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Historically, makeup was so well-known for causing acne that scientists coined a term for it: acne cosmetica.

Thankfully, makeup formulations have improved over the years, and these days, most makeup is safe for acne-prone skin. However, to be safe, always check the ingredient list for pore-clogging ingredients, and choose makeup aimed at a younger demographic since the manufacturers are more likely to have acne in mind when formulating the products. 

Latest in Makeup

Makeup Can Makeup Brushes, Sponges, or Pads/Puffs Cause Acne? The name of the game when it comes to using makeup tools on acne-prone skin is to stay gentle. Use a featherlight touch when applying makeup, and use your fingers instead of tools when you can. Wash tools regularly and replace them when they get old. May 14, 2020
Makeup Can Makeup Cause Acne? The wrong makeup can cause or worsen acne. This page explains how pore-clogging ingredients can affect the skin and what are the best makeup choices for acne-prone skin. Tips on how to apply makeup are included. April 25, 2020
Makeup Are Makeup Ingredients Safe? Most modern makeup products are made from safe ingredients. However, if you are acne-prone, it is best to use trial and error to make sure... April 25, 2020
Makeup Is Mineral Makeup Good for Acne? Pure mineral makeup should be safe for acne-prone skin. However, check ingredients because not all mineral makeups are pure, and some makeups labeled "mineral makeup" may contain pore-clogging ingredients. January 29, 2020
Makeup Does Makeup Help with Self-esteem When You Have Acne? Acne wreaks havoc on self-esteem. Makeup can cover acne and help increase self-esteem while you treat your acne and get it under control. But be sure to use only non-comedogenic makeup and apply it with a featherlight touch to avoid irritation. January 07, 2020