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Ethnic Skin Acne

Acne affects every ethnicity, aside from a few remote hunter/gatherer tribes.

Hyperpigmenation: People with non-Caucasian skin tend to suffer much more with red or dark marks that linger on the skin after acne lesions heal. These marks are called hyperpigmentation.

Treatment: Acne develops and is treated in the same way regardless of skin color.

Latest in Ethnic Skin Acne

Ethnic Skin Acne Asian Skin and Acne Asian people, like all ethnicities, commonly suffer from acne, but Asian people may have slightly less acne than other ethnicities. Asian skin tends to be... November 02, 2021
Ethnic Skin Acne What Ethnicity Has the Most Adult Acne? Do black women have the most cases of moderate-to-severe acne? Do Hispanic women have the most cases of mild acne? And do men of all ethnicities struggle about equally as much? The research we have so far points in that direction, but must be replicated. October 13, 2020
Ethnic Skin Acne Latino Skin and Acne Latino people experience high levels of acne, just like all other ethnicities. However, Latino people may experience more severe lesions and scarring when compared to other non-Caucasian groups. Latino people tend to experience hyperpigmentation, which are the red/dark marks left after acne heal. July 07, 2020
Ethnic Skin Acne Indian Skin and Acne Indian people, like all ethnicities, suffer from acne at a high rate. Like any other non-Caucasian skin type, Indian people also struggle with hyperpigmenation, which are the dark/red marks that stick around after acne heals. Treatment for acne is the same regardless of ethnicity. June 23, 2020
Ethnic Skin Acne Black Skin and Acne Black people, like all ethnicities, suffer from acne at a high rate. Black people, like other non-Caucasian people, see hyperpigmentation more often, and black people... April 25, 2020