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Betadine (Povidone-Iodine)
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Brand: Betadine

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Betadine (Povidone-Iodine)


Active ingredient:
Povidone-iodine, 10% (1% available iodine).

Inactive ingredients:
Purified water, sodium hydroxide.

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Betadine (Povidone-Iodine)

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Betadine (Povidone-Iodine)

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Only thing since Accutane to help!
Reviewed on August 5, 2015

I've suffered from terrible acne since the 7th grade, and the only thing to improve my skin has been Accutane. While I was on it, my skin was clear, radiant and balanced rather than broken out and oily as before. This lasted for several years and my skin is STILL in way better condition than before, however, I've noticed break outs recently and the return of oil production. I stumbled across Betadine on a plastic surgereon's Instagram actually and so I decided to give it a try. It's cheap, easy to use, and best of all, I ordered it straight to my door. Now, with FABULOUS results, I have been using Betadine for about 3 weeks. I ordered the topical solution at 10%, not 7.5%, from Amazon. My morning regime consists of lightly scrubbing my face with PanOxyl and (this sounds weird but...) sea salt. Then, with a cotton ball, I apply the Betadine solution all over my face. Don't freak! It comes out as a vibrant orange brown! I let it dry for about 30 minutes, and I apply my makeup like usual on top of the dried solution. It seems discoloring but actually washes right off. You can do this at night if you don't wear makeup and find it more suitable. The improvements have been drastic- my skin for the first time since Accutane feels soft and clear. The oil production has calmed down, and hopefully soon, I won't have to wear foundation!

Cheap and it works!
Reviewed on December 27, 2014

I am a nurse, and I can tell you that Betadine is used every day, several times a day, by surgeons from fingers to elbows, scrubbing with a harsh plastic brush for 15 minutes before surgery. If it was dangerous they would not do this. It probably isn't marketed because it is CHEAP compared to all the other products out there. I have been fighting Rosacea for a few years and the recommendation was oral and/or topical antibiotics. Betadine is a topical antimicrobial! I mix it with my Cetaphyl gentle cleanser and gently scrub before bed for a couple of minutes with a buff puff, then rinse. This clears it up within 2-3 days and then I use it as maintenance every 2-3 days. Yes, some is absorbed but if you eat food every day you ingest iodine from the salt that is added to everything. If you have kidney or thyroid problems, best to check with your doctor first for regular use of Betadine. Otherwise, it has to be at least as safe (or safer) than oral antibiotics! I have enjoyed the improvement in my skin and not having to go to the dermatologist.

Reviewed on December 24, 2014

I use this in shower every morning and when i take one at night (especially after work or something, a long day). after i started using this, even the next day (i had this huge zit that was infected) started to go away.... it came to a head the next morning... i thoughht maybe coincdance. tried it again, every time i get something, i use this, and if it doesnt just go away, itll come to a full head and you can pull it out. instead of pushing, pull your skin away from the infected spot... then after it comes out, gently push and the rest if any will come out. this is amazing, tho i heard its not good long term for health, you may wanna look into that. i have not. i would rather deal with it cause everything kills you eventually.

Good overnight spot treatment for inflamed/infected pimples
Reviewed on January 30, 2014

After using it as a spot treatment and mask for 2-3 months, it worked great at the beginning but just blocked my pores from breathing properly over night. 50/50 treatment but not the best. Best used as a spot treatment for inflamed and nasty infected pimples - then when they are healed a bit better put benzoyl on them and they are gone :)

by Accordianist on 10/09/2014 04:31
if its good why only 2 stars?
Good for healing
Reviewed on December 12, 2013

I put this on two zits the other day and they reduced dramatically in size. I've been putting in on a huge area of cystic acne that's been there for about 2 months. It's not helping as well there, but it will work on the normal pimples. I like it and it's non-drying and doesn't really sting or burn.

