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Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser
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Brand: Albolene

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Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser


Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Petrolatum, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Ceresin, Beta Carotene (Vitamin A).

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Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser

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Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser

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My saving grace!
Reviewed on October 30, 2017

After years of struggling with terrible acne issues I decided to go on the search for the perfect moisturizing cleanser. Most face washes were drying out my face, which was a combination of the water and the soap itself. If I used something too harsh, my skin would become irritated and the problem would worsen. I finally gave Albolene a try and honestly I'll use it for the rest of my life. The fact that its paraben, fragrance, and preservative free ensures that it won't cause irritation. It really just deeply cleans my face (without classic soap or water!) and leaves it feeling really moisturized. At first I thought it felt like a residue on my face after using it, but that's just the moisturizing effect. Now my acne has really cleared up and I still have mild scarring but that is also definitely getting better.

Gentle and effective!
Reviewed on December 1, 2016

I had suffered with every kind of acne from my late teens to early twenties. Trying everything from over the counter products to dermatologist Rx, acne facials and strict sensitivy diet modifications - nothing stuck. My skin might improve for a moment only to spring right back, seemingly getting used to whatever regimen I thought was the fix. Never shying away from a new skincare product, I picked up albolene from the drugstore on a whim, thinking maybe my makeup removal techniques were lacking and a source of some irritation. This was the single best product I have ever used! My skin is oily, but sensitive, so anything drying (i.e: acne products) just irritated it more. Albolene was my saving grace. It liquified on contact and completely removes all makeup, dirt, and oil from the skins surface while leaving a moisturizing residue behind that has made my skin SOFT, CLEAN, and honestly, RADIANT. My skin has not been this clear since my early teens. I am 27 now and this has been my saving grace. I still get the occasional breakout, mostly on my neck and mostly due to not thoroughly cleaning the night before or hormone related. But if you try this product you will not be disappointed, it's not harsh and is kind to your skin. I realize that not everything that works for one person will work for the next, but it's worth the try and inexpensive. No more cleanser/moisturizer products for me, this is the one stop product of my life.

Make up remover cream gets rid of acne!
Reviewed on September 29, 2016

I swear it feels like I been looking for a product that can fix all the issues that my skin has and Albolene has done just that. I have suffered with dry skin, light acme problems, and I'm a girl that love to wear her makeup. I had tons of things that I would use for my face before bed and it was just exhausting. This moisturizing cleanser not only removed the makeup and helped with my dry skin, but has an added benefit of getting me clearer skin! This is because Albolene goes deep within your pores and pulls up any dirt or makeup that is trapped deep with your pores. Albolene melts off the dirt and makeup quick (within two minutes) and also fragrance free. I only use this before bed and I am now a firm believer in the product. If you love makeup and have light acne, this is for you!

Reviewed on April 8, 2015

I read about this on various different sites and pretty much everyone had good things to say so I decided to give it a try. I'm so happy I did! I have mild acne and nothing really seemed to work. I decided to try this. I use it every night before bed and just use water or honey to clean my face in the morning. This stuff is great and I have only been using it for about three weeks and it has helped clear my skin so much! I tell all my family and friends.

A miracle.
Reviewed on June 8, 2014

This is the only thing that has ever gotten rid of my cystic, and hormonal chin acne. The only thing is im so impatient about the scars. People have come up to me asking me what do I use on my face. Its sooo smooth and i have to literally write it down. At the mall, at college, in restaurants..I am so used to people staring at my face now because I am beautiful, seeing me for me not my disease. THIS stuff is a miracle. I use it to remove my makeup, and in the morning as a base for my makeup that way my make up mineral make up doesnt clog my pores. this and squalane oil as a moisturizer has saved my skin. Be patient because the scars will take TIME to fade.

Reviewed on March 8, 2013

I've been using this for 3 days and I have already seen a difference in my skin. I have tried EVERYTHING known to man to heal my cystic acne. I am on Retinol for prevention and reduction of cysts and take a series of supplements (Fish oil, Folic acid, vit a, vit e, acidophilus, & zinc) along with this product as my face wash. I've noticed in the past with other washes, I was stripping my skin of all its natural oils which caused cystic acne. After using this for just three days I have no new break outs and healing of past breakouts. With other products I would have a purging period and my skin hated me! This has no purging period. It is so gentle and feels incredible. My face doesn't feel tight and like rubber anymore. I actually can feel my blood circulating again! I was scared to use something that didn't use suds like regular soap and water, but since I have tried everything else known to man, i figured why not just try this too. This is probably not going to work for people who have really oily skin. In my case, since I washed my face so vigorously in the past with so many different products, I dried my skin out. People kept telling me acne is caused by oil. And yes, for most people it is caused by oil. But there is a difference between oil that comes in contact with bacteria and oil that your skin naturally produces. BACTERIA causes breakouts, NOT OIL! I think the combination of Retinol at night and a good sunscreen during the day after washing my face with Albolene, is the way for me. I got the smaller tube from Walgreen's and i think it was about $6. THANK GOD!

Reviewed on April 18, 2012

In the past, I've really dried out my skin with harsh cleansers containing SLS and then slathering on moisturizer to make up for the loss of water and oil in and on my skin. I think a lot of my pimples were caused by the harsh treatment of my skin. I had been researching moisturizing cleansers (once I found out that my cleanser was the culprit for my skin being dry underneath but oily on the surface) and I tried CeraVe hydrating cleanser for a while. It worked okay, but I just felt like it wasn't cleaning my skin as well as I wanted it to. I had always been afraid to try oil based cleansers, since I thought for sure it would cause me more acne. But I finally made the plunge and bought Albolene, a mineral oil-based, tissue-off cleanser.

Albolene only contains 5 ingredients, the top two being mineral oil and petroleum. That sounds like a no-no for those with pimples like me, but I discovered that neither of these two things are comedogenic, nor are the other 3 ingredients. What I did find was that these two ingredients are fabulous for cleansing the skin of bad oils, dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, etc., while also keeping the skin's natural barrier intact.

The directions tell you to apply a layer of product, massage onto the skin, then wipe off with a tissue. No water necessary. I liked this idea, since even using just water seemed to dry out my skin. I found that other people who use this product wipe off with a warm wet washcloth instead of a dry tissue. Washcloths are a bit too harsh for my skin, so instead, I wet a baby wipe, wring it out, then wipe off the product gently. I can tell its working because I can see dirt and yellowish oil (sebum) come off on the wipe! Since oil dissolves oil, I think it's cleaning deep in my pores and perhaps dissolving hardened sebum from my clogged pores!

To clean up a little excess shine from the product, I've been following up with my CeraVe cleanser, then patting dry with a towel. So far so good!

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