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Accutane (isotretinoin)
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Accutane (isotretinoin)


Active Ingredients:
Isotretinoin in 10-mg, 20-mg and 40-mg soft gelatin capsules.

Inactive Ingredients:
Beeswax, butylated hydroxyanisole, edetate disodium, hydrogenated Soybean oil">soybean oil flakes, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and Soybean oil">soybean oil. Gelatin capsules contain glycerin and parabens (methyl and propyl), with the following dye systems: 10 mg - iron oxide (red) and titanium dioxide; 20 mg - FD&C Red No. 3, FD&C Blue No. 1, and titanium dioxide; 40 mg - FD&C Yellow No. 6, D&C Yellow No. 10, and titanium dioxide.

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Accutane (isotretinoin)

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Accutane (isotretinoin)

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I don't regret it
Reviewed on August 9, 2017

This had cleared me up completely for a whole year and a half. Of course my hormones (I have PMDD which is severe PMS) has caused me to break out here and there. I took fish oil for the joint and back pain and it helped. I drank a ton of water and moisturized my lips like crazy. I also kept a fairly healthy diet because my dermatologist told me I needed to in order to keep my blood tests healthy. I recommend this to those who are willing to go through dryness, achy joints (take fish oil), fatigue, and bloody noses for at least 6 months. It was worth it and it gave me confidence, something I always wanted and yearned for. I'm a little concerned that my acne is coming back (again, I think it is because my hormonal imbalance is pretty bad right now) but I'd be willing to take Accutane all over again if I needed to.

by leikermarco1 on 08/16/2017 06:50
hey i had a question i been on it for 1 month and a week now but im still breaking out like crazy when did you're skin start to clear up and any tips?
Best Decision!!!!
Reviewed on July 26, 2017

I developed acne in the second year of high school which at first didn't bother me, after a year of suffering the impacts acne had on my life such as isolating myself and having low confidence and self-esteem, I was put on two different antibiotics which were supposed to improve my skin (Tetracycline and Doxycycline). After seeing no results of these treatments I was then referred to a dermatologist which took 4 months to get this appointment but it was completely worth it! To start with I was put on 40mg of Isotretinoin, after the first month my skin became worse and I didn't see much change. By the third month my skin had cleared up with only a few spots, my skin and lips were very dry but I used Diprobase and Vaseline to minimize this. I still had very few spots which is when the dermatologist upped my dosage to 60mg, my skin continued to get dry but I used methods to control this. After 8 months of isotretinoin, blood tests and hospital appointments I can say I am very happy with the outcome and how my skin looks now, the skin on my back chest and face is completely clear.

I finished this treatment 3 months ago now and it is still in good condition, I do get the occasional spots during my period but they are nothing compared to what they were like. This treatment has completely changed my life and I would recommend to anyone who is deeply affected by the look of their skin. It’s worth a chance and I was lucky enough to receive this treatment before any permanent scarring appeared.

Accutane cycle from July 10th 2016-February 2017. Clear
Reviewed on July 18, 2017

I went on Accutane for 5 months. I stopped a month before my expected time because my skin was completely clear. I had moderate acne my whole life, however at the of my sophomore year of college it began to get severe... which is when I decided Accutane was my last option. Long story short, your acne will most likely get worse before it gets better once you start your cycle. My skin didn't start to clear up fully until month 4. The biggest side effect I faced was dryness, not even so much my skin, but more so my lips. The sides of them would crack and bleed when I would smile or laugh... this was painful but aquaphor was a life saver. Now, my skin has been pretty clear ever since, I will occasionally get a random zit... THIS IS NORMAL. EVERYONE gets zits sometimes. Accutane does work, however it doesn't make your skin completely immune to dirt and grease after you finish! The one bit of advice I will give is DO NOT PICK. I picked so badly while I was on Accutane because I found my face absolutely disgusting and wanted more than anything for my skin to be clear. Doing this gave me horrible scarring. The hyperpigmentation lightens eventually... but not without expensive scrubs and exfoliators. My scars are just starting to disappear and I've been off Accutane for 5 months now. I can finally go out without makeup and still feel beautiful :)

