I did some research on zinc. When taken internally it acts as an anti-inflammatory which can help with acne symptoms. Just be sure not to take it on an empty stomach and not to take more than 100mg a day–50mg is what is normally recommended in what I’m reading.


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  • jkom

    Oh yeah, I guess my point is that everyone should try to buy USP verified products to promote supplement quality. Participation by manufacturers is voluntary, and only a limited number choose to participate. As for the rest, well, there is no external source of quality control for their products. They could very easily cut corners…

  • jo

    Thanks to zinc, I have been free from cystic acne! Another supplement I’m taking is alpha lipoic acid, I have read it helps clear acne due to it being a powerful sulfur. is it true dan?

  • Realme2008

    Ha Ha, Dan I love ur little news music. So cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’m going to try zinc, because I started to before but just never got around to it. Since you recommended it I’m for sure trying it. I heard it causes fish burps or something like that though?

  • frank

    dan your so awesome man. you in the shower in the beginning was funny. anyway man just want to say your great!

  • Colin aka Slim

    screw the rules1111111 i take 75 mg of zinc aday.

  • john

    be very very careful by taking too much zinc

    in my case everthing was going great for years when i was taking 30mg a zinc per day

    but one day the shop only had 10mg zinc tablets so stupid me thought i should take 3 of them so it would equal what i was taken before. what this did was broke me out in reallly really nig red lumps and huge spots which has nvr happen to me before. it still hasnt totally clear up yet and this was months and months ago

    also what ill found by doing this it kinda has messed up my hormones which ill came to the conclusion y i brokedn out like this and still to the day am breaking out more even on the regiem i was on before. now i dont take no zinc at all as it seems to make my acne worse which is really really strange to me

    what ill read zinc is suppose to promote a healthly hormone balance which it does in the right dosage but b very careful in how much u take

  • JJ

    Great video!

  • Laura

    Spooky I have just gone and bought some Zinc today and checked your site when I came in and your video blog from yesterday is about Zinc. I loved the intro to this video it make me chuckle.

  • K-DOG

    DAaaaan!!! UPDATe on SPF PLZ? lol I have ran out of your 2.5% BP, and i am waiting for your Spf to come out so i can order it all together. Can you give a time frame when the SPF is gonna be out? April, May June?


  • jo

    On one messageboard forum, an esthetician said that zinc glutamate is the only kind of zinc that has an anti-acne effect, but when I went to the stores all they had at the stores was some other kind [forget the name]… Is the type of zinc important?

  • jo-the girl

    Hi, jo now i will rename myself jo the girl! you know just to not get confused. you are right it seems zinc gluconate does not work for me, the one that does is chelated amino acid. great question joe! I have read chelated amino acid is absorbed better.

  • ROY

    Hey Dan!
    Do you have any recomendations, like vitamins or minerals for OILY skin? thank you Dan.

  • jo

    hi jo (and I’m a girl, too, btw, lol).. fwiw, I just found the post from the messageboards;

    “[…]Research indicates that the form of zinc taken may be important. Studies have indicated that zinc monomethionine is more easily used by the body than either zinc sulfate or zinc gluconate. it is usually best to take zinc with food. Recommended dosage for supplements vary (50-100 mg) – but some research suggests that it is probably best to take no more than 100 mg per day as a dietary supplement (excessive zinc intake may lead to deficiencies in other vitamins and minerals. It is best to take this with food and not on an empty stomach.”

    Wonder if ‘chelated’ corresponds to one of these kinds, or if it’s smtg else..

  • jo

    and lol that I called it ‘glutamate’ and not ‘gluconate’. Must’ve been hungry.

  • Dan

    Hmmm…I will have to look into this. I have heard that we should look for zinc gluconate.

  • Laura

    Dan, thats what I thought and thats what I bought.


    AAWW ๐Ÿ™‚

    i really liked the opening.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe i will try this ๐Ÿ™‚ if THE REGIMEN does not work all the way

  • databased

    > Studies have indicated that zinc monomethionine is more easily used by the body

    Hmmm, since there are no definitive tests for zinc deficiency (e.g., women on BCP have lowered zinc serum levels even when on zinc supplements, but show no signs of zinc deficiency), I would pay more attention to what those “studies” decided to measure to declare a particular form of zinc is “more easily used”.

