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AcneFree Sport Clear 2-Go Clear Skin System
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Brand: AcneFree

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AcneFree Sport Clear 2-Go Clear Skin System


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AcneFree Sport Clear 2-Go Clear Skin System

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AcneFree Sport Clear 2-Go Clear Skin System

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Overnight cream is a lifesaver.
Reviewed on October 13, 2014

The wipes are nice for after soccer practice, the soap is decant (just like and other acne soap) but CAN I JUST TALK ABOUT THE OVERNIGHT CREAM!!! I am so sad they don't make this anymore! If I have inflamed acne that's really red or whatever, if I just put a little glob of the cream on there, it literally makes all the swelling go down in, no kidding, 10 minutes. I just leave it on there, and by the time the glob has dried, the spot is just barely noticeable. This is a lifesaver for swimming and sports as well as working out...or anytime. Nobody wants to have a big, red zit on their chin. This stuff is stinkin amazing, and it honestly works instantly. Buy it. Just do it. I promise, it is amazing. I've been using it for 4 years. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed on August 3, 2010

Recently, I purchased this product in hopes that it would clear my skin. I play a lot of sports throughout the year and all of the perspiration makes my face break out and since I am doing sports most of the year, it usually doesn't go away. I thought that since this treatment was geared to help people who have acne and are active, this would be the perfect system for me. Boy, was I WRONG. After I had been using it for a couple of days on my break from sports, my face started to clear up! I was so excited! Once volleyball started back up, however, I was noticing that when I was sweating, my face would become extremely irritated and start to itch,burn, and actually sting whenever I tried to wipe the sweat off of my face. So it might work if you're not active, but if you are, be prepared for the itching, burning, and stinging that is ahead.

Powerful. Proprietary. Proven.
The Acne.org Regimen
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The Acne.org Regimen
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