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Stress can trigger increased hormone levels and inflammation in the body, thereby worsening acne. This is particularly true in females. However, worrying about stress will only make it worse. Instead of beating yourself up about being stressed, take proactive measures:

  • Exercise is by far the best method of reducing stress
  • Practice deep breathing and/or meditation
  • Make sure you get enough sleep when you can

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Stress Stress and Acne Feeling stressed may lead to increased hormone production and inflammation, both of which may make acne worse. This is particularly true in females. Exercise is the best way to combat stress, and deep breathing, meditation, and adequate rest can also help. August 13, 2020
Stress Does Stress Affect Acne? Despite a lack of rigorous studies for us to draw from, since stress - particularly chronic stress - may lead to increased skin oil production and inflammation in the skin, it makes scientific sense that it will lead to more acne symptoms. April 17, 2020