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About Acne

If you have ever had a pimple, you’ve had acne. It is a hormonal and inflammatory disease that affects all ethnicities, particularly during adolescence and early adulthood, and is found primarily on the face and upper body

Acne lesions occur when the pores of the skin become clogged, trapping skin oil and bacteria inside, leading to a variety of acne lesions, from mild acne to severe acne that can scar

Factors that may make acne worse: genetics, hormones, physical irritation of the skin, stress, sunburns, cosmetics, and diet.

Avoid pore-clogging ingredients, and always pop correctly. 

Latest in About Acne

About Acne The Genetics of Acne Acne is at least in part genetic. That means if your parents had acne, you are more likely to get it as well. We don't know exactly what gene(s) lead to acne, but scientists have nailed down a few suspects. June 28, 2021
Lifestyle Habits Does Humid Weather Worsen Acne? Researchers are still not sure whether humidity worsens acne. However, some scientists suggest that it might disrupt the balance of bacteria in the skin, impair the function of the skin's barrier, or clog sweat glands, all of which could cause skin problems. Bottom line: We just don't know yet. June 24, 2021
Acne Scars Does Sun Exposure Make Acne Scars Worse? Only two studies have looked at UV light and how it affects scarring, and neither study looked at acne scars. The one study that was performed on humans showed UV radiation increased the size of scars, so to be safe, keep acne-prone skin out of the sun. June 09, 2021
Sun Exposure Does the Sun Help or Hurt Acne? Getting some sun helps the body produce vitamin D, which might help reduce acne. Also, light therapy treatments work to some degree for acne, which leads us to believe that the sun might also offer some benefits. However, direct research is limited and conflicting, and we simply do not yet know. June 08, 2021
Diet The Tenuous Relationship Between Dairy and Acne Most questionnaire-based studies show an association between milk and acne, and hypotheses of how dairy could affect acne abound, but until we have a good quality study, we won't know for sure. Cheese shows now association, and evidence on yogurt is incomplete. June 01, 2021
About Acne Can Wearing a Face Mask Trigger or Worsen Acne? Face masks may worsen existing acne and could lead to new breakouts. This is because they can irritate skin, and physical irritation can lead to more acne. Choose a soft, lightweight, and light-colored mask with soft edges and straps that won't dig into your skin. April 22, 2021