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Lifestyle Habits

Stressing out too much about your lifestyle habits and the affect they may have on your acne can be counterproductive, since stress itself may make acne worse. However, for good measure, consider the following lifestyle modifications when you can.

Latest in Lifestyle Habits

Exercise/Sports How Will Swimming in Seawater Affect My Acne? Swimming in the ocean or sea should not negatively affect acne. However, be gentle with your skin when you are drying off, time your swimming activities so you are not over-washing your skin, and protect your skin from overexposure to the sun. June 30, 2021
Sun Exposure Does the Sun Help or Hurt Acne? Getting some sun helps the body produce vitamin D, which might help reduce acne. Also, light therapy treatments work to some degree for acne, which leads us to believe that the sun might also offer some benefits. However, direct research is limited and conflicting, and we simply do not yet know. June 08, 2021
Sun Exposure Which Season Is Worst for Acne? There is slightly more evidence showing acne worsens in the winter and clears in the summer. This may be because the skin dries out in the winter, and this imbalance leads to more acne, and/or it may be because sun exposure during summer reduces inflammation and kills acne bacteria. May 31, 2021
Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs Does Smoking Cigarettes Cause Acne? Four studies show that smoking increases acne, five studies show it decreases acne, and two studies show no link. However, we know that smoking increases inflammation in the body, and acne is an inflammatory disease. It is safer not to smoke if you are acne-prone. January 07, 2021