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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract
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Brand: Basic Nutrition

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract


Aloe Vera leaf extract.

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract

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Reviewed on July 29, 2010

I am in love with aloe vera. I use 99% pure organic aloe vera gel, with nothing extra added. (DO NOT try the crap from the drugstore). My face is VERY VERY sensitive (every lotion I have ever tried stings), and the aloe has been wonderful! I had dry, flaky rough inflamed skin that was also oilly and had piples and blackheads. I apply a thin layer after washing my face (with a baking soda paste which you HAVE to try! go read my review!) my inflamation and redness is GONE, my rough skin is gone, my pimples are gone, and my black heads are minimal! all in a little over a week with the baking soda + aloe (longer with just using aloe. the aloe alone helped, but together they have worked wonders. hence why I gave it 4/5)

I now use aloe for all over moisture. My skin used to be always itchy, and now I just put some aloe on, and the itch is gone. I don't know how it will work during the dry minnesota winter, but so far it is wonderful!

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Mohammad, California
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Reviewed on July 29, 2010

Aloe Vera is totally awesome, I have the real plant and I cut a small piece and get the stick stuff and rub on my skin where the acne is at night and the acne is gone by the next day.

I bought my plant for $6 at Trader Joe's.

Reviewed on July 9, 2010

I have used a variety of different natural products on my skin to try to heal cysts and to fade redmarks and scars. Vit E and Tea Tree Oil broke me out. ACV dried me out. Aloe is the perfect remedy for my skin. I started using it a week ago. I don't use the plant. I buy the filler, which is liquid, and keep it in the fridge. In the morning and night, I use a cotton ball and apply the liquid liberally to my skin. It has been great! My active acne is drying up, and it is fading old marks. It feels cool, refreshing, and clean on my skin also, whereas other things such as E and Honey, although good for the skin (minus the breakouts I get from the E), are very messy. This is something I can use under my make up that doesn't make a big mess. Keep in mind though I use the filler, it is the pulp put into liquid form. I have cystic acne and not much helps clear it up. I would highly highly recommend trying aloe.

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too old for spots, UK
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Reviewed on May 4, 2010

I use Aloe Pura Brand Organic Aloe Vera with Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E

99.9% Bio Active Aloe Vera

I feel like I have finally found something that doesn't have any drawbacks. I had been using 2.5% BP but that leaves my skin very dry, red and scaly but the aloe vera seems to be actually healing my skin.

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Reviewed on April 2, 2010

My mom had been treating me with aloe vera gel straight from the plant ever since I abruptly started breaking out a few months ago. She merely cuts off a leaf from one of the aloe plants that grow in our backyard and applies the gel over my forehead. It's very cooling and I leave it on overnight. I wash it off in the morning and see reductions in my inflamed pimples. It helped reduce the swelling, but has rather slow effects.

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Anonymous, SF BAY
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Reviewed on February 28, 2010

Aloe Vera gel is great if you can use it directly from the plant.I personally can't use the bottled stuff because it irritates my skin.I'd suggest looking up how to harvest the gel online and then put the gel in a blender until the texture is consistent and not lumpy. Then store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for about a week or two.

I've been using aloe vera every night for about a month and my skin has improved. The redness caused by using Differin was horrible, even 4 weeks after discontinuing it, the aloe has helped a lot. I use a light moisturizer and let it dry for about 20 minutes before applying a fairly thin layer of aloe gel over my face and leave on over night. I also sometimes spot treat with clindamycin first, let it dry, then and apply aloe on top of it. The aloe can make your skin slightly dry, however it does moisturizes at the same time, so I'd suggest using a moisturizer lotion to avoid any problems.

I heard about aloe being a miracle for all skin conditions from my Mexican grandmother. She used aloe gel on her face every night for about 60+ years and her skin looked great with very few wrinkles even at almost 80. Good stuff can't recommend enough.

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Lizzy, UK
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Reviewed on January 18, 2010

I've been using this gel every night (leave on until morning) for a couple of months now. Straight off it made my skin feel healthier and smoother. But now I'm also seeing results with my redness and scarring. Also, while it's not miracle spot prevention, it certainly stops them getting so inflamed, and helps get rid of them quicker.

I use organic gel from a health shop. Make sure you get a very high concentration gel, because sometimes they dilute it with other stuff that's not so good for your face (I've got 99% gel).

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C., Canada
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Reviewed on January 18, 2010

It only smoothes the skin. I wish it did more then that.

recommended if your looking for something to help smooth and not irritate your skin. If your lookinf for something to get ride of pimples or acne no. Maybe use it with a cleanser or spot on treatment.

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aloesnewestfan, IL
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Reviewed on December 29, 2009

This product has changed my skin in literally two weeks. I use the gel from the vitamin shoppe. Make sure you get organic aloe vera. It has helped my skin TREMENDOUSLY, my hyperpigmentation is fading and it is slowly working on scars. I say in about two months time my skin will be 90% healthy. Please give it a try!!