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Reviewed on February 2, 2010

Zeno hot spot is a waste of money since it doesn't work on my pimples. It may be due to the cheap plastic and design of the zeno hot spot, which differs from the regular zeno.

My sister and friend also bought the zeno hot spots along with me and they had the same issue with the small pimples evolving into cystic acne after use with the zeno. It may be due to the cheap plastic tip placed on the pimple that probably aggravates the site rather than kill the bacteria.

The zeno hot spot is cheaper than the regular zeno due to its smaller design that is made of cheaper plastic. It was difficult to turn on the zeno after 15 uses so it is now rendered broken.

BOTTOM LINE: ZENO hot spot is a waste of money. Better to invest in good cleansers, clarisonic and benzoyl peroxide.

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Reviewed on January 30, 2010

I found this device did not work for me. It didn't make my pimples worse or better. I've had the device for over a year now and lately it just sits in the drawer since I've found it is not effective.

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Reviewed on January 23, 2010

I bought the Zeno Hot Spot from the site and i am pleased. It cost 49.99 and it is easy to use. If you feel one coming, just put it on there and 2 1/2 minutes later, it's gone. I got one cystic and used it and the swelling went down in a few hours. It seems to be going away completely :). I was on accutane for 5 months and just get an occasional pimple every once in a while. I use the Zeno to zap them!

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Reviewed on January 12, 2010

DO NOT USE ALONG WITH STRONG TOPICAL PRODUCTS. I have sensitive skin and when I used Zeno along with prescription Duac, I got a huge and horribly painful chemical burn. The cyst went away, but I'll have a burn mark for year.

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Reviewed on December 3, 2009

I have the 'mini' one and use it for nodular acne. After one treatment the zit is usually smaller and less painful. It helps them go away quicker.

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Reviewed on October 1, 2009

I LOVE my zeno, it has seriously saved my life. Although it says not to use on nodular or cystic acne . . . I did anyways. It has helped mine. It does not work as quickly on this type of acne, understandably, but the best part is the relief from the great pain of the bumps! The little blast of heat has helped numb the bumps greatly for me in the past, I have used it for this purpose several times succesfully.

Every time I have used the zeno for my nodular/cystic acne (to be quite honest, I'm not sure which one it is that I have. I think it is cystic, as the first time I had one I popped it not knowing any better) it has helped, and the bump will be gone in several days, a much shorter time than if I had left it on its own.

Occasionally I will have a bad break out with a lot of bumps, but mostly I just have a lot of small blackheads and whiteheads around my chin, and the nodular/cystic always occur around my chin as well--pretty infrequently, one every month to every three

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Reviewed on September 7, 2009

If you struggle with blemishes that are painful, won't come to a head and take FOREVER to heal on their own, this device seems well worth it to me! I used it this morning on a new blemish that was starting to appear, and about 4 hours later it already feels less painful, less raised, and feels well on its way to recovery! It usually takes me days! I had to share this little miracle worker with other acne sufferers! I'll keep using it in the future and relay the results.

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Reviewed on August 3, 2009

I have been using Zeno for 3 days and I find it to be quite effective. I'm going to hold on to it for a few more weeks to be sure. I believe it is a good addition to a good skin regimen. I have struggled with acne for about 7 years and I already use prescriptions and quality products to "control" my breakouts but I think Zeno might be just what I need to help with shortining the life span of the pimples I get on my face. We will see, but I would reccommend trying it. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesnt work.

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Reviewed on July 29, 2009

So far its working but even the replacment cartriges are costly

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Reviewed on July 27, 2009

I had two pimples. I used zeno on one and not the other. Yes, the former pimple subsided quicker compared to the latter. left a bigger and redder hyper-pigmentation mark.

My conclusion is that if you have sensitive skin that gets red marks easily after pimples are gone you should probably stay away from zeno or use it when you feel a pimple coming and not on existing pimples or spots that have reoccuring pimples. Overall this technology is under-impressive and there are better spot heat spot treatment now (a new one came out that requires only a 2 second heat i think it's called thermaclear or something)