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Diet Caloric Intake and Acne Increased calories might increase skin oil production, and thus make acne worse, whereas decreased calories might have the opposite effect. Is this why most "acne... May 02, 2022
At Home Treatments Acne Home Remedies Most home remedies for acne do not offer the benefit of proven over-the-counter or prescription acne medications, and can potentially be dangerous if used incorrectly. Proceed with caution when using "kitchen" remedies for acne, and keep your expectations realistic. April 07, 2022
About Acne Acne Myths Myths abound when it comes to acne. This page dispels all of the major myths and presents the facts. January 05, 2022
Diet Tips on How to Eat Low Glycemic Eat more whole foods like meat/poultry/fish, veggies, eggs, nuts, beans, and oils, and less processed and high-sugar foods like white bread, white rice, candy, and... November 15, 2021
Diet Glycemic Load Diet and Acne The area of research on diet and acne that has the most compelling evidence is the possible connection between high-glycemic (high-sugar) diets and increased acne symptoms. Eating a diet low in sugar and rich in whole grains, fish, meat, oils, fruits, and vegetables could prove beneficial. November 09, 2021
Acne Treatments How Acne Treatments Absorb Into the Skin To be effective, topical drugs need to get into the skin. To do this, they must pass through the tough outer layer of the skin called the stratum corneum. The most common way this happens is for a drug to pass in between the cells of the stratum corneum. November 08, 2021
Diet Why Is Researching "Diet and Acne" Difficult? Studying the effect of diet on any disease is notoriously difficult because there are so many variables involved. This is why we do not yet have definitive proof of whether diet affects acne. November 02, 2021
What Is Acne Is Acne a Disease? Yes, acne is a disease. It meets the criteria because it comes with both functional and structural changes. In other words, it involves changes to... November 02, 2021
Ethnic Skin Acne Asian Skin and Acne Asian people, like all ethnicities, commonly suffer from acne, but Asian people may have slightly less acne than other ethnicities. Asian skin tends to be prone to hyperpigmentation, which are the red/dark marks that are left after acne lesions heal. November 02, 2021