    Because so little is known about zinc metabolism (although it’s clearly implicated in acne), I’ll guess the form matters less than a host of other known and unkown factors that affect zinc absorption: are you Vitamin D deficient, do you have sufficient Vitamin B6, how long ago did you eat something with significant copper in it, and on and on. All those things probably play a role in the fact that zinc can be very helpful for some people, and worthless or in between for others.

    I use zinc picolinate, specifically because of a study demonstrating it traveled better to hair and nails, but certainly gluconate and sulfate forms have been used in acne studies more than once.

    Reports of zinc lowering copper status are generally hysterically exaggerated. Old folks were studied for a year on 100mg/day with no particular ill effects. Doses of several times that are routinely used in short-term acne studies. Take 300mg/day for a year or two, and you can probably make yourself anemic. Since zinc and copper probably mutually compete for intestinal absorption, it seems sensible to take zinc when you have not recently eaten copper, and likewise eat foods with copper in them when you have not recently taken a zinc pill. Taking a zinc pill that itself contains copper just seems like trying to lift yourself in the air by pulling on your bootstraps, to me. Hey, let me pay some money to watch these two supplements fight it out in my gut and decrease the value of both of them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sydney

    Awesome vid dan! U Always make me smile!

    Just a question- My problem area is my cheeks, i have no acne anywhere else, but i was wondering if zinc might cause a breakout if i stop using it. I just started taking zinc, but i’ve heard some people say when they stopped taking it, they broke out, is it true? I’m also taking fish oil, and vitamin A,C,E in a tablet form dissolved in water. Can i get some feedback? Thanks everyone.

  • plexus

    Just wanted to let you know, dan, that the header for the video actually says “make sure to take it on an empty stomach” instead of “make sure NOT to take it on an empty stomach.” If someone researching zinc just read the header and didn’t watch the video he or she might end up pretty sick!

  • Anonymous

    I hear that Zinc Methanione can really clear up acne for some people.

  • Jen

    After reading comments about zinc for treating acne i decided to give it a try. I got Zinc sulphate capsule 140 mg. Forgot to read the description. So I din’t take it internally. I mixed it with 2 drops of water and applied on the large painful cystic acne. Today morning the pain is gone and the swelling is also reduced. If i apply once more it will be gone. I hope this helps some of you.

  • Anonymous

    Appreciate your great site. Just wanted to point out that the text of your post says “Just be sure to take it on an empty stomach…” while the video says be sure NOT to take it on an empty stomach. Surpised the text hasn’t been updated.

  • may

    Hey people..just wanted to give heads up. BE SURE TO EAT BEFORE U TAKE THE ZINC! U WILL SERIOUSLY PUKE AFTERWARDS IF U DON’T EAT…!!!
    on the other hand..i was breaking up badly (serious cystic acne)..i read about zinc and the benifits for acne..so i was taking it orally..was working wanders on my oily face (noticed my face was less oily)..then I decided to put some zinc on my face.. i crushed one pill and put a drop of water on my palm and mix the water with the zinc into a paste and put it all over my face! it stung for a bit because of the open wounds from the acne..but it was worth it ..because the next day..my face did not hurt…! the cystic acne is painful..and i put it on every other night for a week..and believe it or not…my face was healing..i was getting less acne..the old ones started to shrink…the next week i did not get any more acne..my face was not hurting…i also noticed the red spots on my face disappearing…my face felt smooth..even a clean glow…so the next week i continued my regimen and taaadaa..it vanished..the third week my acne dried up and my skin was looking clearer..the scars on my face were disappearing..i’ve now been using it for a month..i now use it twice a week..for touch ups..i also make sure to apply moisterizers for acne prone skin..just wanted to let u all know..because i’ve been suffering from acne since i was 12 and now i’m 32…give it a try…..

  • Pete

    Hello – I have 22mg caps of Zinc Picolinate. I am nervous about taking too much, so I only take one a day. How much am I actually absorbing? Is this enough to see any real difference?

  • Bob

    Yes peter 22mg should be enough to make a noticeable difference to your skin, I was taking only 7.5 mg a day and my acne cleared up almost completely after about 2 weeks. I stopped and my skin returned back to iusual. I’ve just started on the zinc again now. One thing I’ve noticed is that my eyes are much brighter whilst taking zinc pills, has anyone else noticed this? They’re amazing! Beautiful eyes, Beautiful skin.

  • lool


    Im taking a multivitamin pill which contains DAILY
    3500 iu vitamin A 50% Beta Carotine and 50% retin something
    11 mg Zing Oxyde
    Also except from my multivitamin,Im taking an extra
    10,000 Vitamin A from Fish Liver Oil DAILY
    30 mg Zinc Gluconate.

