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Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)
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Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)


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Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)

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Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)

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Just starting ACV as a drink: two weeks in.
Reviewed on December 31, 2017

I'm 34yo male, suffered since 14, used everything from long and various dosage courses of isotretinoin, antibiotics etc etc etc. You get the picture. Had not tried this as of yet but have had suspicions for a while my issue is an internal digestion one. I get now more inflammed 'red dot' and 'under the skin' type acne than when I was a teenager, which was more pustule. My diet has been ultra clean for years. I gave up dairy some time ago, and never eat artificial sugar. I try to keep all food I eat on the low GI side of the scale. I trialled not eating gluten but this didn't really have an effect on me. I also take zinc piccolate twice a day. And so, here I am, two weeks in to trying out ACV as a drink. I have a bad breakout, worse than normal. I'm hoping this is the so called 'purge' stage. I'll write back here in a couple more weeks to provide any progress in the hope it can help anyone.

Works for some,acv works especially well for those suffering from acne because of a leaky gut
Reviewed on August 16, 2017

I notived instant results from drinking acv shots on a empty stomach once a day, simply because I suffer from leaky gut syndrome which is a over looked cause of acne in my opinion.

Finding the root cause of your acne can be exhausting,and can take years, it took forever for me..

It literally took years for me to pay closer attention to what I foolishly overlooked for years due to pure laziness, and intimidation.. maybe skincare was truly from the inside out, because externally I was following all the rules, so I did the work, and did my research to learn more about what could be the root of my ance evils.

After coming to the conclusion that I suffered from a leaky gut it all came in prospective for me, if your leaky gut is in bad shape, as mines were from never drinking enough water, and eating terribly over the years then you will def see results, if not then your body may not need the acidics that acv shots can benefit when consumed.

Butt, if you are suffering from a leaky gut, then this will heal your gut and you're shin will greatly benefit from it!!

Understanding the root of your acne will save you greats of endless nights scouring the forums for some type of relief or answer to your skin concerns..

Bragg's ACV with the "mother"
Reviewed on August 5, 2017

I drink 2tbsp a day diluted in water. Good for overall health. Helps with yeast overgrowth. Use it for your salad. It lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Haven't drank it long enough to see if it helps with my skin or not. Been drinking it for 5days.

Fingers crossed for this ACV
Reviewed on June 7, 2017

Hello! I just moved here in Australia, about 3 months ago, but originally I'm from Philippines. So, I think that the main reason why I have a pimples breakout today is because of the change in humidity. I thought ACV is just for losing weight, but I saw one video discussing the effectiveness of this. I'm giving this a shot! Hopefully, this will be the answer to my problem. There's a lot of great reviews about this that push me to try! Will come back and post after 3weeks!

Not Convincing
Reviewed on December 19, 2016

ACV has been a great topical for me, but I'm not convinced it does much as a drink. Even when diluted, ACV can be quite harsh on your throat, and it's not very pleasant to consume.

Reviewed on November 7, 2016

I'm wondering do you loose weight by drinking this because I don't wana loose weight

by kristeljade on 06/07/2017 13:40
I've used AVC before to lose weight and yep it is effective. But, I think maybe you sould try first. Maybe our have a different reaction to this.
Did nothing
Reviewed on August 11, 2016

Being overly stressed out and living where it's hot and humid most of summer, my skin broke out. Seemed like from one day to another my forehead had completely erupted and was entirely congested and mostly around my jawline and somewhat on my chin and cheeks as well. Desperate and wanting to go for the natural route, I googled drinking apple cider vinegar for acne as I had heard great things about it before. I stumbled upon the article on xovain (pretty sure was the first result) about drinking it for a week in large amounts, seemed convincing so I went for it. Drank four tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar in water (and decaffeinated green tea), three times a day, for seven days. I was so hopeful this would rid me of the congested all over my face but my experience was not a great one. Drinking this did absolutely nothing, didn't make it worse or better, just nothing except give me two sores in my mouth the fifth day of drinking it. Was disappointed of course but glad I tried it and stuck it out for those seven days. Definitely don't recommend this approach or really feel that this will have any or much of an effect on acne which you can probably read about on the acne einstein site "myth busting – apple cider vinegar for acne." Still worth a try as some people have been successful.

by Brittlreid on 09/30/2016 02:41
I don't think 1 week is long enough
by kristeljade on 06/07/2017 13:41
You should try that for a month
Reviewed on July 4, 2016

