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  • Just me

    That cookie looks very delicious, mmm, I want one 🙂 Great vid by the way

  • Anonymous

    lol, it seems like kent was shy at first or something. then when he finally was in one of the daily blog videos he liked it and now hes in every video lol

  • JK

    Great video ^^
    Mybe you could give us a sneak peak of acne.org headquarters ? That would be interesting .

  • Megan

    Dan, I know you’re a big fan of glycolic acid (AHA), but have you ever used retinoids? I’m curious to know how they compare.

  • Haley

    Hey Dan (and Kent!),

    I don’t know if you’ve already talked some about this, but what is a good sunblock for shoulders/arms/back that are prone to acne?

  • Yumin

    it’s pronounced YOU-MIN -___- ahhahahahahaha.
    oh yeah. and my family has a history of LIGHT acne. im the first to have it severe. my sister right now has light acne. but i seem to be the odd one out of this light acne trend. -___—-

  • Nicola

    Hey Dan,

    After hearing you talk about heredity and acne I couldn’t help but wonder if you have any “before” pictures of yourself.

    By the way, Kent’s reactions to what you say are darn cute! You guys make a great duo. I absolutely love your daily videos.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Je Suis Mee

    HAHA! I love how Kent is just chillin’, eatin’ his gigantic cookie while you are talking about acne. lol great vid!

  • TheRealme2008 Not Imposter Realme

    Anonymous Says:

    “lol, it seems like kent was shy at first or something. then when he finally was in one of the daily blog videos he liked it and now hes in every video lol”- Oh, yeah Kent is pretty awesome and should be in every video! 🙂
    Whoever said that there should be some kind of tour of the acne.org headquarters I agree with them. That’d be amazing!

  • Becca

    Hey, great video Dan, a lott of goood information, thank yuu.!

    I was wondering if you used to have oily skin/ know any methods to reduce sebum levels besides accutane?

    anyways, keep up the great workkkk, your videos are awesomeeee.


    Great Video guys 😀

    Kent is so cute, especially when he was sipping the coffe…looked like a cute turtle :p

    Thanks for answering questions 😀

    i hope i don’t have acne till i am well into my 40’s (since mom did, wish i had my dad’s skin…supposedly he had perfect skin) 🙁

    i agree with Je Suis Mee

  • sharon

    this video was crazy and cool

  • sharon

    great video when he was sipping coffee it was so cute

  • SilentWalker

    Hey guys, great vid! 😀 Wow Kent, that cookie was almost as big as your face 😛 !!!

    I notice Kent’s in quite a lot of the vids recently; that’s pretty cool (darn cool in fact). But can we see the other amazing people that work behind the scenes to make Acne.org to bloody awesome?

  • SilentWalker

    I meant “so bloody awesome” 😛

  • Johnny

    Hey Dan, I was wondering if it’s ok to just take BP once a day (at night) at about 1 pump? Whenever I do BP twice a day my face gets increasingly dry, up until the point of me not being able to really move my face without it flaking! =( Like I said, I am up to about 1 pump of BP, and I’m not sure that my face will ever let me get to the full 2 pumps. I’ve been on your regimen for 7 weeks now and it is working I’m happy to say. =) So, I am just wondering if it is sufficient to just do BP once a day and if 1 pump will be enough for me?


  • Adam08

    The ‘do nothing’ regimen requires much more than a week or two to see if its working.

    This approach, along with a paleo-like diet, is the starting point to clearing acne in my opinion.

    Too hard for most people though…BP anyone?

  • anonymous

    I have a question? Wonder if acne is not heredity and you’ve tried everything under the sun including the ‘do nothing’ and Dan’s regimen? No one in my family has skin problems (acne wise). I’m in my late 20’s and just recently started getting acne, but my skin is not responding to topical treatments. I also eat healthy and gave up caffeine exactly 8 months ago. Could it be my hormones? I’m also a female. Any suggestions or comments?

  • Jordan

    Thanks for answering my question, Dan!

  • angela

    Kent is so adorable eating his big cookie!
    Great video guys!

  • beckyg

    great video! thanks for taking the time to answer questions. i especially was wondering kinda when i could stop with the regimen. thanks again for all you do dan and the acne.org team!

  • gdog

    Kent is eye-candy.

  • NoMoreAcne1974

    My thoughts on the last question: why would anybody want to stop the regimen EVER? Even if you stop getting acne pimples (that is, you don’t have to use BP gel anymore), the cleanser, the moisturizer, the Jojoba oil, and the AHA+ lotion (especially) will keep your skin healthy and youthful for the rest of your life.

  • ohnoes

    Hey Dan, the BP definitely works for me, but every time I use it, my face burns and gets really red. I’ve been on the BP for a long time and my face still gets super red from the BP even though I moisturize very well. Will my face ever get used to BP enough to stop making my face turn red or is it possible for some people to never get used to the burning caused by BP? Thanks.

  • Kyon

    I haven’t been using masks(mainly because I forget about using them) and am sticking to the regimen. My Mom looked at me today and mentioned that my face has cleared up! Thanks Dan! Oh, and my Mom and Dad both grew out of their acne back in their 20’s. I am in my 30’s and was still breaking out before starting the regimen.

  • Realme not imposter ok this is an imposter 2008 best year ever RIP 2008 i miss you

    MORE KENT!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    are u guys a couple

  • Emily

    i love Dan :] such a nice guy