    I just started it and I wana know if im doing the right thing?

  • ::H::

    Hi Dan, just reading about this zinc thing here and was just wondering if you realize zinc NEEDS B6 to be able to be absorbed into the body so taking zinc alone could mean most of it gets waisted which is why you might need more of it to compensate the loss AND you could therefor be dearer of, because you are buying a much higher dosage than really needed!

    A specialist (gyno, hormonal acne) told me years ago to take 15 mg of ESSENTIAL zinc (so tablet could be total of 50 mg of something or other but the just zinc part needs to be 15 mg) and pref. a picolinate since its beter absorbed and lighter on digestive system, TOGETHER with 100mg of B6, once a day, during a meal (again to aid digestion and absorption), and a good brand can make quite a lot of difference to your reactions and absorption as well.

    As you and some others (see “databased” i.e) have mentioned, it is very dangerous to take too much as it gets stored in your body’s fat so you don’t wee it out l(ike Vit C) and can therefor become an overdose.
    I know when my intake is build up too much, when I start to break out in a sweat in my neck and feel edgy and aneamic, and get nightmares, so I stop it until all is back to normal.

    And YES Bob, my eyes, nails and skin AND hair are much better since I started taking it!

  • Grace

    just a correction, on the video you said if taken with an empty stomach you can get nauseous. Idk if u mean its better to take it on an empty stomach or it was just a typo up above:

    I did some research on zinc. When taken internally it acts as an anti-inflammatory which can help with acne symptoms. Just be sure to take it on an empty stomach and not to take more than 100mg a dayโ€“50mg is what is normally recommended in what Iโ€™m reading.

  • phunkymonkey

    on the description thingy you have to take it on an empty stomach and in the video it says not to… just lettin ya know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ana

    My understanding is that zinc is only helpful in cases of androgen-induced acne in women, and only in situations where a person is zinc deficient. This is common among vegetarians.

  • Havasu06

    I just started taking 50 mg of Zinc per day for acne (works great) but since I started taking it I gained about 8 lbs. I have read that it also has this affect. Do you know anything about it or possibly could it be a certain type of zinc that causes weight gain?
    Thank you for your knowledge in this matter

  • JohnnyDoes

    I tried taking TestoJack, which includes herbs that increase test along with a formulation of Zinc, and I think this partially contributed to acne breaking out badly all around my jawline. Over the past two weeks I stopped taking TestoJack and started taking 5,000 IU of Vitamin D-3 a day. The D-3 I believe has been the main contributing factor in my face clearing up 99%. I just started taking 100 MG of Zinc a day (by itself and not with TestoJack) and will report back on the results in about one week. I read somewhere in the acne.org forums that Zinc caused some users an initial breakout, so I am not pinning this on the TestoJack, but will stay away from it for a while and see how the Zinc does on it’s own.

    • Cass

      Upping testosterone leads to acne along the jaw and hair loss. It’s DEFINATELY the testojack (what an awful name)

  • JohnnyDoes

    Ohh, also I have noticed that taking around 7,000 MG of fish oil a day significantly helps my mindset and rapid clearing of my skin ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JC

    Make sure to EAT FOOD before zinc! It really causes SERIOUS nausea…. worse nausea than taking tetracycline antibiotics..

  • MrsGB

    For over a year I’ve had acne on my chin in the form of red sore lumps that don’t always have a head on them. I recently came down with a cold and have been taking Vit C with Zinc and my spots are finally clearing. I thought I’d do a search to see if this is linked to Zinc and came across this site. What I want to know is, can iron tablets decrease zinc in the body? I say this because my doc put me on Iron about a year ago for anaemia and I wondered if there’s a link?

    • Cass

      That’s yeast.

  • Alice

    I’ve read the ‘zinc reviews’ page and sooo many people are rating zinc as 5/5! Really positive feedback! I’ll give it a go…x

  • Linda

    Hey Guys!
    Just had all the bloodwork etc. to start on accutane for my cystic acne. I have tried everything topically and nothing has worked. My skin was flawless until I turned 27 and whammo! It just started. I am going to try zinc as a last resort before going on the accutane because as you all know the stuff is dangerous.
    I just ordered a bottle of zinc picolinate by Solar. A week before I started taking regular zinc 50 mg a day. I heard the zinc picolinate is more readily absorbed, so I have been taking it with 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily which will even enhance it more. I also take a multi-vitamin (centrum) daily. I am seeing a slight difference after 4 days. Also, zinc oxide is a great topical cream.
    Will keep you all posted. God bless us all! Lin

