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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream
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Brand: Azelex

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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream


Active Ingredient:
Azelaic Acid (20%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Cetearyl octanoate; glycerin; glyceryl stearate and cetearyl alcohol and cetyl palmitate and cocoglycerides; PEG-5 glyceryl stearate; propylene glycol; and purified water. Benzoic acid is present as a preservative.

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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream

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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream

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Wonder Drug
Reviewed on July 21, 2015

I have had Rosacea for many years. I take antibiotics two times a day and have used Metrojel 1 percent with no relief. I felt so frustrated because it just got worse. My internist told me there was nothing else that could be done at this time. I received a coupon in the mail for $30.00 for a new product called Azelex Acid. I asked my doctor to write a prescription. With insurance I paid $130.00. I have used it only 5 days and already my skin is improving. I can't believe it. My skin has cleared up and is soft and smooth. The redness and pimples are gone. It is worth every penny.

by NicolaD on 07/28/2015 00:01
I've been using Azelaic acid for a couple of weeks. No improvement yet. I'm shocked that you have to pay so much. In the UK, all prescriptions cost about £8, regardless of the medication. I know the cost to the NHS is only about £3.50 per tube. It's a really cheap drug. I'm really hoping that there's a cheaper way for you to purchase this.
try my routine instead for cycstic acne
Reviewed on October 28, 2014

I am 28 year old female and still used to get weekly ance. I do get deep cystic acne every once in a while. I started a new regiment 4 weeks (Listed Below) ago and by the looks of it I finally have clear skin with no signs of new pimples or cysts emerging:

Took me years to find the right products for me - I have very sensitive skin

My Skin Regiment:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (AM/PM)

Citrus Clear Sensitive Moisturizer

Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment

Fish Oil - pills (AM only)

Other Things to Consider when trying to achieve great skin - Probably the most important too

64 - 128 oz of Water Daily

6 - 8 Hrs of Sleep a Night

1 Hr of Exercise per day (5 per/week)

by jgoulett on 08/19/2015 12:07
Hello! Drop Cetaphil and go with something like Circadia Lipid Replacing Cleansing Gel. Cetaphil blocks pores. The rest of your plan is pretty cool. Good for you!
LOVE it!
Reviewed on October 21, 2014

Birth-control pills made a HUGE difference in my cystic acne (life-changing), but I recently stopped taking it because I'm going to start trying to get pregnant soon. Before I was off the BC, I saw a dermatologist who recommended I try Azelex for some melasma as well as a way to treat the impending acne (it's baby-safe). I'm only two weeks off the BC, and so far I've had just 3 tiny bumps on my chin (which is my most problematic area). I realize it's still early days, but the Azelex has also made my skin so smooth and soft! It burned a little only the first time, and I've been applying it at night all over my face and then again on my chin in the mornings. I have GREAT insurance, and it still cost me $150/tube, but I think it might be worth it. If you can afford the price, DEFINITELY GIVE IT A TRY!

by MissLMI on 04/17/2015 04:11
Have you ever looked at a state-wide Prescription Savings Card? Even if you're insured, sometimes you can save TONS just by using the card instead of insurance. I live in Texas, & we have the Texas Drug Card. I looked up tretinoin cream for my Godmother, who is over age 34 & her insurance won't cover the cream, & using the card I was able to help her get it for $7. (I looked up Azelex & in TX, for example, using the card's coverage would make it $18. Amazeballs!) The cards can be used by anyone - insured & non-insured people alike. I see them a lot at hospitals & doctors offices. Your state card may be something to look into. Just a heads up! (& thanks for the review! I'm going to ask my PCP if she can put me on this next time I see her. Lol.)
by Wild Heart on 07/06/2015 15:44
Try ordering this cream online from Australia to save heaps!! I only pay AUD $12-$15 at my local Pharmacy. The brand I use is by ego and it's called AZ Clear Lotion from memory it's 20% Azaleaic. I stopped using mine after starting a new skin care range and my skin flared up so I'm back using it twice a day and my skin is perfect and clear.. good luck! HTH
Fingers Crossed... 2 Weeks
Reviewed on March 30, 2014

This thing is so good !! Cleared up my back and the acne kind of stopped! I can sleep on my back now Yay!! The only thing I don't like is I can't stand to put this on my face, it stings Alooot!! Will update!

Reviewed on March 28, 2014

I am a male and I've had severe acne on my face for about 4 years (age 15-19). I've kept it under control by using Benzaclin for 3 of those years but I noticed it was extremely harsh on my face and damaged it various ways. There is a noticeable difference in color and texture of my face where I've used harsh topicals such as benzoyl peroxide over the years. I have a million redmarks. I stopped Benzaclin and broke out severely and used Dan's regime instead which is mildy effective but you have to use Benzoyl Peroxide which is horrible.

This is the only review I've ever written because this is the best topical I've used. It is gentle, an emollient which moisturizes (you don't need moisturizer), and has provided me with significant improvement while I wait to start Accutane (liver tests need to normalize first). It has brought my severe acne down to about moderate I'd say (some would still say severe). 6 weeks a go when I started I was very depressed about the current state of my acne but now It's definitely more manageable. If you have mild or moderate acne I would HIGHLY recommend you stop damaging your face with benzoyl peroxide (sun sensitivity, oxygenation, free radicals) and get the most gentle, effective topical I've used. If I used this for 6 months I'm sure I would be clear as day but If you stop it does come back.

Reviewed on February 11, 2014

I started using Axelex in July 2013 and by September my face had clear about 90%.

2 week review
Reviewed on November 26, 2013

So far it's only been 2 weeks of using this product I have moderate acne with past scars from cystic acne. My dermatologist prescribed this cream to me with benzoyl as my face wash. I apply twice a day after washing my face it does burn and sting for a little while and then goes away, so far I'd say its working as far as minimizing the cystic acne I have broke out a little more from using this product but not too much, and the inflammation has gone done but il give it some more time and see what better results il have

Reviewed on May 24, 2013

i just started using azelax yesterday and maybe im just seeing things but my skin looks different. looks a little less inflamed and a little softer. im concerned about one thing i see everyone feels burning i didnt feel anything what so ever when i applied this cream. could that be bad? hoping this stuff really works. ill write another review soon w my results.

by lindamontgomery1967 on 05/01/2014 21:04
Its been a year would you still recommend?
Reviewed on May 20, 2013

I have used Azclear lotion for 3 weeks with great results.. In Australia it only costs $10 over the chemist counter with no prescription or insurance required...I use it once a day coz I found using it twice a day was too drying. Every third night I skip it and only use Akin 100% pure rose hip oil. Also I no longer use harsh washes with salystic acid or benozyl peroxide...they simply strip my skin too much. So now I use Akin Pure Cleansing Gel. Once a week I use a generic Calamine lotion for a 30 minute mask to calm skin and draw out impurities. Anyone who is serious about clearing acne should also minimise sugar, wheat, red meats, coffee, and hot spices...these are flamatory so cause the skin to excrete more sebum.

by Aussiestudentmum79 on 05/20/2013 01:20
I will also add that using natural mineral powder makeup has made a big difference from using liquid foundation. I use Nude brand.
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Jon, Oregon
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Reviewed on January 3, 2013

Very impressed! I was kinda of concerned with the other reviews, thinking my breakouts would get much worse, they did not. Not kidding,By the first use I saw an improvement,not something I can say about any other product. Try it, you will be impressed, do not over use.