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Reviewed on June 14, 2013

This is a cheap way to help your acne from the inside out. I take one multi vitamin and an extra zinc everyday and it has really improved my skins condition. In my opinion this method can't really hurt you, it is almost a "win win". Sometimes you need to cleanse from the inside. I use lemon juice, green tea, distilled water and vitamins. I avoid dairy and red meat (not always! A girl's gotta eat!) This works for me, but even if it doesn't work for your acne specifically, it is still helping your body. Win.

Works best with VItamin C
Reviewed on June 9, 2013

It usually kicks in around your blood stream after 2 - 3 weeks for it to immediately start working, to speed up the results with acne scarring take it at night therefore it works better as you sleep with vitamin C tablets. 35mg Zinc tablets with 1000mg Vitamin C tablets. It cleared up my skin immediately! and on top of that my sense of awareness and small is super sensitive from taking the zinc pills wow!

Reviewed on June 9, 2013

I haven't taken it for THAT long but I believe it does help tame my acne. But definitely not just on it's own. You should still be using other things to help with your acne.

Working great
Reviewed on June 8, 2013

I have been taking tetracycline for years and my doctors would never let me be referred to the dermatologist cause i was only 15 , and i had moderate to severe acne. I tried all the drug store cleansing products but my skin seemed to respond from changes internally which the antibiotics did but then stopped working and never got me 100% clear. So i researched on here and tried a few remedies but still no luck then i stumbled across these reviews and gave it a try and that was the best choice! I take bio zinc twice a day now and my skin is 85% clear but what i noticed is that the oil has reduced dramatically !

Didn't work for me :-(
Reviewed on June 7, 2013

I began taking 25mg of chelated zinc gluconate for nearly two months & saw no difference in the improvement of my skin. I wanted it to help some of the back/chest acne I have after coming off the pill as it supposedly balances hormones, but I didn't want to take excessive amounts - unsure whether I should have taken 2 a day or it just wasn't effective for my hormonal skin?!

Worse time of my life
Reviewed on June 2, 2013

Broke out in places that I didnt had before using this for a few months. Made me very weak and sick. Large quarter sized bumps drooling off my face because of zinc. Zinc was bad for my skin and ruined skin more.

by AnthonyAesthetics on 06/09/2013 22:00
DId you start off with a high dose or a low dose?
Reviewed on May 24, 2013

I tried everything under the sun to get my adult-onset acne under control. I even spent upwards of $500 on dermatologist visits, etc. The antibiotics helped a lot, I admit, but never fully cleared things up. I researched and researched, then finally decided to give something so simple a try and boy was it worth it! Keep in mind, zinc isn't an overnight solution, but I've been taking it for about two months now every other day and my face is totally acne free. I went from 20 or so comedones at a time to getting maybe 1 a week that usually heals pretty quickly. I say that anyone with acne should give zinc a try, especially since it's cheap! Always take it with food; otherwise, you'll get super queasy.

Reviewed on April 27, 2013

I recently turned 33, and I HAD severe acne. Cystic all along my jaw from hormonal imbalance, and all the other smaller Acne. I tried everything except Accutane. I started taking zinc, and two months later I have no acne, and the marks are going away beautifully. Do your research. Can cause copper deficiency, and nausea. So worth trying!

Reviewed on April 21, 2013

You must use zinc chelated. this has cleared me 95%. it works! if you do not use it then you will keep getting acne. i am sure it will not work for everyone. i have tried 20 different products and this is the only one that has worked. i take 15 mg 3 times a day. so 45! this will clear your acne 100%. it is all about how much you take! take more if you are not clear. the more you take the more clear you get. seriusly. i took 30mg but now i take 45 and i am finally clear.

Reviewed on April 14, 2013

I have been taking 50mg a day for about a month and have noticed little changes. It helps but isnt a cure so be patient. You may have to take more than the reccommended amount as well... which can be harmful.