  • BeCarefulWithZinc

    Like John said down there, be careful when taking too much zinc. I took chelated zinc about 5 months ago, because I was having some acne (like 1 per week or so, not too much). I bought chelated zinc (it comes in pills of 7 mg, so I was taking several per day, like 7 or 8), and about 2 months in this regimen turned me into a fucking pig. My forehead is damn red. It’s a kind of acne i’ve never had before. Anyway, I stopped the zinc about 3 months ago, and this acne is still here (it’s getting better, but slowly). Now I will start taking copper supplements, with hope that it will helps. I am even thinking of taking accutane, something i never thought of before. Anyway, just want to let you know that zinc may or may not work for you (in my case it certainly didn’t).

  • BeCarefulWithZinc

    Oh, by the way, I forgot to say that by that time i was taking zinc, i started to have LOTS of hair loss (i am using Finasteride now). I’ve never had so much hair loss like now.

  • DS

    “Just be sure to take it on an empty stomach” —> I think you got it wrong. You need to take the supplement with food…

  • Anonymous


  • Shane

    Zinc has worked amazing for me, huge reduction in size of red marks and everything seems to heal much faster. I have a bottle of 25mg zinc gluconate and I usually take 2 or 3 a day. I prefer to take them on an empty stomach as absorption is significantly reduced by food, especially any kind of grain. To avoid nausea, what I do is split them with a knife into two or three pieces then take each piece 5-10 mins apart. Do this, and you will have NO nausea whatsoever and they get to work really quickly. Highly recomended

  • Lisa

    Does anyone out there suffer with Crohns Disease and teenage acne???
    My 16 year old son is taking medication E.g 6MP for Crohns(mild not many symptoms) and I have just decided to give him a zinc supplement to see if helps with the acne that has just started bout 6 months ago.
    He is also on other supplements…Fish oil,vit c, multivitamins and probiotics.
    He is pretty healthy but I am concerned re his skin and would rather he didn’t go on anti biotics because of the Crohns and his medication.
    Any thoughts anyone??
    Cheers Lisa

  • ritzz

    i have been having hair thinning after taking only 15 mg of zinc. Is this induced by copper deficiency??
    Can someones please help!

  • Tina

    Nicotinamide has been shown in several different studies. Dermatologists talk about it a lot.
    *link edited out*

  • Nikki

    I’m taking multivitamins with 15 mg zinc. Is this enough? Or should I take more?

  • Aric

    I take a multivitamin which is 15mg a day and take the 50mg zinc a day and it’s fine you also get zinc from food. so don’t take over 80mg of zinc in pill form. Because you will probably get about 5-15mg of zinc from food each day.

  • nana

    i hear zinc is good for acne and the cells in your body.BUT what your doctor does not tell you is that if you have DIARRHEA for weeks and nothing seems to slow it down or stop it,taking ZINC might be the answer. IT WAS FOR ME.maybe diarrhea OR antibiotics OR maybe it was the infection i had.MAYBE one or all caused me to be low on zinc and maybe vitamins too. I DONT KNOW. i only know it worked. but i read that you need to take zinc and iron several hours apart.

  • Kellokit

    I started taking zinc about 2 weeks ago, and my forehead broke out in angry, big, painful pimples.. I don’t think zinc works for me…:/ which sucks because I was reallly hoping that it would.

  • kittenpaw

    I couldnt decide btw solgar or gnc brand to buy then I read we shld take gluconate so that means I’ll go for GNC. I’m worried about taking these thing without consulting a doctor cos we might end up collapsing body’s natural balance and then may have to stick to supplements forever! So what’s the conclusion? DO we take it after dinner or with dinner or hours after dinner? I heard should be taken at night before bed dunno why…

  • kittenpaw

    by the way, do u think if Zinc helps healing scars and red marks? or does it only reduce acne? I heard Zinc is also good for cold and flu, gives immune system a kick.

  • Florin

    Good afternoon!

    When is better to manage the zinc, morning or night? With a meal?

  • aakila

    any recommendation for TOPICAL ZINC? and its very drying so should it a mask or spot treatment?

