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Baking Soda
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Baking Soda


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Baking Soda

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Baking Soda

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Dosent do much except some amount of exfoliation
Reviewed on December 30, 2015

After reading rave reviews, I tried this on my harmonal acne. I have a very sensistive and combination skin. It did nothing for my acne but did smoothen my skin out a bit. Mixing it with honey and using as a scrub worked better than leaving it as a mask. For sensitive skin- do a patch test before you decide to try out.

Hmm title?
Reviewed on December 2, 2015

I have a love-hate relationship with this stuff.

On the one hand, it worked well to exfoliate my skin and left it feeling "smooth" and helped kill bad acne bacteria I'm sure.

I wouldn't use it very often because even though it temporarily helps your skin, it still causes damage at the micro level. Meaning your outer skin layer, epidermis, has a system already in place to exfoliate, and an acid mantle to protect/disinfect your skin. Rubbing a very basic (ph 9~) solution of baking soda and water will totally throw of your skin's "natural order." So just be gentle if you wanna try this. I really don't recommend you scrub your face every day. Doing so can cause sebum production to go into overdrive/make hyperkeratosis (overproduction of keratin in the skin helping to clog pores in acne) worse -because your skin is attempting in it's own rudimentary ways to heal itself.

TL;DR go easy on this scrub treatment, work on acne from the inside-out, be gentle with your skin :)

Not bad at all :-P
Reviewed on December 1, 2015

I'm making cream like consistency out of soda and fresh orange juice and tap taping it into my T zone with contour brush (if I go outside T zone, my skin around is burned). I'm very satisfied by seeing 50% improvement of presence of my nasty pores just in couple of minutes :-)

Works overnight!!
Reviewed on November 13, 2015

I mix a small amount of baking soda with a small amount of water to form a paste, then I apply it with a clean foundation brush to any affected areas on my face. I let it sit until it goes dry and then gently rinse it off. Afterwards, I dab some hydrogen peroxide on and then leave it at that. Works frickin fantastic! Only thing that will clear up my cheeks. I only use this method when I'm having a bad breakout but it works!! Stops the pimples in their tracks.

by TripleN on 11/13/2015 06:07
And another quick comment, I never actually rub it into my face. Just gently pat it on and gently rinse it off :)
Feels niice
Reviewed on November 12, 2015

Every now and the I add baking soda to my facial scrub with Dr. Bronners Tea tree oil soap and it makes me face feel extra clean and soft.

I am a fan.

I'm glad to find what I thought was an experiment is actually a tactic a few others have tried as well

(FYI, if you add a pinch to your toothpaste/ brush.. It makes your teeth feel extra clean as well!)

Last resort... update, so i thought i can escape the expenses but i was wrong!!!
Reviewed on September 25, 2015

I hope the brand i used today will work. Cant find arm&hammer. I do hope baking soda will do its magic on me. Ive been suffering from acne since highschool now im 31, couple of years ago my face became better, few pimples before my period, i was using derma t soln made in ksa where i was working. sadly cant find that here in france, since i came here 3 months ago i noticed my pores became bigger but i ignored it, plus i used different bath soap and facial cleanser bec most of the product i used in ksa were not available here. Then one day i noticed those pores are filled with blackheads, then pimples everywhere mostly on my forhead and jaw line, and they became bigger and so painful. I looked terrible now, my self esteem is 6ft under the ground. I tried benzoyl peroxide but i think it contributes to the cystic acne. When i stopped it no new cystic ones appeared. I really hope baking soda will give me my xmas wish, just to have a clear skin.

I will change my rating later when i got results, but now i feel so clean after 1 wash with baking soda and it didnt give me a sting. Maybe it didnt work??? Hope not. I leave it for 5 mins im scared to wait for the sting.

update... i stopped using it after 3 weeks, i didnt see any improvement in fact my condition became worse, more blackheads, yes easily to extract but noticeably larger number, and the active pimple wont dry up, so i have no choice but to go to the professionals, she prescribed me eryfluid an antibiotic topical solution and avene facial wash and cream, after almost a week, i see some improvements even others noticed it, im loving the avene products even a little bit expensive, i know, i can feel its so mild and working, the oily T zone is gone, i hope this is the start to reclaim my selfesteem, as to baking soda, atleast i gave it a try...

Great. <3
Reviewed on September 17, 2015

The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes it irritates my face, but I have to realize that

I'm the one who's exfoliating too hard. But all in all, it actually helps me. I have literally about 20+ little tiny bumps all over my face and forehead. I use this about every night, and USUALLY I scrub very gently, and it does the job for me. It takes away those stupid, irritating little bumps.

Its amazing.
Reviewed on September 1, 2015

I recommend it 100% its clearing my scars, and for having extreme sensitive skin, its not harsh nor is it drying. I put it on in the morning and again at night with some lemon in it. Of course I do the mask and leave it on for 20-30 mintues. It's amazing guys. Really try it. It does wonders!

by RitaYang on 09/22/2015 08:42
May I know how long it took to see the significant result? Because I have been using it for a week but did not see any result, but it did give me few little bumps on my cheeks. Should I continue using it or just stop it?
Be careful with Baking Soda
Reviewed on August 23, 2015

I would not recommend using baking soda on the skin because its just way too harsh for the skin. People use baking soda as a cleaning solution. When its used on the skin it can cause burning because the PH level is too imbalanced for our skin. A common misconception with baking soda that people have is that its natural however it is not. It is refined.

Reviewed on August 23, 2015

Baking soda might be a hit or miss, but for people with severe acne, don't waste your time. Maybe this will work for people with small blackheads, etc, but for me, I have really bad, sensitive, oil, acne proned skin and baking soda is not my friend.