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Emotional/Psychological Skin Picking Picking at the skin delays healing and causes a dramatically increased chance of scarring from acne. Whatever you do, DO NOT PICK at your skin.... August 31,2018
What Is Acne The Role of Bacteria in Acne While acne is primarily an inflammatory disease, it also involves bacteria. Specifically, bacteria overgrow inside already-clogged pores and can then lead to increased redness and soreness in and around acne lesions. August 30,2018
Diet How to Get Enough Omega-3 In Your Diet Eating enough wild, fatty, cold-water fish to get the omega-3 fatty acids that the body needs is a tall order. Supplementing with fish oil pills (or micro-algae pills) is an easy way to get your omega-3 levels up. Choose a reputable brand and you should be good to go. September 08,2018
Adult Acne Adult Acne - Everything You Need to Know This article contains everything you need to know about adult acne. In short, adult acne is similar to adolescent acne and can affect both women and men, but tends to affect women more often, and is normally found around the mouth, cheeks, chin, and jaw. September 12,2018
Shaving Is Shaving Good or Bad for Acne? Shaving can exfoliate the surface of the skin, which can theoretically help prevent clogged pores. However, shaving can also cause physical irritation, which has been shown to make acne worse. So, shave gently with a sharp, non-irritating razor, and be sure to use the right shaving cream or gel. October 09,2018
What Is Acne What Is an Acne Nodule? Nodules are large, red, painful acne lesions that form after a pore bursts and expels its contents deep into the skin, resulting in a severe inflammatory reaction. They are firm, fibrous lesions that do not contain pus and should never be squeezed or try to be popped. September 15,2018
What Is Acne What Is an Acne Pustule? Pustules are what people normally refer to as "zits." They are slightly raised, red, sore lesions that are filled with white/yellow pus. They develop from... August 23,2018
About Acne How Do Acne Lesions Heal? Acne lesions heal in 3 phases: (1) the inflammatory phase, (2) the healing phase, and (3) the remodeling phase. More severe lesions heal more slowly, and lesions with more inflammation tend to scar more easily than those with less inflammation present. August 23,2018