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  • frank

    dang you’ve been getting really good with the videos, i remember way back when didn’t do any editing. man you’ve come a long way.

  • Bryan

    this is why i like the site. because of all the advices and stuff.

  • Chelsea

    Awesome video!

    I always make sure I buy more than I need to so that way I don’t run out of products. I use Dan’s products and I usually buy 2-3 of each product at one time. It lasts forever! Then when I’m about halfway done with my last bottle of each product, I order some more and it arrives within a week. Better safe than sorry!

  • jo the girl

    That reminds me I need jojoba oil, bye!

  • Cygord

    This video was awesome. The ending made me lol irl ^^

    I just bought some more of your products, this time I got the Jojoba oil and the AHA+ also, and I love them. This stuff really works!

    I ordered everything on Monday and it arrived on Friday, which is quite fast since I live on the other side of the world 😛

  • Realme2008

    Yeah, that’s what I’m going to start doing. I must admit that I am one of those people that will buys products last minute, because I didn’t think ahead. Better to buy in bulk, and save yourself the trouble.

  • Megan

    Thanks, Dan. I just ordered some more cleanser and AHA+. =D

  • TheproperRealme2008

    Thanks Dannn, YOUR WELCOME

  • Dave

    Dan. I was one of the few people who said I was having NO trouble finding Gillette Sensor Excel razors and handles. Well guess what? That has now changed. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. And I did find some Trac II cartridges, but no handles.

    This was mentioned earlier….but is there any way you could buy some Sensor Excel handles and razors in bulk from Gillette and sell them on your site? That would be awesome. Thanks Dan.

  • Ben H

    I agree with Realme2008. I seem to do the same — always wait until I really need a product, then find my self trapped. By in bulk so you do not find yourself in a difficult situation.

  • Anonymous

    Hello this is lipgloss 67 and i need a little help gettin started with this website and the regiment. my skin is very oily and i have recurring ace plz hellllllp!

  • L

    “Make sure you buy extra product from me before you run out!”
    Good sales pitch.