Hi I'm a 17 year old male and have had acne since 13/14. I never get cystic acne but I have a face full of medium sized red dots. I used benzoyl peroxide with clindamycin as phosphate 1% and benzoyl peroxide 5% last summer and my face was almost completely cleared but I still had about 15 red spots on either side of face so I went to my doctor again because my prescription was used up and she prescribed Epideo to finish clearing up my face. Ok, that is when ALL HELL broke LOOSE! I started breaking out NONSTOP. My face got totally red and pealed like crazy in the beginning but now I'm more used to it. I'm still using it a couple times a week. When I was so dry I started using coconut oil which helped so much with dryness but I firmly believe that it breaks me out, I have tried it twice and each time it feels GREAT but after about a week after using it once or twice I break out in very small dots everywhere. I firmly believe in curing acne naturally and have for the past couple months eliminated all dairy, most sugar and most meat from my diet and I always eat a homemade vegetable soup consisting of green peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and celery. I eat this for most of my meals daily. And have been using a multivitamin plus zinc and vit d3 4-5,000 IU per day. Plus I drink lots of alkaline water every day and wash my face with acidic 4.0 water. My face has not cleared up in the least. Do you think it's because I have only been doing it for 2-3 months or am I doing something wrong. I also run/work in a woodworking business with LOTS of dust, is this a negative for my skin? If so what can I do to help? I've read MANY reviews on and YouTube of how people healed there acne by drinking and/or using Apple Cider vinegar as a topical. And what I have noticed is most people that this has helped are people that are close to there 20s or older I'm 17, so if someone could give me some advice if I should run to the store and pig out on ACV or not, and my whole acne disaster I would be soooo grateful. My email is daviddyck17@[link removed]


P.S. I hang out only one day a week and try to hide my face as much as possible. I HATE my face and have for so long, if this would help me get cleared I would have my life back!! #fingerscrossed

by spingirl214 on 08/06/2016 03:30
Definently steer clear of any products containing coconut oil because coconut oil is rated highly comedogenic and is not good at all for acne prone skin (clogs pores)...the best oils that are excellent for acne prone skin are hemp oil, argan oil, and Rosehip oil (in that order, and should be organic cold pressed). As for Apple Cider Vinegar, I am not sure if that will help clear acne up- definently make sure to dilute it if you try (maybe mix with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay or another type of Betonite Clay and make a face mask?). I have heard mixed reviews on ACV for hormonal acne and some say it's no good for that, but you said yours isn't hormonal, so it may help some. Another important tip-- D3 is AMAZING, but it needs Calcium & Magnesium to work the way it's supposed to work. I would recommend asking your doctor if you should add in a CalMagD supplement with your D3 regimen. ALSO, take a look at your D3 vitamin and see what it's made with. Many D3 supplements contain stuff that can exasperate acne more than help it. I am using Islands Miracle 5,000IU D3 supplement now and it is has olive oil in it (which is great for immflamation when taken internally). I like that one and I purchased it off of amazon. As for my CalMagD supplement, I really like Nutrilite Brand that I purchased online at [link removed]. The combination of both of those for me has worked wonders. You are still very young so I have faith you will grow out of the acne stage (girls tend to suffer from it all through their 30's too, so we're not so lucky lol). My last piece of advice would be to just be very conscious of the ingredients in your products. A lot of products that are supposed to HELP acne have ingredients that are known acne triggers. Also, don't over wash your face. Try moisturizing with the hemp, argan or Rosehip oil too--all 3 of those are excellent options!! Good Luck!
by pandaro68 on 08/26/2016 03:56
Look into The Regimen, please. It will get better. Don't convince yourself that you hate your face. It will go away eventually. Use the regimen day & night and be CONSISTENT. Even after it seems clear. Best of luck to you, I hope you get clearer and start feeling better!
by kgirl26 on 12/07/2016 01:32
Hi, I've been reading a book called The Clear Skin Diet for my own acne. It seems like some of the veggies in your soup are not overly beneficial for your skin? Try deep green or deep red veggies, or things like avocado or fish which have good oils. I'm enjoying the book as it's quite detailed and has given me a good starting point to try to improve my acne through diet.
by HTL89 on 01/15/2017 17:16
The last time I broke out so much it was due to an acne skin infection. Taking antibiotic and a topical antibiotic helped clear me acne. You should talk to your pcp.
by Starkiss123 on 05/19/2017 12:39
I tried all natural but only removing gluten from my diet and using other grains such as rice, corn, millet, and flours such as chick pea, almond, rice. That along with changing my pillow every 4 days and using Aloe gel on my face did wonders. After gluten free the biggest help was doing oil cleansing to wash my face. WOAH. Still can't believe. Have half a dozen friends and family doing it now as a result. Research it- it might work for you. Ps the only thing that works for me is. Mixture of oils such as coconut, almond and sunflower with some glycerine.
by Myrnanatalia on 07/22/2017 20:37
I've been drinking ACV the raw organic one that says "mother" fir one month already. I lost 6 pounds . I had backne n acne in my face . I felt my blackheads were even coming out fast with me even squeezing them. This was so weird for me and amazing at the same time. I'm also seeing that my cellulite in my upper leg area are improving. Drinking ACV alkalinizes your body. Maybe my body needed this badly?? But I'm sure happy with the results. One thing to note: I only drink one 8 glass water with two spoons of raw cvinegar and one full squeezed lemon every morning before meals.
I immediately Broke out from drinking apple cidar vinegar
Reviewed on June 17, 2016

