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Acne.org Organic Jojoba Oil
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Acne.org Organic Jojoba Oil


Jojoba Oil (100% Organic).

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Acne.org Organic Jojoba Oil

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8 oz. Organic Jojoba Oil
updated: 01/01/1970 00:00 UTC
Acne.org Organic Jojoba Oil

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makes you black
Reviewed on December 11, 2017

I used it for 2 weeks and guess what, my skin changed color, I had a normal face and now everyone tells me that you have become really dark and when I think about it, it makes sense. u put the oil on your face and go out? your face is like a chicken in an oily fryer. u literary barbecue your skin

by AnnaOK on 01/17/2018 17:03
Yeah, sorry, but this is not science. You should wear sunscreen every day regardless, but especially if you are using products with benzoyl peroxide or any exfoliating properties. Even if this is the only product in your skincare routine it does not dye your skin or contribute to sun damage at all.
Hydrating but not an acne cure
Reviewed on November 22, 2017

Great as a moisturiser at night but don't think it had helped my acne... wash my face at night using African black soap then I use a sea salt&a tea tree toner then I moisturise with jojoba oil and apply tea tree oil to problem areas,,, besides the spots,, my skin looks and feels really healthy and nourished but I don't think it's done much to reduce my acne, though I had moderate acne that flares up mostly around my period

You can use on your body too!❤️❤️❤️
Reviewed on August 18, 2017

I like applying body oil rather than lotion on my body. At first, I was skeptical to use it on face since the moisturizer itself is working on its own. I tried to apply the Jojoba Oil on my body instead of using lotion. My skin has been so dry eversince especially my legs and arms. Much to my surprise, I didn't expect that it would work since I tried different kinds of body oil already and lotions. I have noticed that the chicken skin(ketarosis pilaris) are gone. Amazing!!! I have tried laser before but it was just temporary. Once you stop the treatment, the skin condition will be back. I love this Jojoba oil. Now, I tried using it on my lips and ordered more bottles. My skin is now healthy than ever! Will continue using this for the rest of my life . ❤️

The Best Oil to Combat Oil, and Make-Up!
Reviewed on April 6, 2017

This has honestly been the best oil for myself. I was convinced for the longest time that coconut oil is the holy grail of oil for cleaning and moisturizing. Turns out it really is not all that, ESPECIALLY for someone who has oily and porous skin. Coconut oil IS highly comedogenic, meaning that it CAN clog pores. Jojoba oil IS NOT comedogenic, meaning that it DOES NOT clog pores. I have found it to be an extremely helpful moisturizing agent in combination with the regimen moisturizer (especially during those dry and flaky weeks). Mostly though, it does a wonderful job of make-up removal before cleansing. I have never liked make-up removers or make-up cloths so always resorted to oils, and jojoba oil has significantly stood out for me. It is very gentle, thin, and super effective. I most definitely recommend the use of jojoba oil for both make-up cleansing and moisturizing.

A converted skeptic
Reviewed on March 18, 2017

I have extremely oily skin, so I was extremely reluctant to try jojoba oil on my face. But one or two drops mixed with my moisturizer in the morning is very effective without causing excess oiliness! I use acne.org's benzoyl peroxide after cleansing my face, then moisturizer mixed with jojoba oil every morning. It really takes care of flakiness caused by the BP. Then at night after the BP lotion, I mix some AHA lotion with my moisturizer and my skin texture is better than ever and blemishes are gone. And at one or two drops of jojoba oil per day, this bottle will last me for years.

Skin saver while starting the regimen.
Reviewed on January 16, 2017

I already know the regimen works for me ,but somehow I strayed twice and had to start all over! Twice! First time was tough. I didn't know if my skin could handle it. Didn't believe jojoba oil would be any help. Omg my face was covered in flakes and I could hardly skin without pain. Second time around I knew better. I use the treatment only once a day and always use jojoba oil with moisturizer. I also gentle exfoliate with a face sponge, only because I knew my skin is tough and can handle it. Without any exfoliating, I know I will breakout because I am just that prone to clogged pores.

Not Worth It
Reviewed on January 3, 2017

For whatever reason, jojoba oil really seems to break me out. When I applied this stuff, even with the moisturizer, it never seemed to fully absorb into my face and rather just sat on top of my skin and made it feel gross and oily, which is probably what contributed to the acne. This did help combat the flakiness, but obviously it wasn't worth it for me.

Really combats drying
Reviewed on September 20, 2016

You WILL need this during the regimen. The moisturizer is great but this will really help you combat the flakiness you'll experience from using the benzoyl. At first I didn't use it but when I introduced it into my regimen my skin was thanking me. It will not clog your pores as promised, this was something I was very worried about. The jojoba really helps you to customize your moisturizer to fit your skin type. Love it!

It's amazing!
Reviewed on September 2, 2016

There's so much fuss about virgin coconut oil being a multi purpose regimen but jojoba oil is way better! I love how it does not clog my pores and keeps my skin moisturized without the greasy feel. Plus, I just find it very practical that a couple of drops can do so much.

Nothing bad to say about this
Reviewed on May 26, 2016

Since I started the Acne.org regimen three years ago, I was also introduced to their jojoba oil oil. This is such a great multipurpose oil that I really can't get enough of.

As a very oily skinned girl I never though I would want to touch this stuff, let alone use it on my face. But I trusted the whole system and gave it a chance. And it was freaking amazing!!!

It really helped out to balance the dryness from using a drying treatment. I put in 5-6 drops every time I put moisturizer on my face. It is an oil that doesn't add any shine to your face and doesn't clog up any pores but leaves your skill feeling so good after continued use.

I love this thing so much I even use it to take off my make-up, I add a drop of this on top of lip balm at night and I also use a drop of it to make my hair nice and shiny.

I really have no bad thing to say about this product. Love this stuff!

Powerful. Proprietary. Proven.
The Acne.org Regimen
Complete Acne Treatment Kit
The Acne.org Regimen
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