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Reviewed on March 25, 2013

Since taking zinc for the past few months, I've noticed my skin being clearer and having generally less acne and occasional pimples. I don't think zinc is necessarily a 'miracle' cure for acne, but it definitely helps in some ways. I don't think you should go into it thinking it's going to instantly stop you're acne, just think of it as something extra which will positive towards your skin. By the way, I took 50mg a day.

Reviewed on March 13, 2013

I have been taking 50mg of zinc every day for about two weeks. I had NO idea it would work this fast! My skin is clear and glowing. I can wear tinted moisturizer now instead of heavy foundation, which is even better for my skin! And the oil! It's gone! I suffered from a deiscustingkly oily face before I started taking zinc. Even if it didn't get rid of my zits, I would use it just to reduce my oil!

I have tried so many things. THIS WORKS! And for less than a bottle of face wash!

Reviewed on February 23, 2013

The bottom line is that this product is in no way a cure for acne. I think at best it is something to be incorporated into a topical regimen in order to give it a little extra push. Purchase with caution. Oh, and bring a barf bag for the nausea that is sure to come.

Reviewed on February 8, 2013

I have suffered from acne for a few years and recently it has gotten slightly better, but nothing drastic. pointed me in the direction of zinc (Source Naturals Optizinc Zinc Monomethionine 30mg), so I gave it a try in combination with vitamin D3 (Now Foods Vitamin D3). These two supplements have eliminated the final stragglers on my face. Redness has reduced and my oil production has decreased significantly. My face is finally smooth and I honestly believe zinc made the difference.

Reviewed on January 9, 2013

I take chelated zinc gluconate 25mg and I have noticed less oily skin after one week of first taking. After 3 months my face was completly clear. I was taking in the past 2 cycles of Roaccutane and the results were very good but after one year the problem has come again. I was looking for a solution of taking something which is not dangerous for a long time. First time I have read about zinc on this site. Most of reviews were very good and decided to give a try. I am very satisfied and recommend to everone to give a chance to zinc.

Reviewed on December 29, 2012

For those going above the recommended daily dosage, the University of Maryland Medical Center found that taking more than 100 mg of supplemental zinc daily OR taking supplemental zinc for 10 years or more doubles the risk of developing prostate cancer. There is also concern that taking large amounts of a multivitamin plus a separate zinc supplement increases the chances of dying from prostate cancer. For these reasons, talk to your doctor before taking zinc.

Reviewed on December 15, 2012

i take 45 mg of zinc methionine a day. i take 60mg one day and 30mg the next. i had terrible acne. this is the only thing that works for me that i have tried. you must use this. this cleared me in one week. i used to use zinc chelated but it didn't completely clear although i saw a huge improvement. i highly recomend the br@nd called solaray zinc. it has 20mg of vitamin b6 in it as well and thats the brand that has cleared me in 1 week. also take a small amount of copper with your zinc or else you could get copper deficient and that would be a very bad. zinc works so well that i wish i had known about it many years ago! this stuff is better and more effective than any crappy drug or antibiotic. antibiotics will ruin you. they will be the death of you. you must use zinc methionine. it truly clears you acne! buy the solaray brand. its only 6 dollars on amazon and clears acne. thank me now! good luck my friend.

Reviewed on November 24, 2012

Zinc is an amazing and effective treatment for acne that is caused by hormonal imbalance.

I have run the literal racket concerning various acne treatments ( proactiv, benzoyl peroxide, epiduo, minocycline, coconut oil, salicylic acid, carley's clean and clear, apple cider vinegar, etc, etc, ad nauseum ).

Here is the problem with all of the above; they attempt to treat the symptom of a bigger problem ( in most cases ).

Topicals don't work for many people because the problem isn't a superficial one, but rather an internal imbalance.

I stumbled upon Zinc when I began to realize that to treat my acne, I needed to find the root cause of the problem; and for me, all the signs pointed to a hormonal imbalance, poor diet ( high in sugar ), and a deficiency in Zinc.

Every sufferer of acne has some form of Zinc deficiency, some greater or lesser than others. An easy way to tell if you might be Zinc deficient is to check your nails for white spots; this is a hallmark sign that you could be running low on Zinc.

I have been on Zinc ( 30 mg a day ) for about two weeks now and the results are rather striking.

Gone are the deep, painful nodules. My chin acne has all but completely vanished, and my jawline and neck are improving all the same. Diet ( especially sugar ) has caused havoc with my skin, but with Zinc, even when I give in and have a sugary treat, I don't seem to break out at all, and if I do, it is a small, superficial bump; not a cyst.

I have noticed some people complain that they were taking the recommended dose but that they didn't see any results.

It is important to note that you have to take 30 mg of ELEMENTAL Zinc.

This can get tricky because Zinc Gluconate 50 mg, only contains 7 mg of actual, elemental Zinc.

In order to get the effective dosage you need to take 200 mg of Zinc Gluconate to get the 30 mg of elemental Zinc.

If you suffer from hormonal acne, or acne connected

Reviewed on November 19, 2012

I take one or two 15mg supplements of zinc at bedtime. I take iron supplements and my other vitamins in the morning. I have moderately severe acne on my face, and although I found zinc to make my skin softer, it didn't seem to help the acne on my face or sides of shoulders. However, it has done WONDERS for my back. I have had moderatly severe bacne for six years now. After taking zinc for three weeks the change is unbelievable. My back is 99% clear, the hyperpigmentation has faded significantly and today (after a light application of body makeup) I wore a backless dress for the first time in....years. After only three weeks, I'm absolutely floored. I didn't think a change that drastic was possible. I did absolutely nothing else differently, and applied no products to my back during this time. I feel my confidence beginning to come back slowly, even though my face has a long way to go. I believe zinc is helping my skin all over, it just needs more time to help my face. I'll definitely continue using it, and I'd recommend trying it to anyone suffering from body acne aswell. :)