Forgive me for any grammatical errors please, Alright sooooo, let me dive right into it. I have been taking either one or two (depends on how I feel that morning or night) tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar NOT dilluted for about a month an a half. I began to break out immediately but I thought it was because I was using the wrong washing powder, any ways, sorry , but I was taking ACV for a faster metabolism not for my face I didn't even know that it could so called HELP with acne, sorry anyways, basically my face looks horrible , I would take a picture but I rather you guys get your laugh from cartoon network and not my face, but ok so I would really like to know what can help clear it up. I am a workout addict and sweating isnt doing it, I don't eat beef, pork or drink sodas all I drink is water and green tea. I choose to eat like this this isn't a punishment. but yeah anyways, so I've tried turmeric , mixed with other natural herbs but nothing is working, can someone please help me clear my skin, my face is so ugly I try to avoid mirrors. I know a lot of blogs say that ACV will make you break out FIRST then it will clear it up because it is detoxifying your body but there are toxins in everything I eat so What the heck is the ACV going to do keep messing up my face until I become a vegan but Seriously sorry ,if possible can it be affordable I mean like im a college student, I am NOT about to pay 40 dollars for a little tube of something that i dont even know if it will work or not. I honestly need jesus to lay his hands on my face, i'd love that, that would just make me a happy camper, alright sorry i'm done. Help me please . Oh yeah and I stopped taking the ACV about a week ago , hopefully you know that but alright . toodles

Reviewed on March 18, 2016

Okay so a lot of reviews here are only after a few days so I decided to do one after drinking it for almost 4 weeks. I am a 22 year old female and have struggled with acne since I was 12. Nothing worked for me so unfortunately I took accutane twice. After those doses my skin stayed pretty clear until about 4 months ago. Which was five years after accutane. I started getting cysts again so I went back to the dermatologist hoping to hear something other than accutane. Well , thats what they wanted to do so I refused since it is such a harsh medicine. I decided to try something else. So after reading and watching videos on this stuff I decided to try it. The day after I started drinking this my face was really clear and someone at work even mentioned it. But the week after that my skin broke out so bad. I decided to keep drinking it. I am almost at 4 weeks drinking it twice a day in water. about 2 table spoons each. My skin is pretty bad now. I have a large cyst on my chin but it flattend pretty quickly. and medium pimples on my cheeks and jaw line. I'm hoping that this is just "purging" since that is what happens with a lot of acne treatments. I'm going to continue to drink it for a couple weeks to see how it turns out, and then I will post another review. So as of now I give it two stars because I'm really unsure if it is working at all.

by waitingformercy on 03/19/2016 03:45
exact sme thing happening to me...:( worked amazingly in d frst week bt strted going downhill frm dere...i m in my 3rd week...plz let me knw hw it goes fr you..good luck
by mellbell97 on 04/26/2016 03:15
This is what happened to me when I drank the acv. I started off by drinking two tablespoons everyday for a few months and was very clear. But after a while, my skin started acting bad again so i took less of the acv and drank just one tablespoon per day and my skin got better and stayed better after that. I believe taking the 2 tablespoons became too much for my skin to handle so the reduced amount was the perfect amount for it to keep doing its job well. Hope this helps !
by ChaunteCox13 on 06/17/2016 20:43
hello what is the progress
by cupcakexo on 09/08/2017 09:13
Have you had your testosterone levels checked? You may have PCOS
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