  • Lucy

    Zinc cleared my acne by 90%!!!
    I have never had success with anything before but zinc is AMAZING! I started taking 30mg/day 2 weeks ago and have noticed a drastic reduction in breakouts. My face is almost clear which I haven’t been able to say for a really long time. I use Natures Organics Zinc 30mg, I got it at Whole Foods for around $15/60 capsules. If 30mg a day doesn’t work, try 60mg/day; but don’t go much higher than that (for an extended period of time as it interferes with your copper absorption).

    Before taking meds that a dermatologist gives you, try ZINC. Give it 30 days, if it doesn’t work then go to the derm.

    Take Zinc with food. I take 1 after breakfast.

  • Alex

    i started zinc today.. I have severe cystic acne. if it works i will report back with brand and regimin.

  • Kay

    To anyone concerned about zinc causing stomach problems, you may want to try this brand: New Chapter Organics Zinc Food Complex. It does NOT upset stomachs! In fact, it can be taken on an EMPTY stomach!!! Please look up the ingredients on New Chapter’s web site. (E.g., besides 30mg probiotic zinc, one of the other ingredients is tumeric, which reportedly helps with acne, scaring, & red marks; it is known to have anti-inflamatory properties. Please see tumeric threads on acne.org and other websites for more info.)

    My 17-year old son started taking this supplement approximately 2 weeks ago. The improvement in his medium-to-severe acne is amazing…his face is at least 70% improved!! He takes 2 tablets per day, one in am and one in pm. He’s taken “One A Dayยฎ Teen Advantage” (which has 15mg zinc) for a long time, as well as supplemental Vitamin D and Citrical (for bone health, since teens drink soda at social events.) He’s continuing to use Duac once a day, although I think he’s become resistant to the Clindamycin in Duac, so the only benefit may be the 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

    After my son’s face clears even more, he’ll try reducing the daily amount of zinc he takes. From my research, taking 75mg/day (his current total dose) is safe for short-term treatments. (Also, his multivitamin has 15mg copper.)

    He’s been on antibiotics and prescription meds for 3 years. He has another appointment next week with his dermatologist, who I intend to “fire.” (I’ve previously asked the dermatologist about zinc, b-vitamins, fish oil, and other supplements – and his response was basically “no, they don’t work,” and then he gave my son a prescription for Tazorac – which inflamed my son’s face like crazy.) Can’t wait to ease my son off antibiotics! (He’s currently on ampicillin, after being on Doxycycline (upset stomach,) Doryx, minocycline, and Bactrim (allergic reaction.) My son stopped using Differin after he saw his skin improve after only a few days after starting the zinc.

    Hope this info helps others. The advice I’ve read on acne.org has been very helpful for me and my son! Thanks to everyone that shares their own knowledge and experience.

  • Jessica

    To those of you experiencing hair loss with zinc, I read that while too low zinc levels can cause hair loss, so can taking ~too much~. So if you’re losing hair with your dosage, try lowering it. Anyway, I’ve been reading up on this quite a bit because I’m hoping I’ll benefit from it like many others here, but is 30 mg better to start out with or or should I just jump to 50 mg? And does it help with skin problems on the body too, or mostly just the face?

  • Ilana

    I notice that Desitin overnight (purple package) has 40% zinc and healed my kids diaper rash in one night. I tried it topically as a spot treatment for my cystic acne assoc with my PSOS. Love it. Wish I had known about it when I was a teen.

  • Kat

    I agree w Ilana about the desitin. I use the exact same stuff and LOVE it I actually have it on my race eight now, lol. It is great for drying and soothing redness…but it also get rid of overly dried skin. AMAZING. 27 F

  • Prog

    I am a 53 year old female who has suffered with cystic acne since I was about 35 years of age. I take 200mg of zinc daily and have found it to be very helpful in stopping cystic acne. 100 mg was not quite enough for me to do any good. Zinc will deplete your copper so I take the Solaray brand who makes a zinc with copper in the right proportions.

  • Acne face

    How long does it take before I can see some results?

  • Slaki

    I will be short but want to tell that zinc is cure for acne!
    I just wanted to tell all acne suffers that I had bad acne from 12 years, now I am 18 and tried acutane and so much of creams that cures acne and nothing didn’t help me.Last decembr I started taking 150mg zin, 3 times a day and it started working 2 months after, just from taking zinc and after six months taking so big dose I could lower to 25 mg and had clear face and body because I had body acne too. But you need to take every dose of zinc every day for first 6 months if want to see results but after that 25mg with 2 mg of copper keep my face clear with 0 acne. Sry for bad English but I remember now that I where angry on people why they donย’t share cure for acne and because of that I wrote this.