Reviewed on November 18, 2013

Please educate yourself about iodine before using this, especially if you are pregnant!! Iodine is absorbed into the blood stream, through your skin. It is a really important mineral, our bodies only need a small amount, and we don't produce it naturally, within the body. Many countries passed laws in the early-to-mid 1900's, adding it to salt because populations weren't getting enough of it. Some say we still don't. Too much iodine (in the body) can cause SERIOUS, long term health problems! I'd like to try topical iodine myself, because it seems to have fascinating healing properties - but I won't until I know for sure how much iodine I already have in my system, through a blood test. Applying Iodine to small areas seems much safer than spreading it all over your back, like the one reviewer.

by renerdrat on 04/27/2015 02:38
just so you know people in japan consume hundreds of times more iodine and live long and healthy lives, this idea that you can easily consume too much iodine is propaganda
by lelygrl on 05/08/2015 11:06
Transdermal absorption of iodine is pretty safe, plus studies show inadequate iodine during pregnancy produces children with lower IQs.
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Neelie, California
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Reviewed on January 4, 2013

I have been prone to cystic acne, but am now dealing with large pores in the T-zone of my face, and excessive oil in that area as well. Mixing generic Betadine with my Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser 2X per day has amazingly put a stop to that. I also apply a small amount of alpha hydrox Enhanced Lotion (approx. $10 online) on my face twice per day, right after cleansing. I can't believe the improvement! I wish each and everyone on this site sincere triumph over acne. God Bless!

by Sulfer on 12/24/2014 12:59
thats EXACTLY what i use and how many times i use it (sometimes once a day tho), i dont follow up with a lotion, i use CLEAN AND CLEAR COOLING daily pore toner, and Neutrogena advanced solutions NIGHT treatment one only at night. AMAZING results and VERY FAST!
by Sulfer on 12/24/2014 13:02
thats EXACTLY what i use and how many times i use it (sometimes once a day tho), i dont follow up with a lotion, i use CLEAN AND CLEAR COOLING daily pore toner, and Neutrogena advanced solutions NIGHT treatment one only at night. AMAZING results and VERY FAST!
by Sulfer on 12/24/2014 13:04
thats EXACTLY what i use and how many times i use it (sometimes once a day tho), i dont follow up with a lotion, i use CLEAN AND CLEAR COOLING daily pore toner, and Neutrogena advanced solutions NIGHT treatment one only at night. AMAZING results and VERY FAST!
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Jessica, Omaha, NE
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Reviewed on October 11, 2012

I have used Doxycycline, Ive been on birth control, I have tried ProActiv, I have tried pretty much EVERY OTC product to clear my cystic acne. I cant remember how I came upon the idea of using Betadine, but I thought I would take the risk. What was the worst that could happen? Make my acne worse?

I started using it and broke out slightly for the first few weeks. But I kept up with my regimen of washing every night before bed and now, 4 months later, I cant believe the results! My skin is very soft and I very rarely have breakouts! If I do have a new pimple or cyst, it is hormonal.

Every niht I mix 4 drops of Betadine wit 3 pumps of Cetapyl for oily skin. I lather my face and use a face buffer to lightly scrub my face.

After washing my face, I pat dry and will dab on some Betadine onto any new small spots, let it dry, then I apply VapoRub over it. They both work together to calm and dry any new spot and sometimes pulls it to a head.

I cant say enough good tings about Betadine. It is the ONLY thing that as ever worked this wonderfully. I will continue to use tis product until a doctor orders me not to.


Reviewed on June 24, 2012

Ok guys didn't know if you know this but this is no different from alcohol, BP, butt creme, hydrocortizone, or any other antiseptic germ killing chemical you put on your face.You might as well put on clorox.

Yes it will clear you up but what it does is kills your skin cells so in the long run you are doing more damage to yourselfs. just thought id let you all know. Use as a quick fix but seriously chnage your eating habits and live to love your body...much better results + a million...

by mango1 on 08/13/2013 21:56
This is wrong, actually. Iodine is an element on the periodic table and it is also a necessary nutrient for survival. This is why we added it to salt - not getting enough iodine results in goiter and mental retardation in children. It is already naturally in food like fish and seaweed as well. It also does kill germs etc., and should maybe be diluted with an oil or cream before putting it on the skin, but it actually does heal the skin, not damage it. I've had a lot of success with it removing scars and healing breakout spots and reducing my breakouts so far. But it is a well known nutrient. A little google searching would have turned that up.
by JackieP on 04/11/2014 19:13
@smoze2 Please explain about this: "what it does is kills your skin cells so in the long run". tnx
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Analeigh, San Diego
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Reviewed on June 23, 2012

I add a few drops to my cleanser in my hand and wash my face with it morning and night. The most important thing to do is let it sit for a few minutes, if not longer. I let it sit while I brush my teeth and put on deodorant. I haven't had any break outs since I've used this and my face isn't an OILY MESS. By the way, I bought the generic brand from Rite Aide because it was a few dollars cheaper. It works great.

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