DO IT!!! TRY IT!!!
Reviewed on July 17, 2017

Never thought I'd be the person to make and account to write a review but I want to help whoever I can. I was looking at photos of how bad my skin was and how sh*t I felt about how I looked 24/7. I wish I had started Accutane sooner. I feel like myself again and don't have to worry about putting makeup on 24/7. So just go to a specialist, tell them you've tried everything and tell them you feel ugly/not confident and get on it. Don't worry about side effects just try it, if you get them then dw it's worth the dry skin and whatever side effects you get. So please do it please. I want to help whoever I can. 4 of my friends have also been on it and worked perfectly for them. So that's 5 of us and the only side effects we all got were a bit of dry skin when the %of accutane was put up and dry lips which are easily healed with lots of moisturiser. So DO IT please TRY IT!!!!! Anyway hope it works. Message me with questions. Xx

by Solomon92 on 07/26/2017 16:00
What was your dose and how long were you in it ?
Accutain 60 mg (male)
Reviewed on July 14, 2017

Over 2k good results on here. Less then 500 ppl had some kind of issue. Overall would say give it go if it's really needed. I'm starting 60 mg tomorrow for 5-6 months. I'm a male 140lb 5"11. Never had severe acne but had mild persistent acne with occasional cyst face and back for over 13 years after spending thousands of dollars on products and facials and living a very healthy life style finally said enough and gonna give accutain a try. Will post my progress as time goes on. Will give it 3 stars for bec I'm really scared about touching this stuff. But will update rating at the end.

by Solomon92 on 07/17/2017 22:43
by Solomon92 on 07/17/2017 22:41 Update: decided to start slow the first week been taking 30 mg in the morning for the past 2 days. This morning woke up with mild chap lips but nothing to crazy. Face is still greasy as hell. Planing on upping my dose next week too 3× a week 60 mg. Will update next week on how things are going.
by Solomon92 on 07/26/2017 15:59
Week 2 mild chap lips and dry (peeling) skin on the t zone rest of face still oily
Accutane is effective however its not for everyone
Reviewed on July 8, 2017

(I am 15 years old, female, living in the UK, had acne for 4 years, severe acne for over a year, mild eczema, originally prescribed 15mg- moved after 1 month to 30mg- was taken down to 20, then to 10- and then brought off with in about 2 weeks of originally reducing my dose)

For me Accutane ruined my skin, and my life for a short while- yes, it may be effective but I believe isn't for everyone, and should be carefully considered as it is so incredibly subjective.

I had previously been on multiple different prescription and topical treatments for my acne with little to no effect on my skin. I was offered hospital treatment and presented with the idea of Accutane as a short term powerful drug that would make my skin temporally worse, but eventually cure my acne.

After around 1 week of taking the drug, my lips were destroyed and peeling and my nose was constantly filled with blood. After 3 weeks of Accutane, my skin developed cystic acne and became hugely inflamed and painful even to gently touch. I was then told that my treatment would last at least 9 months. Around 2 months into the treatment, my skin was still horrendous and painful and I was still experiencing side effects such as aching joints, dry scalp, nosebleeds, worsened eczema hugely, dry lips and large cystic spots.

I then came to the realisation that I was constantly crying upset and down, and that this wasn't because of anything notable. Some days I struggled to get up out of bed, I wanted to curl up and stay still all day, I found no pleasure in ordinary things that I would usually enjoy, I didn't want to go places. I told the hospital, they reduced my dose and told me to see how I feel. As my mood and attitude didn't change, they brought me down to 10mg. As I still remained in the same state, they took me off the drug completely. After just a few days Accutane free, I felt better and could really reflect in just how bad I felt. Accutane made me feel awful and only worsened my skin.

