR how about a night/heavy moisturizer?! and a light matte morning moisturizer?! =D 🙂

  • CAKES ^_^

    *i really do not like the new moisturizer ::(((( but will give it more time.

  • ben

    Absolutely the best moisturiser I’ve ever used! I’ve a very acne-prone combo skin and the new formulation is simply amazing. I’ve tried a lot of moisturisers but almost all of them make me break out. This leaves my skin very soft, moisturised and calm.

  • Andy

    Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the new moisturizer. I started on it just a few days ago, and I’m noticing the first consistent whiteheads I’ve had in 6 months.

    What also aggravates me more about this is that I had no warning that I’d be getting a different product when I ordered it — there was no “New Formula” mentioned in the product name or description as there is now.

    After years of searching for a solution to my acne problems, I’d finally found something that worked for me only to have it change without any warning.

    Very disappointed.

  • Andy

    I’m so upset. Please please please consider reintroducing the old moisturizer in the larger amounts.

  • mamallama

    I am very new to the regimen (2-3 weeks), so I know that this is a hard time for my face. However, I have to agree with other comments- this moisturizer makes my face yellow. So yellow that it stills looks yellow OVER the red-itchy-flaky-reacting-to-BP skin. The only way to cut back on the yellow-ness is to cut back on the amount of moisturizer, so I’m only using one pump right now. But my face needs moisture! But I look like an acne covered Oompa Loompa! Oh, help.

  • Nicole

    Dan I have to agree with most of the people here! You’re new moisturizer is not nearly as great as your other one! I’ve been on the Regimen for a year now and am still clear, only now I’ve noticed this new moisturizer leaves my skin looking slightly yellow and is not nearly as moisturizing, even after I use two full pumps twice a day! Please please please please bring back the old one! Or at least give people the option of ordering the old one if they want to!

  • Ludvig

    The new moisturizer is causing me flakiness, please reconsider bringing back the old one!

  • Kapot

    Please Please bring the old one back! The new one causes flakiness and irritates my skin a lot. I tried two pumps but all it does it uses twice as much without any benefits so it is a waste of money. Now I have to buy the old ones that are only available as a tiny travel kit, it is more expensive per oz, but more importantly it is going to be discontinued too! The new one may work great for others but there should be a choice!

  • Disappointed

    Please bring the old moisturiser back! The new one leaves me dry and flaky after an hour or so no matter how much I use. The old one would keep me flake-free all day.

  • Lisa




  • Ludwig

    Although I never used the old moisturizer, the new one is working for me amazingly. I hope Dan comes up with something so he can sell both the old and new moisturizers. Anyway, thanks for the moisturizer, so far it’s the best one I used.

  • CAKES ^_^

    so, i have been on this moisturizer a bit longer now, and i must say, it is getting better. i still get flakey at times, but then again i have REALLY sensitive/stupid skin so i’m guessing my skin just needed time to adjust to the new moisturizer. I do really appreciate the calming effect of the new moisturizer, it’s great. I think with time my skin will stop being flakey and adjust to the new moisturizer.

    i still however, no way in hell use two pumps! i dont know how people use two, no lie i use about 8 =/ the new dispensers i think dispense MUCH MUCH less than the previous ones. 8 pumps looks like 2 of the old one to me. maybe i got a defective pump. ooohh, well. I wish Dan would post a picutre of the amount 2 pumps looks like with the new lotion. =/

    Give it(the moisturizer) time people, i’d say about as much time you gave The Regimen when you first started on it


  • Audrey

    Very disappointed in the new moisturizer 🙁 I was absolutely in love with the old version. “if it aint broke, dont fix it”! To me, the old one had perfect consistency & moisturizing qualities, my makeup applied perfectly, NO stinging that other people experienced (but i know everyone’s skin is different), scent was very faint and pleasant, and the most important part is that i never ever broke out when using it and it simply was a perfect match for my skin’s needs.

    I’m sorry but this new stuff just isn’t cutting it. Total waste of my hard-earned money. And i bragged to friends/coworkers about the old moisturizer! Sorry, but i cannot recommend the new version to anyone. It left my skin feeling tight in a way, and i felt like i had a dry film of product all over my face after this dried. My makeup that once glided over my glowing moisturized skin, now goes on very cakey. The yellow tint doesnt seem to be that much of a problem, b/c i do feel it goes away after it “absorbs”. But that word is in quotations, because i just dont feel it absorbs well or really does its job of moisturizing at all. It feels like its sitting on top of my skin instead of absorbing into it. Maybe this new stuff needed to be in a category of its own such as “anti-inflammatory-like effect/anti-sting lotion” instead of replacing the product that truly moisturized.

    I signed up for auto-delivery and for this reason, i am going to cancel, because this moisturizer is such a big let-down. I loved all your products, and bought many items on this last order. Honestly the moisturizer was the one i needed desperately because i was running out, and how upsetting that the one product i loved and needed turned out to be the one that i cannot use.

    Total let down! 🙁

  • Ken

    I have to say I prefer the old moisturizer. The old one tended to leave the skin shiny and the new one doesn’t, but the new one just doesn’t work as well. I have had to switch to Cetaphil for my forehead and neck because those areas were much too dry with the new moisturizer.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the new one is awful!!! So flaky and I’ve used more AND jojoba

  • Anonymous

    I have been using Dan’s products for over 2 years now and my ONLY gripe with the regimen was the oiliness that resulted from using the moisturizer. I just got the new moisturizer and the first time I put it on I used same amount as the older lotion and I was a little flaky. I quickly learned (without reading Dan’s great instructions on this site) to put on a little more lotion and I must say…this new lotion is AWESOME. I can wear it all day and not get super oily. Generally what I have to do is apply the lotion, let it fully dry, then put a few more dabs of lotion on my chin, beside my nose and between my eyes (the driest parts of my face). This is great Dan. Your products when used consistently twice a day and applied freely have kept my face clear. You have a customer for life…or at least another 5 years I anticipate.

  • Anna

    I’m confused a bit…everyone raved about this regimen and I was pleased that in the first 2 days the huge bumps on my chin went away. However, I broke out in tiny pimples all over my forehead! and I never get acne on my forehead! I tried to figure out what it was and replaced this moisturizer (which by the way stings like crazy) with Spectro, everything came back to normal. Recently I tried to use this moisturizer again and got the same pimples! I did not change my makeup or anything

  • John

    I agree with most of the others, and mainly Andy and Audrey. I’ll keep this short. I’ve been using the Regimen for a long time and my most recent order had the new moisturizer without any notice. I think it’s horrible compared to the old one. Like Audrey said, I feel like there’s a thin ‘mask’ on my face, and it doesn’t really seem to moisturize effectively. The consistency is different and it just doesn’t feel good on my face. The old moisturizer was GREAT! Bring it back! Looks like I’ll be switching to a 3rd-party moisturizer like Olay from now on…

  • replique sac a main

    Item exactly as described, I love it. Fast shipping – thank you!

  • Josh

    I just recently started using this regimen so I haven’t had the privilege of using the old moisturizer. However, I have tried the new one and I’m a bit disappointed. It doesn’t feel like it absorbs into my skin. After it dries it feels like a mask just sitting on my face. If I rub or itch a small area on my face, it becomes flaky. My forehead feels like it’s in the peeling stage after a sunburn. Throughout the day, I constantly have to keep applying the moisturizer. I have yet to add the jojoba oil in my regimen. I have been using this product for about 2 1/2 weeks now and it still burns my face and makes it red. It looks like I’ve been out in the sun for awhile with shades on. What am I doing wrong or what can I do differently to get over the stingy red face and the dry cakiness?