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Acne negatively affects self-esteem. The best course of action is to clear acne using proven acne treatments. However, while you are going through that process, feel free to get or give support in our supportive forum related to the emotional impact of acne

Latest in Emotional/Psychological

Emotional/Psychological Acne Dysmorphia Acne dysmorphia is a mental illness, linked to body dysmorphic disorder, and similar in psychiatric terms to Anorexia Nervosa. People with acne dysmorphia feel obsessed... March 27, 2020
Emotional/Psychological How Acne Affects Self-Esteem As one might expect, acne negatively affects self-esteem in both males and females and in both teens and adults. However, as a whole, it appears that females may experience these feelings more acutely. Effectively treating acne can improve self-esteem in everyone. June 08, 2020
Emotional/Psychological How Are Acne and Depression Related? Acne and depression are correlated, which means that acne can make depression worse and depression may also worsen acne. But there is not yet a definitive cause-and-effect relationship from the studies we have. Still, common sesne tells us that clearing up the skin obviously leads to lighter moods. June 08, 2020
Emotional/Psychological Skin Picking Picking at the skin delays healing and causes a dramatically increased chance of scarring from acne. Whatever you do, DO NOT PICK at your skin. If you find that you cannot stop yourself, seek professional help. July 29, 2020