Wow, it’s hard you guys. I’ve been using cognitive behavioral techniques from the skin picking pages to stop biting my nails and while I have been largely successful in letting my nails grow, it’s been really tough. I have also been far from perfect at it. I’ll “clean” my nails now, which is tantamount to biting them but not really all the way. Ok, that’s gross. 😉

Anyway, skin picking, which is the same as nail biting in almost every way, is a big deal for people with acne, and I’d love to help people stop doing it. What I’m noticing, however, is that you’ve got to have a lot of motivation to change because it’s a tough habit to break.

I’ll keep truckin’ along and posting my experience in my thread on the picking board along with pics if you’d like to follow along. I could use support!



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  • Realme2008

    Well, Dan you are doing an awesome job! Super proud of ya.

  • Frank

    good job dan, impressive lol

  • ^_^

    Keeep it up dan

    missing the videos 🙁

  • Megan

    I can really see the difference! Great!

  • Tyler

    Good job! We need some more blog updates and new daily videos! Get on it Dan.

  • bosslady

    I bit my nails for 30 years. Yes, 30. When I had a baby, I took folic acid pills and my nails grew wonderfully. But, after her birth, they became soft and brittle again, therefore I continued to pick.

    I also have acne issues. I started a serious vitamin regimen that involves 1000 ml of Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, Quercetin, Green Tea, L-Lysine and L-Proline, 500 ml vitamin B-12, and probiotics.

    I coupled all of that with a low carb diet. My finger nails became so healthy and shiny that I couldn’t pick or bite them, they were too tough! I actually use a nail file now to keep them shorter, as I can’t type if I don’t.

    good luck!

  • Gaybrielle

    Hey everyone,

    I am new here and glad to say I have just started the regimen. I am 28 and sick of having acne. To get on topic I am a nail biter and picker. I am doing very well with the nail biting, and trying to with the picking. I notice I do it the most when concentrating on something, TV, school work, reading ect. ect.

    The reason I decided to post here is I had something to share with Dan and any others that are having a hard time with nail biting. I found that finger nail polish remover works really good. Just rub it on your nails. Then when you put it in your mouth it taste AWFUL!! It really helped me. You only need to put on a little bit and it will stay on all day, its a good reminder when you go to bite….that taste takes forever to get out of your mouth.

    Well thanks for having me and I hope this helps and the nail biting is going good!

    Good luck!