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Body Acne Back and Body Acne About half of people with facial acne have body acne. It occurs most often on the back, chest, and the back of the neck. Treatment is similar to treatment for facial acne, but since the skin of the body is tougher, it can usually handle a more aggressive treatment regimen. September 15,2018
Body Acne Neck Acne The skin on the back of the neck is thicker than facial skin. Acne in this area is treated similarly to acne on the face, but the tougher skin on the back of the neck can normally handle more aggressive treatment. September 15,2018
Body Acne Scalp Acne Greasy hair products can contribute to acne on the scalp. Avoid these products if you experience scalp acne. Treatment can include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and some people claim good results with dandruff shampoo. August 31,2018
Body Acne Does Physically Irritating the Skin Cause Body Acne? Physically irritating the body is well known to cause more acne, or even start a bout of acne on normally healthy skin. Sweating can make the problem worse. Try to avoid obvious sources of irritation when you can, but don't stress about it too much. November 03,2018