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Cortisone Shots

Cortisone shots are like secret magic when it comes to very large, painful cystic acne lesions. Secret because not many people know they are an option. And magic because of how fast and well they work. If you have a huge acne lesions that does not come to a head, don't hesitate to make appointment with a dermatologist to get a quick cortisone shot directly into the lesion. Dermatologists are extremely familiar with administering them, and they provide almost immediate relief and reduction in lesion size, and most importantly, can dramatically reduce the chance of scarring. They are a good option for one or two lesions but not for widespread cystic acne

Important rule: Never try to pop a cystic acne lesion! It will not work, and can make the lesion worse and cause more severe scarring. Opt for a cortisone shot instead.

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