I have now been off Accutane for 3 weeks, and my skin has actually started to improve on its own, I have little inflammation and redness, I don't regularly even get new spots and if I do they are very small and leave quickly- my skin has never looked so good! I have just begun treatment with the contraceptive pill and antibiotics to further improve my skin.

For me- Accutane wasn't worth ruining my skin further for, it never helped me it just caused me issues.

by Solomon92 on 07/17/2017 22:41
Update: decided to start slow the first week been taking 30 mg in the morning for the past 2 days. This morning woke up with mild chap lips but nothing to crazy. Face is still greasy as hell. Planing on upping my dose next week too 3× a week 60 mg. Will update next week on how things are going.
My acne experience on Accutane
Reviewed on June 29, 2017

Hey guys!

Id like to share with you my honestly written blog regarding my acne journey and treatment (including pictures).


Give it a read!


My Accutane Experience: Female, 25. Cystic, hormonal acne + body acne.
Reviewed on June 15, 2017

Hello everyone!

I've been meaning to post an 'Accutane Experience' write-up for a while now, as I spent years of my life trawling through this website, reading up on everyone else's experiences. All of the posts and reviews have given me hope, occasional dread, and mostly a whole lot of comfort in knowing I wasn't going through the agony of acne alone. I hope this post can provide some of that same hope and comfort to anyone suffering with acne and thinking about going on accutane.

I've been off accutane for a month and it's one of the very best decisions I've ever made. It's an extremely freeing feeling: the shackles of cystic acne have gone, and my self regard, hunger for life and confidence have taken their place.

I want this review to be as helpful and succinct as possible, so before I get too poetic, here goes.

My type of acne:

Face: Hormonal and cystic; concentrated around the chin and jawline. Every month or so I would get huge, marble-shaped cysts. I'd hold warm compresses to them and stay in my room all night. Sometimes, my skin would be clear. But that wouldn't last.

Body: Mostly concentrated on shoulders, chest and upper back, with a few on my lower back too. Occasionally cystic, but mostly whiteheads. Often very red and sore. I have small but noticeable keloid scars (or perhaps hypertrophic? I'm not sure of the difference. In any case, the scars are raised) left on my chest, and a medium-sized one right on the very tip of my shoulder. Wearing strappy tops is still a bit of a worry for me, sadly.

Things I've tried:

Antibiotics (tetracycline) on and off for almost 9 years.

Apple cider vinegar. I seeeriously doubt this works.

Cutting out dairy. Meh. Didn't see much difference. I missed cheese.

Birth control pills on three separate occasions. Hated all three times. Cried every day. Acne didn't change, or got worse.

Time on accutane:

4 and a half months. It's short, I know. But my derm was pretty confident I didn't need it any more as my skin improved so drastically. Also, there's a study into the cumulative dosage method not being the most accurate. I'll give you a link if you want.


Month 1 20mg

Month 2 20mg/40mg on alternate days

Month 3 40mg/60mg on alternate days

Month 4 - 4 and a a half 40mg/60mg on alternate days


Month 1: Honestly, my skin was pretty clear when I took my first dose. I was having a good skin month. But I knew it wasn't long before the acne would come back – plus, I'd been on the waiting list to see a derm to get accutane for about 4 months, so I was taking the damn thing no matter what! Anyway, my skin stayed clear. I noticed the tiny, tiny blackheads on my nose I've had FOREVER creeping to the surface. I'd gently exfoliate, and eventually, they just disappeared. They're still gone now. The only side effect I had in Month 1 was flushed skin.

Month 2: A couple of zits here and there, but nothing worse than I normally get. I had a lovely line of spots on my shoulder... I started to notice my joints aching a little.

Month 3: I basically was a huge hypochondriac this month. I convinced myself I had intracranial hypertension due to a couple of headaches and a bit of dizziness. I did have really achey joints at this point, but it was bearable. Dryness kicked in: my make-up looked a bit flakey and I was constantly putting chapstick on. I got a cystic spot on my chin around my period.

