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Water, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Methyl Gluceth-20, Squalane, Saccharide Isomerate, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl Olivate, PEG-12 Glyceryl Distearate, PEG-23 Glyceryl Distearate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

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Swollen Eyes
Reviewed on July 28, 2017

This product isn't good for my skin anymore. They claimed they didn't change the formula, but it started to give me eczema a year after I started using it. I see a lot of people saying the same thing on this site. I wish they'd fix the problem.

Reviewed on June 25, 2017

Hey. So I have been using the moisterizer for about 2 months and lately the moisterizer has been making my skin feel super greesy and oily. I use 1 1/2 pumps after the cleanser and 2 pumps of the BP night and day. At night it's greesy and oily but it's tolerable but then in the day when I go out it gets so greesy and oily and feels so heavy . I have oily skin to begin with but It looks and feel as if there is a layer of oil on my face. If anyone can help and answer these questions...










it doesn't burn or itch my face at all. but I really want to know why it makes my face so greesy. I have been putting on the same amount of moisterizer for the same amount of time. I want to just not put it on because dry skin to me vs. oily skin is just more comfortable but I am afraid when my face is dry I might break or . ANY THOUGHTS?? (If you can copy and paste and answer the questions I would appreciate it so much)

by ilickoreos on 07/09/2017 16:51
Hi there! I found that this moisturizer made my skin excessively greasy, and I have very dry skin. I even tried reducing the amount to see if I could feel less greasy, but I always did throughout the day. Unfortunately, for me, the excess grease that wasn't getting absorbed ended up giving me acne. Since you are not experiencing any breakouts, you are free to continue using it and try applying less. However, there are many moisturizers at the drugstore that might make you feel less oily. I know Cetaphil and CeraVe come highly rated on his forum, but for me, they break me out. You'll just have to patch test and see for yourself. Good luck!!
Swollen Eyes
Reviewed on May 27, 2017

I adore this line of face care. I just order a second bottle of the cream. However over the past 5 weeks I developed swollen eyes, redness on my face and neck. I got allergy testing. Went to 4 doctors. Had 3 rounds of steroids. Finally, when I saw the allergist he said it was contact dermatitis and it was something I was putting on my face. I was saddened. I love However the pieces started to fall into place. On my last, and most severe, flair up I had spent the day applying the cream to my eyes because they were dry from the previous flair up.

When people see the picture I show them, they are in disbelief. My face and eyes look like costume make up. I can't see to drive. I don't know if there is a new ingredient added or if I developed an allergy over time.

my face is 90% clear all thanks to this and bp.
Reviewed on May 22, 2017

The only thing this moisturizer lacks is spf protection besides that it is perfect. My skin type is asian and I live in japan so the weather is very dry in the winter , using this protect does wonders to my dry flaky skin. I use to get white patches around my mouth whenever I eat my lunch and it was so embarrassing , now I don't have to deal with that.

Reviewed on May 21, 2017

Yeah. This causes some kind of red rash on neck lick hicky and below eyes. It's bad.

addictively amazing!!!!
Reviewed on May 18, 2017

i cant leave my house without moisturizing with my moisturizer!!! alongside the jojoba oil, my typically oily skin feels soothed and fresh without feeling greasy. as with most of my acne regimen products, a little goes a long way, one pump or even less some days seems to suffice. i start to panic whenever im running low!

Broke me out in cystic acne!
Reviewed on May 8, 2017

I never review products but I felt obligated to write one for this.

Unfortunately, this product not only broke me out but it also caused a slight allergic reaction on my skin. I'm not sure what ingredient caused the allergic reaction, though. However, I'm pretty sure the acne came from the jojoba oil. When I applied the recommended amount, my skin would get greasy during the day and that excess grease caused awful breakouts. Even scaling back did not alleviate the greasiness and I have dry skin! I would suggest for those who are starting the regimen to substitute with another moisturizer, or at the very least patch-test this one! The regimen is a brilliant system but without a suitable moisturizer that can combat the drying effects of Dan's BP, it'll render the entire regimen useless.

by PoignantPeer on 05/18/2017 00:57
ive had some serious cystic acne breakouts in the past that no soap, cream or oral medicine has been able to solve. aside from cystic acne i also have rosacea. in my ten years of struggling with stubborn cysts that could only be taken care of by surgical means, ive found that the biggest culprits were certain food triggers: caffeine(so sad), spicy/hot foods, and foods/products high in biotin. before giving up on the acne regimen, try figuring out if anything you are consuming may be the cause of your problems. i have found that as long as i stay away from my triggers, and use my AR products, my skin is happy and healthy. i hope this helps, and i wish you the best!
by ilickoreos on 05/23/2017 15:32
It's funny you mention caffeine. I have only started regularly drinking it this past year and my blemishes have only gotten worse. As much as it's hard for me to give it up (I am drinking it right as I'm typing this), I know it is probably better to cut out on the inflammatory foods. I will try dropping the caffeine drinks altogether. I have already cut out dairy and sugar so here is hoping I achieve a clear complexion soon! Thanks so much for your reminder! Sometimes it is not what we put on our skin that will help clear us, but what we put inside our bodies!
Mixed feelings about this product.
Reviewed on April 23, 2017

I love products except for this one.

This is the worst product unfortunately. During the peeling period of the regimen(which is a month), it does NOTHING. Even if it is applied every hour. The good thing is it did not or does not break me out.


Does NOT absorb into the skin.

It leaves your skin looking oily like a pizza.

It has a yellow tinge to it which makes you look like you have hepatitis (not a good look, on a already acne-ridden face).

No SPF protection :(

Note: I did not want to throw it away, so I use it as a moisturizer for my neck. It works well there.

Allergic to jojobaoil
Reviewed on April 21, 2017

I tried the moisturizer in the very beginning and my skin got red, itchy, swollen and burnt as hell! So I stopped and had tried the jojobaoil and exactly the same happened. So I did a little recherche and find out that a lot of people are allegic to jojobaoil. So I think it is not only the Butylene Glycol which makes problems to some peoples`skin, but also the jojobaoil. And there`s a lot of it in the moisturizer.

The only moisturizer I want to use on my face! Just had to reorder it.
Reviewed on April 14, 2017

Other moisturizers feel waxy, heavy, and leave a solid thick layer on top of my skin making my face feel hot in the summer. This one absorbs into the skin, feels light and cool. It's also calming and smells natural and not like chemicals. Love it!'s the only moisturizer that doesn't make me break out. It's a little expensive for my taste but I did some calculating and it comes out to around $2.83/month including shipping. I think I can handle that. The 8 oz bottle lasted me 6 months so I bought the 16 oz bottle this time. Now I'm set for a year :) And the 8 oz bottle I bought Sept 2016 was set to expire in March 2018 so that's about a year and a half after I bought it. Good stuff. I only use the moisturizer now because I don't break out as much anymore. If I do I break out I just whip out my big tube of's Benzoyl Peroxide Gel and put that all over my face before bed. Anyway, love this lotion. Please don't ever discontinue it! ***UPDATE*** 4-20-17 Shipping SUCKS! I placed my order 4/17/17 and paid $5.75 for shipping. I'm not going to get the order till 4/27/17. It's taking 10 DAYS to get to my house and that's with me paying almost $6 for shipping. So bad!!! I'm taking away 2 stars for bad shipping.