Aknemycin Plus Erythromycin (4%) and Tretinoin (.025%) Solution reviews

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Aknemycin Plus Erythromycin (4%) and Tretinoin (.025%) Solution
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Brand: Aknemycin Plus

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Aknemycin Plus Erythromycin (4%) and Tretinoin (.025%) Solution


Active Ingredients:
Erythromycin (4%) and Tretinoin (.025%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, talc, titanium dioxide, trilaureth 4 phosphate, oleyl oleate, tricetareth 4 phosphate, cetostearyl alcohol and sorbitol.

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Aknemycin Plus Erythromycin (4%) and Tretinoin (.025%) Solution

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Aknemycin Plus Erythromycin (4%) and Tretinoin (.025%) Solution

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Worst acne medicine I've ever been on
Reviewed on June 17, 2016

Two stars only because I like the way the bottle works for application. I used this for almost a year and I had absolutely no improvement. If anything, my acne became even worse. Aknemycin made my skin oily at itchy, not to mention it also smelled awful and if you accidentally get some on your lips, you'll be tasting it for the next couple of hours. Also if you have any open wounds (from a recently popped pimple or even from shaving) this medicine STINGS like no other. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Reviewed on August 10, 2014

I've tried just about everything over the years. Roaccutane helped a lot and lasts unlike anti-biotics. When I do get the odd breakout i used to use Isotrexin Gel as instructed by my derm. (not had to use it for years) Right now that is not available in the UK so my doc prescribed me this.

I noticed an improvement within 48 hours. I guess retinoids just suit my skin type. What i must stress is that LESS IS MORE with retinoids. They do dry out the skin and that can make things worse. I was advised to use it once a day, a thin covering on effected areas, and not everyday. If your skin feels really dry take a day off. Let your skin adjust and get used to it. Then you can build up the frequency to everyday, then twice a day if your skin is reacting well and needs more.

Go slowly and the results can be really good with these type of treatments. My wife doesn't even realise I used to have bad acne problems :)

I hope this advice helps.

Reviewed on January 1, 2012

Unless you have light acne or very light acne, don't bother using it, it really did nothing for me at all.

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Lily, London, UK
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Reviewed on October 20, 2011

Months after I had to stop taking the Dianette which had worked wonders for my back and chest acne, my skin got gradually worse again. My GP prescriped me the Aknemycin Plus topical solution. Quite difficult to apply to the back, I tried it anyway and didn't see any positive effects so far. In the last few weeks, I realised that my skin got even worse, I have new angry red pimples which I didn't experience that badly before.

People often write about initial bad outbreaks and then an improvement but so far I have been taking this stuff for 6 weeks now and there are no signs of improvement whatsoever, just the opposite.

My skin is in such a state that I'll go to a specialist next and will ask for Accutane.

Aknemycin seems to work for some, maybe it depends on how severe the acne is. So please don't be discouraged, it might help you, I just wanted to add that this was not the case for me.

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Nathan, England
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Reviewed on October 27, 2009

I have been using this for the past month with Erythromycin and I can tell you my skin is looking very good for the first time in 5-6 years of struggling with acne.

I use it twice a day but before hand I always wash my face with a gentle facial cleanser to remove dirt, then pat dry with a soft towl and finally apply the Aknemycin onto the affected areas. It just feels a bit tight and dry during the first few minutes of applying it to my face and after maybe 10 to 15 minutes you skin feels normal again.

It's smell isn't the most pleasent especially if you have to apply it under your nostrils as it smells like pure alcohol and makes your nostrils feel tingly.

Just a warning to the males and possibly some females :P. Try not to apply it on wounds after shaving it really does sting.

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Patsy, Wales
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Reviewed on June 19, 2009

v been usin this for about a month nw, and my skin is at its worst in my opinion, uneven tones, dryness, etc but after readin other people's reviews i gues tht is normal, hopeful i wil notice a change soon,fingers crossed.

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Anonymous, UK
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Reviewed on May 28, 2009

I tried almost everything - antibiotics, contraceptive pill, roaccutance (although decided to quit it after 3 weeks=I guess does not count), various creams (BP) and microdermabrasion.

I was not convinced this would help but decided to give it a go. I was desperate for a miracle. And this proved to be one.

I noticed huge difference after 2 weeks. I have a lot less skin bumps (that later become red swollen and painful spots), skin is clearer and smoother. I have not had a pimple for a week - a miracle as I used to have a new one each morning.

I will continue for another two or three months and then will have some microdermabrasion to get rid of scars. I may have to come back to it again.

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Kenzie, asia
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Reviewed on April 12, 2009

My doctor prescribed this to me after I started breaking out badly after using Murad and mineral make-up. I've only been using it for a month. Needless to say, it causes one to break out quite badly (for me, it was/is terrible on top of those that I suffered earlier).

I seem to be getting pimples everywhere, as well as dry, red, peeling skin. After reading previous reviews, I suppose this is an initial expected stage, so I'm gathering my courage and patience to wait it out for the next few weeks.

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Anonymous, hampshire
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Reviewed on November 5, 2008

The bottle applicator is fantastic as it is very hygeinic and easy to use. It does sting a lot, however it is worth perservering. You will notice that your skin seems to get worse in the first month but don't worry because after the initial month it will improve. Once it does start to work it is great. This product does make you peel. It says in the instructions not to use any exfoliatives whilst using this product, however i did, this got rid of any dead skin cell and the itchiness that does occur with Acnemycin Plus solution. I also used a LIGHT, NON OIL based moisturiser whilst using this product, but don't go mad with the moisturisers as they will just make the skin worse. Now my skin has improved i still use the product everyday but only once a day rather than the reccomended twice a day. I have very few spots now but quite a few scars which i am using bio-oil for. But again, do not use this untill ALL spots have gone.

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Anonymous, london
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Reviewed on October 20, 2008

a waste of time for me but obviously worked for others

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