Month 4 to 4 and a half: Skin looked great. Same side effects as before. I was lethargic, dry and achey. I went back to the derm, they congratulated me on how great my skin looked (and gave me useless advice on scarring, but that's another story). I left his office without another prescription and went on holiday to Milan the next day. I might have spent a little too much time in the sun drinking Aperol Spritz. Oh well. Now here I am, with the smoothest, clearest skin of my life.

Key takeaways:

The biggest thing is that it was literally fine. I had none of the terrifying side effects; my mood, if anything, was better because I was so optimistic about my clear-skinned self. I simply didn't think about the fact I was on accutane as much as I thought I would. In fact, I hardly ever thought about it. I just got on with my life, and ultimately, nothing was different except for the amount of chapstick on my desk at work.

Also, I didn't consider how much the consistency of my skin would change. It's so soft! I can't stop stroking my chin and back.

I'm aware that my acne might return, and I would take accutane again if it did. But I'm very hopeful that I'll be one of the lucky ones that doesn't get it again, or at least I get "normal" acne instead of cysts and body acne. Honestly, I just don't wanna give up cheese again.

My only question to you guys is:

Any advice on raised scarring? My derm was truly useless and told me I'd simply never have normal skin and to try Bio Oil. Should I go to a clinic, look at getting some kind of procedure done?

Just finished my 2nd course of Accutane, currently clear
Reviewed on May 10, 2017

Like the title says. I will return to this post and edit it to give 5 stars only if the clear skin is permanent this time. After my first course of accutane, which was a low dose of 20 and then 30, I was clear for about two months or three months before I got acne back again, concentrated on my chin and jaw area. Originally, I had pretty severe acne, maybe moderately severe to severe. I started getting acne when I was 11 and I am nearly 21 now. My acne worsened when I was on lithium medication for my mood-- I'm not on lithium now. Accutane does work, and I would recommend it. During my first course of accutane, I was blissfully clear skinned. I did not have an initial breakout. And I did not have side effects other than slightly chapped lips. Maybe it was because my dosage was kind of low, because I'm a lightweight person. So I just did my second course, and that went blissfully well, too. No initial breakout, no side effects. My skin got a bit dry near the end of the course. This time, my second time, I started with 40 and took 40 all the way through. I hope that this time, the acne won't return.

It works, but side effects can get annoying
Reviewed on May 9, 2017

I was put on accutane due moderate acne that was not responding to any antibiotic treatments. I ended up being on 60mg accutane for 4 months (im male, 19 years old and 150 lb).

The medication starting working very quickly, and within two weeks my face was completely oil free for the first time in years. In terms of my acne I didn't start seeing any major improvements until around the end of month 2. By the end of my fourth month, I had completely cleared up. Be warned though, DO NOT pick at your acne while on this medication, no matter how tempting. Accutane makes your skin considerably thinner and so any picking can and will leave you with red/brown marks on your face long after your pimples have gone, I learned this the hard way. Aside from the marks, my face is still clear two months after the end on my course, although it did get oily again. My doctor did also put me on 0.01% Retin-A for maintenance and for fading the red/brown marks.

Despite my success in regards to my acne, the side effects while on this medication were a pain. While I didn't get any of the rarer, major side effects (eg depression, diarrhea, etc), I did have numerous other side effects. The biggest one for me was dry, red eyes, throughout my course. I had dry eyes before accutane, but I was not prepared for the constant pain my eyes were in throughout my course. Over-the-counter artificial tears did not help at all. If you have a similar issue, I suggest you visit an eye doctor like me, as the steroid eye drops prescribed (Lotemax) helped alleviate some of the burning/redness. Aside from dry eyes, I had the typical dry lips, rashes on my arms (moisturizing daily helped), a dry throat, and minor joint/back pain.

All in all, I would go through all the side effects again, as Accutane really did help my stubborn acne. That being said, I would advise others to look at all the potential side effects before taking this medication, as Accutane may not be worth it if you don't have severe, or moderate-persistent acne.