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Acne Treatments

Latest in Acne Treatments

Oils Jojoba Oil Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores. It is actually not actually an oil, but rather a wax ester that is... September 15,2018
Cortisone Shots Cortisone Shots for Acne Cortisone shots can drastically and immediately reduce inflammation in severe acne lesions. Info on what they are, side effects, and where to get one are explored. September 18,2018
Devices Heat Therapy for Acne Heat therapy does little to clear pimples and has scant research to back it up. It can also be expensive. Get the real story here. September 08,2018
Light Therapy Light Therapy - Blue and/or Red Light Blue and/or red light devices may help to reduce acne, especially the stronger devices in doctors' offices, but usually not to a dramatic degree and only in the short term. They are best used alongside other acne treatments. August 23,2018
Hyperpigmentation Treatments Handling Hyperpigmentation The dark/red spots left behind after acne can be as irritating as the acne itself, particularly for people with darker skin, but they do fade with time. This page discusses how to prevent these marks and treatments for existing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. September 08,2018
Light Therapy Photodynamic Therapy - PDT Information on how photodynamic therapy (PDT) is performed for acne, which type of light is best, and which photosensitizer is best. Side effects and what kind of results you can expect are considered. September 29,2018