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BIC Sensitive Shaver
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Brand: BIC

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BIC Sensitive Shaver


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BIC Sensitive Shaver

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BIC Sensitive Shaver

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Reviewed on May 13, 2016

i like this its cheap and good razors and it does not cause any irritation on my skin

by BillSi on 02/06/2017 06:19
Is there substantial open space at blade edge (to use running water to clean the blade of hair/etc) or is it like multi-blades, e.g. NO open space?
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Ben, Los Angeles, CA
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Reviewed on December 17, 2009

It does a decent job for my sensitive acne-prone face. I haven't noticed any irritation or razor bumps. The razor head getting clogged can be annoying though. But for 12 razors for less than 2 bucks, what do you expect? They're good secondary tools to have for temporary usage like if you're planning to go on a trip. But I wouldn't use it as a primary razor. For that, use something a little bit more nice.

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Anonymous, miami fl
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Reviewed on September 23, 2009

these are good cheap razors i can get 50 of these for the price of 5 replacement cartridges of the more expensive ones. it takes a little bit more time to get as close but there is less irritation

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Kyle, South Bend, IN
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Reviewed on September 22, 2009

I have had acne since high school, and found these razors to be the best for my skin. I do not like multi blade razors because they shave too close and irritate my skin. I found that the Bic's do not do this. I also like how there is no "lube" strip that you see advertised with other razors. The strips, at least to me, feel like they leave an awful slime feeling on my face and increase my acne. I have tried Mach3, Gillette, Schick, and have always switched to the bic. I have found that these work best while shaving in the shower, after washing off with hot water. I use Williams Mug soap and brush, Bic senisitve, and afterwards use Acne Free Cleanser. I have found this works best for my sensitive, acne prone skin.

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Reviewed on May 15, 2009

If you know how to shave (i.e. don't press down extremely hard) then this razor is just as good as the more expensive ones. they are so inexpensive that after 3 shaves i throw it away and get a new one. I love the feel of a sharp virgin blade when shaving.

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frogtoprince, san francisco, ca
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Reviewed on August 27, 2008

If you use a multi-bladed razor and suffer from razor bumps and ingrown hairs, you owe it to yourself to give these a try. The more blades you add to a razor, the higher the risk of irritating your skin.

Some may laugh at these cheap, orange plastic razors, but they do a decent job and are much kinder to your face than all those 3-, 4- and 5(!)-bladed razors that are just marketing gimmicks.

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Anonymous, New York
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Reviewed on July 21, 2008

If you use this razor correctly, it can be better than any double or triple-blade variety because it doesn't shave too closely. I believe my dermotologist when he tells me that multiple blades cause irritation resulting from the regrowing epidermis blocking hairs that were cut too short. I don't think guys were meant to have an incredibly close shave anyway. The keys are to shave every single day (if you don't, this razor definitely won't help your cause), use a lather than works well for you, prepare appropriately (wash your face with warm water for a minute or two), and always shave with the grain. The only downside of this razor is that it doesn't have a head that adjusts with the curvature of your face as you shave (like the Senor Excel) so you have to take your time and be careful not to cut yourself, especially around the neck area. I would have to try it out to be sure, but if the Bic had the same design as the Sensor Excel but with one blade, I would probably give all 5s.

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Dan, San Francisco
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Reviewed on January 15, 2007

Stay away from this razor. If you want to go the disposable route, try either the Gillette Good News Pivot Plus or the Bic Comfort Twin Sensitive Skin.

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