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Aztec Secret  Indian Healing Clay
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Brand: Aztec Secret

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Aztec Secret  Indian Healing Clay


100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay.

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Aztec Secret  Indian Healing Clay

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Aztec Secret  Indian Healing Clay

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Aztec secret
Reviewed on February 12, 2018

Guys this mask really does work. Let’s start off by saying I have acne pore skin. My skin was never like this it just started hitting me bad. My acne from a scale of 1-10 I would say is a 6 just because I’ve seen worse. My skin before using this was mild red so many blemishes. The 5th day the redness had gone away. My scars are fading away slowly. Less break outs. Feels amazing when having this on. I usually leave it on for 30 mins I mixed it with Apple cinder vinegar . My skin is getting to a stage that I want it at but not yet completely i still have insecurities but not like before. Going to keep using this. If you guys want before and after pictures. Drop your email down

by nmarcy88 on 02/16/2018 21:03
I never had any acne problems till i turned 25, which is a shock because you don't expect it at an older age. I've tried just about everything under the sun. So I order this off of amazon and heard that with apple cider vinegar I should hopefully have some success. If you could share some before and afters that would be much appreciated. nicholemarcy@[link removed]
by GekilluZ on 02/17/2018 10:06
gekillu.z@[link removed]
by Lloydy on 02/23/2018 02:44
Johnlloyd827@[link removed] can i see the effect.
Amazing Multitasker
Reviewed on February 9, 2018

This mask will give you the most "bang for your buck." Although the jar says to mix the clay with either water or apple cider vinegar, there's so many things you can do with the clay! Of course the original and the ACV blends are great, but here are my other favorite mixtures.

Aztec Secret clay, activated charcoal, water

Aztec Secret clay, pink clay, water

Aztec Secret clay, turmeric, water

Aztec Secret Clay, rosewater

Aztec Secret Clay, ACV, sweet almond oil

Best Mask out there for deep cleaning and pore minimizing...
Reviewed on November 5, 2017

The whole reason I started really incorporating masks was because I had a terrible reaction to the overpriced Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. I only used the $65 for 1.7oz moisturizer for 3 consecutive days. Days following, my skin looked like someone else’s. I’ve had clear skin in my 20’s. I’ll be 30 in December. My forehead looked like a teenager who’s starting puberty with all hbd acne. My cheeks broke out, my temples, and under my jaw and near my ears.

1. Washed my face with Cetaphil

2. Used my facial steamer to open up my pores

3. Apply my mixture of the ACV and then steam some more.

4. Once it hardens and cracks, it will begin to pulsate. Rinse this off or use a warm wash cloth to remove the thick mask

5. Use ice as a toner

6. Use Aloe Vera plant as a moisturizer

7. Thank me later. Below were my results

I used the Aztec Clay last night, and added ACV, and (probably too much) honey [the consistency should be thick like pudding]. I left it on my face for an hour because the excess honey wouldn’t allow it to dry and crack and pulsate like it normally would. But I tell you, my face was so smooth after taking it off. Then I toned with ice. Apply Aloe Vera (the actual plant) to your skin and sleep with it overnight.

I woke up today with my face feeling so smooth and my new acne no longer hurts and has shrunken.

The last time I did this, last week, white heads were coming up days after the mask. I highly recommend this to everyone.

The ice and the Aloe Vera are also wonderful and help with inflammation and dark spots.

Hope this helps someone.

by KingATG on 01/14/2018 04:04
HI can i use the aztec clay mask im 14 yrs old is it safe for me? Just asking thanks☺️
Helped with oiliness, but not dark spots; Too time consuming
Reviewed on October 21, 2017

Original review found here : [link edited out]

Before I review the clay I think it would be beneficial for you to know what type of skin I have and what I've previously tried.

What I've tried (most recent first):

Differin regimen - worked for a time until around winter time and then I got seriously bad reaction to - benzoyl peroxide

Proactiv - made my face worse


Acnefree severe - worked until it stopped working as effectively

Skin type:

Normal to oily skin

Mostly hormonal acne

Worse in the summer, better in the winter

Biggest concerns are large pores, black heads, pimples

I used everything above for a minimum 3 months to ensure if it worked for me or not

The Review

I used the Aztec healing clay for 4 months. I think it may have helped the oiliness through the summer months. After comparing my before and after pictures I noticed dark spots and acne scars were darker and more frequent.

How to use

Use a plastic whisk, I found one on Amazon for cheap. Search for it as a "salon whisk".

Do not throw the leftover mixture into any drain. It will harden. Instead wipe it off the bowl with a paper towel and throw it away.

