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Zeno Acne Clearing Device
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Zeno Acne Clearing Device


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Zeno Acne Clearing Device

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Zeno Acne Clearing Device

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Reviewed on July 9, 2009

My acne never really was the kind that scarred too badly; in fact, it rarely, if ever, scarred. After I had been using this product I noticed I had many craters where I had used the device, So I had to stop using it. This was about a year ago, so my scars are a lot less severe now but still.

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Reviewed on July 9, 2009

I bought my Zeno right after it came out, and I've been thrilled with the results. It's not recommended for cystic acne, but I've noticed that if I catch those blemishes early, the severity is greatly reduced, I don't have scars and they're gone in about a day. The years that I've owned this have been the clearest my skin has been in my life. I don't want that to be construed as all because of the Zeno. But, what I haven't been able to clear with a good skin regime and good habits have been caught by this device. I have no complaints. I'd recommend it to anyone.

The only thing I didn't like was that as I had it longer, my battery became less able to hold a charge and that was very frustrating.

I recently bought a second one (my first one's on the fritz because of its age), and paid MUCH less than I paid the first time. Below is my recent cost.

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Reviewed on July 8, 2009

I have mild acne but tend to get a few big pimples a month(usually around my cycle) and I hate it b/c they are so noticeable. I used to use benzoyl peroxied but it would take so long to get the big ones to disappear so I decided to try Zeno and I'll tell you what within one treatment they were already have the size and now by the second treatment they are almost gone-it's truly amazing. Try it-it's worth it!!

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Reviewed on June 23, 2009

Anyone with half a brain can see obvious similarities in negative comments if you research this product on the internet. This just intrigued me personally MORE TO BUY it..I'm glad I did because it worked that well for me. :):):):):) By the way, I really priced around and the pharmacy where I bought one said she had only had ONE return in the last year, this just reconfirmed my purchase (plus, it was returnable within 30 days). She said her return was someone that had only used it once. If I bought a new coffee maker, I wouldn't expect a perfect cup of coffee the first try! If it is not selling, then why would they carry it? Because IT WORKS! Definitely not a miracle cure, but then again I don't know any acne product on the market that is. But, it is very effective when used as directed, especially when compared to creams and topicals.

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Reviewed on June 10, 2009

I am not 100% sold on this yet. I will say it helps with the pain and I think it speeds up the healing time more than anything. I will reccommend it for people with blemishes that come to a head but not for people with cysts because of the scarring risk.

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Reviewed on May 16, 2009

I have seen several reviews where people said they are suspicious of the negative reviews and they are "plants". I am suspicious of THOSE reviews. Nothing will work for everyone. I am just a regular person with moderate acne. It didn't burn me or hurt or anything, but didn't make a single pimple "disappear". I bought it hoping that I wouldn't have to pop them and have scars, but no luck. If it works for you, great, nothing to lose, you can get your money back (like I am going to). Maybe it works better on very mild acne. I asked the lady at the pharmacy where I bought it and she said that they have sold 4 and 3 have been returned. It is NOT a miracle cure.

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Reviewed on May 10, 2009

great to run it with accutane

incase u get a random zit here and their it works great to take them down faster

helps take out a zit u notice is coming

if u can afford it buy it

try looking for it on ebay

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Reviewed on April 22, 2009

it works as it promised!!!try it your self.not for severe acne.

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Reviewed on March 12, 2009

having zeno in your acne-fighting arsenal is better than not having it at all because it does work on at least 1 out of every 4 pimples (for me anyway). i tend to get the really big, under the skin kind which last for 1-2 weeks & scar so if i can avoid even 1 with this thing i am happy. warning though: if you use it 4-5x and your pimple is still there, DO NOT USE zeno on it more, might make it worse. but up til 4x go for it. it really helps! also, if you end up popping a zit & you have a lot of inflammation, try using zeno on that area. it might sting a little, but for me it helps the raised bump go down. hope this is helpful, good luck!