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Reviewed on April 8, 2013

For a couple of days I've had a gigantic pimple on the tip of my nose. After purchasing this product, i used the zeno once or twice every three hours and the bump went down a little but not alot. The next morning I iced the pimple and used the zeno twice and the bump was noticably fltter. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks for these kiinds of piimples to heal for me, but with the zeno, the pimple should be gone in a day or two.

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Reviewed on April 8, 2012

I've been breaking out for about four months straight and have tried every kind of OTC treatment and nothing worked.

I bought the Zeno Hot Spot on Tuesday and by Friday, I was totally clear. I was really skeptical when I bought it, but am thrilled that it actually worked for me.

I used it on about 8 pimples two to three times per day and on day two, they were all noticeably smaller.

This product definitely works.

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Reviewed on April 7, 2012

Works really well on dermatitis, reducing length of break-out by 75%, with results visible within 24 hours. After first use "growth" (for lack of a better word) is arrested; reduction apparent the next day. When used soon enough spots are gone the next day.

Does leave a mild red area where used, but this fades quickly. As with anything, use in moderation.

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Reviewed on December 31, 2011

This product is junk! I bought it for my daughter and it turned on and worked once. It is crazy priced for something you just throw away after a supposed 80 uses. What a big RIP OFF!!!!

Reviewed on August 21, 2011

Effects aren't 'instant', but it dramatically shortens the life span of my pimples.

Including the hormonal acne I get on my jawline. Pimples that I know would otherwise hang around for 6 months to a year are gone or reduced within a few days.

I've even used it on ones that would turn into cystic acne (against the instructions - only supposed to be used on *pimples*, nothing else). With reasonable success.

Have also used it on whiteheads - manufacturer advises NOT doing this. In my experience it's drawn out the stuff and made it easier to pop. ***People who scar should NOT try this.

Have repurchased. Next time will try to get a plug-in version.

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Reviewed on June 4, 2011

It's a product worth buying. It gives me peace of mind that I am treating a blemish as soon as i feel it coming on my skin. A lot of other creams dry out the blemish and the entire area around it.

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Reviewed on April 12, 2011

I only recommend this item to people with light acne because of how quickly you use one up. It will be very expensive for someone with moderate to severe acne trying to continually use this. Also, Zeno has another acne device out that does not have to be replaced. It is a thermal therapy device that delivers the same amount of heat to the skin and comes with an acne treatment lotion you apply before using the device. I do recommend this to all acne sufferers and to use it two to three times a day after cleansing. I started using this instead and my skin is doing fine!

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Reviewed on April 9, 2011

it workss well but im not sure its worth the money i quess it all dependsd on how bad you want your pimples to clear i have been using more than not neutrogena micro clear acne eliminating spot gel works great !

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Reviewed on April 1, 2011

I had such high hopes for this product but it was simply a waste of money. It did not work at all and mine died after less than 50 uses!! I gave it many chances and used it on different kinds of pimples but it just wasn't working for me.

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