To cover my entire face, I used 1 tps of apple cider vinegar (Bragg brand, with the mother), and 1 tps of clay. Never used all of the mixture, a little goes a long way.

I would whisk it together as much as possible to get rid of air bubbles. The consistency varied, from slightly watery to thick as very softened butter. The consistency didn't seem to affect the effects of the clay much; my face still felt tight and throbbing while it was drying and made my face red for about an hour after rinsing it off.

I would apply the mixture with a cheap paintbrush, two layers, and leave it on for 30 mins. The time may be too long for you, it was a trial-and-error to find the right time for me.

The frequency of use fluctuated based on the weather - if it was a super hot week I tried to do it every night; the more oily my skin was the more I used it.


Could I have used Differin or another drug to help with the dark spots AND continue to use the clay?

Yes, and it might have worked out fine. BUT I decided to stop because it was time consuming. Perhaps I'll go back to it if I get desperate but I didn't feel like the effort was worth the result.

by MissStorm1207 on 11/05/2017 19:28
I think using this mask is too much for every day use. Once a week makes more sense and I have oily skin too (trust me). But once I started using this (mixed with ACV and honey and making it a pudding-like texture) not only did my acne minimize and was less irritated, but my skin was so smooth and had less oil production. For the marks, try Aloe Vera (the real plant) and also use ice a toner. Thank me later. Wink
Reviewed on August 24, 2017

I have never try this mask but I want to I have sensitive skin my skin is perfect but just on my pore zone ( zone and start of my cheeks ) I have pimples not big just small and a lot they are gone and they come back I don't know what to do I always pick at them then my skin is worst ! ( more red ) does this mask will work for this ? I don't understand why I have pimple on my pore zone HELP !

Notice a difference straight away!
Reviewed on August 4, 2017

Ok so I'm 25 years old and I have always had very clear skin. People used to compliment my skin a lot and would even stop me to ask what products I use. However, In the past 2-3 months I've had a major breakout, mostly on my cheeks. I would say it’s been mostly mild-moderate acne but it’s definitely knocked my confidence down as I’ve not been able to figure out what’s caused the breakout.

I went and spent £100 on products from Clinique, Kiehls and other brands and it only made my skin worse. I started breaking out more, and my skin became incredibly dry. I even changed my diet, and cut out on eating all dairy products.

One of my friends informed me of Aztec Secret Clay and I ordered it straight away on Amazon for approximately £14. I watched many YouTube videos and read reviews before it arrived, so I was very excited to test it.

I used it yesterday for the first time and guys, it was incredible! I mixed it with apple cider vinegar until it became a paste. Some people like the consistency quite thin while others prefer it thick (there is no wrong or right). I applied it on my face and it took approximately 10-15 minutes to dry and to feel your skin pulsate! I felt the mask work – it almost felt like someone placed a vacuum on your face and it sucks all the dirt out of your face! The skin feels tight and you can feel the mask doing it’s job! I kept this on for 35 minutes.

I washed the mask of with hot water and then applied some sudocrem after directly on the spots. I think it’ll be best to apply oil after as your skin can become dry. However my skin felt soft and it looked glowing. I noticed IMMEDIATELY that the redness on the spots had gone down and the pimples had become dry. There were some new pimples on the surface but that’s nothing to worry about – it’s because the mask is pulling all the bad bacteria out! The only reason that I haven’t given it a 5 star is because I’ve only used it once so I need to use it a few times to see if the results are noticeable.

by wangg on 10/23/2017 22:49
how is your skin now ? did this work ??
by Rosaaa on 02/12/2018 12:42
Did this work
Bye bye oil!!!
Reviewed on July 20, 2017

By the first time I used this I noticed that the oils from my face were stripped... For me this really helped

Absorbs oil and pull outs water
Reviewed on June 6, 2017

Great for absorbing oil on skin!!

Be careful it's pulls out water out of skin

I once did every single day my face become dull and irritated

It meant to be used only once a week only!

No it doesn't pull out toxins!!

Reviewed on May 13, 2017

Just wondering if I am able to use this mask while on the regimen plus glycolic acid? Would it be fine if I used the mask only once a week to kind of balance it out and not mess with the regimen and glycolic acid?

I have really oily skin but not that sensitive. I don't have acne that bad I mostly have scars that's why I'm using glycolic acid.

Good for acne.
Reviewed on March 7, 2017

Good for acne. Use with raw apple cider vinegar for more effectiveness.

by katkilpat on 10/27/2017 14:31
Do you mean mix it with the mask or use it before or after?
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