Here are some answers to some recent questions. I am not able to get to all open questions on the blog, but here’s a start:

Would you please be so kind as to list the five (Avobenzone) products you’ve tried in the past? Thank you.

I don’t remember most of them. Sorry. The only one I remember is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer.

What about the bare minerals new SPF powders. May be kind of girly but have you tried it?

I have tried it, in the name of science! I even went out on the town one day with it on, hoping no one would notice. The first thing my friend said when I saw him was, “Are you wearing makeup?” LOL. Anyway, I hated it. It felt cakey and my skin got dry and flaky. Do people really like that stuff? I can’t imagine. As a side note, makeup is an area that I want to study more. I know it is important. If anyone wants to help with research in this area, please contact me.

…isn’t mineral oil one of those things to avoid?

No. Mineral oil is non-comedogenic. In the old days they had multiple grades of mineral oil on the market and the lower grades were comedogenic, but these days only the highest grade is used in products, and it is non-comedogenic.

Is SPF 15 really enough for good protection than SPF30 during summer heat?

As you go up in SPF you get diminishing returns. SPF15 is over 90% as effective as SPF30. And anything over SPF30 is likely to not give any better protection than SPF30. I personally feel more than comfortable with SPF15. The higher SPF formulas I have tried seem too greasy and heavy.

I think too much BP (for me) causes too much irritation. Is this possible?

Yes, this is absolutely possible in two circumstances. (1) At the onset of a benzoyl peroxide regimen, and (2) if you are not using adequate moisturizer. At the start of the Regimen, you want to use a small amount of BP to reduce overly irritating side effects. And once you are on the Regimen it is vital to moisturize twice a day, every day, to maintain a balance in your skin. Benzoyl peroxide, when used correctly, is incredible for clearing acne, but it must be used within a regimen that includes adequate moisture to reduce overdrying the skin.

How close are you to releasing the new moisturizer?

We are hoping for 3 months from now or so.

Are you going to use (in the spot treatment) a betta-isomer of Salicylic Acid?

Yes, we use beta hydroxy acid, the active form of salicylic acid.

(Will the spot treatment have) BP in it??

No. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid cannot be in the same formula. Plus, benzoyl peroxide doesn’t do well in strongly acidic formulations. I am keeping the spot treatment at the legal limit for acidity, 3.5pH, so we can get as much activity from the glycolic acid as we can.

Is it okay to use (the spot treatment) on the whole face instead of the AHA treatment?

I wouldn’t recommend it. First of all, I am leaning toward bottling it in very small tubes. Secondly, it is extremely strong. The spot treatment is made to be used in a tiny pin size amount.

How do I know if I’m being gentle enough (on the Regimen)?

Check out the videos and when in doubt, be more gentle. Also, remember that staying gentle not only applies to during application of the Regimen, but also throughout your day. Try to keep your skin relatively untouched.


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  • Laura

    Thanks for these answers. I have another question: my eyes sting when I apply the BP, almost like I’ve been cutting onions. (even though I don’t apply it near my eyes) Is this common? Do you know why it happens?

    • Anonymous

      Mine do the same thing

  • Dave

    Awesome. Thanks for the update.

  • Neil

    Does mineral oil really not clog your pores? It feels greasy. Really greasy.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much, Dan

  • Anonymous

    what happens if BP and SA are used int he same formula? Acnefree’s BP cleanser has SA in it and i havent had any problems with it?

  • Katrina

    @Laura – just so you know – my eyes will sting after I put BP on, too. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. I’ve been on the Regimen for 2 years now – and it still does it! Sometimes, I think it’s just a reaction with possibly inhaling it (yes) to make your eyes water. Even though it really doesn’t smell!

    Dan – any makeup help/info would be awesome! I RARELY wear makeup (I’m clear on the Regimen) – but if I need to for an occasion – I only use Physicians Formula brand. LOVE THEM. They have NEVER made me breakout!!!! I use the type that says, “For Sensitive/Acne prone skin” – Physicians Formula has some great, great stuff for acne prone people – and it’s SUPER light. The power is amazing (translucent).

  • Jason

    I just started the regime and im using olay regenerist advanced anti-aging micro purifying foaming cleanser and the neutrogena on the spot. Acne treatment and eucerin sensitve skin eveeyday protection face lotion spf 30 for moisterizing.. Are those good products to use for the regime?

  • Sierra117

    When is the spot treatment coming? Always been very excited for it.

  • Boyo

    I’m a year post accutane, with no active acne, but suffer from PIH. Is the best thing to do to just leave it and let it heal by itself? Apparently there’s a huge difference between red marks and brown marks, where red marks are broken blood vessels and brown marks are hyperpigmentated areas on the skin. Could you please clear this up? (no pun intended :P) thanks.

  • Reticuli

    Biomani’s stuff also contains both BPO and SA. Is Dan’s chemist telling him the two cannot reside in the same solution for long? The chemist I talked to said temperature & grinding was the bigger issue with BPO and that SA, BPO, and some other stuff might polymerize if you have the wrong other ingredients in there together. Other than that, he said BPO is pretty stable. The bigger problem is that it will de-activate all sorts of other compounds you put it in with. Not SA, but retinoids, some anti-biotics, etc. Maybe Dan’s knows something he doesn’t. I’m troubled with Dan’s focus on BPO, though. Some studies have shown SA to actually be more effective. You just have to be careful of what’s added to it. Most OTC junk has all kinds of weird additives, scents, perfumes, menthol, that just cause other problems. There are also so many other antibacterials out there that are less irritating, like chlorhexidine gluconate and PCMX. Even sulfur is less irritating for most people, and Sulfur & SA and Sulfur & BPO and several other combos out there work synergistically.

  • Reticuli

    Oh, but I agree about mineral oil not being a problem. Ditto with petroleum jelly.

  • Lynn

    Sorry,but mineral oil has bigger molecular weight than our skin pore.It’s impossible to say that it’s NOT comedogenic..!!!

  • Elena

    I’ve had severe back acne for serveal years and even after fine tuning my muscles to perfection, I was still afraid to take off my shirt at the pool, around girls, even for a massage from my girlfriend.I tried tons of stuff that never worked. I searched on the internet and found a reference to this product. I tried it out and after using it on my back once a day while in the shower, I saw results after only 3 days. After 2-3 weeks of use, my back was virtually spotless. I’m so glad I found this soap!Warning I wouldn’t use it on your face more than 1-2 times a week. I tried using it on my face everyday and after a week my entire face crusted up and I had to rub lotion on my face like 10 times a day to even go out in public.Also, make sure you rinse your skin very well after use because it can bleach your bedsheets and clothing.