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Sun Exposure

The sun is not the enemy. In fact, our bodies make vitamin D, a vital nutrient, primarily through sun exposure. However, getting too much sun damages and irritates the skin, and can bite back with acne in the weeks following sunburn. This is why it is important to properly protect your skin from the sun

The darker your skin, the more sun exposure you need to maintain adequate vitamin D levels, and the less likely you are to get sunburnt and suffer acne as a consequence of the damage a sunburn afflicts. People with the darkest skin tones can need two hours or more of unprotected sun exposure per day to get the vitamin D they need. However, for people with light skin, try to keep unprotected exposure exposure to about 20 minutes per day.

Latest in Sun Exposure

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Sun Exposure Which Season Is Worst for Acne? There is slightly more evidence showing acne worsens in the winter and clears in the summer. This may be because the skin dries out in the winter, and this imbalance leads to more acne, and/or it may be because sun exposure during summer reduces inflammation and kills acne bacteria. May 31, 2021
Sun Exposure How Can You Get the Right Amount of Vitamin D? The best way to achieve an ideal vitamin D level in the body is through regular, short periods of sun exposure. Some foods may also help, but are unlikely to make up for deficiency. Supplementation is often required, with 1000 IU per day as a general recommendation. June 08, 2020
Sun Exposure Does Vitamin D Help Treat Acne? While we do not yet know exactly how or to what degree vitamin D levels in the body affect acne, we do know that vitamin D plays a role in killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, helping to heal wounds, and regulating cell development, all of which could help reduce acne. May 25, 2020
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Sun Exposure Active Ingredients in Sunscreen in the United States There are 17 active sunscreen ingredients approved for use in the United States, but only 8 of them are commonly found in sun-protection products. These 8 include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, oxybenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, and octinoxate. January 30, 2020