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Yasmin Oral Contraceptive
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Brand: Yasmin

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Yasmin Oral Contraceptive


21 yellow tablets
Active Ingredients:
3 mg drosperinone and 0.03 mg ethinyl estradiol.

Inactive ingredients:
lactose monohydrate NF, corn starch NF, pregelatinized starch NF, povidone 25000 NF, magnesium stearate NF, hypromellose USP, macrogol 6000 NF, titanium dioxide USP, talc USP, and ferric oxide pigment, yellow NF. The white inert film-coated tablets contain lactose monohydrate NF, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate NF, hypromellose USP, talc USP, and titanium dioxide USP.

7 white inert film-coated tablets
Inactive Ingredients:
Lactose monohydrate NF, corn starch NF, povidone 25000 NF, magnesium stearate NF, hypromellose USP, talc USP, and titanium dioxide USP.

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Yasmin Oral Contraceptive

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Yasmin Oral Contraceptive

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Reviewed on May 9, 2016

About to start my break week of Month 3 (so 7 days until month 4), and my skin is still not clear. The first month my skin was really smooth (am also taking Tetralysal and started that a month before Yasmin), month two my skin became extremely bumpy with skin coloured bumps, and now my skin is a little less bumpy but I'm starting to get quite a few whiteheads and getting a lot more spots than in the first month and my skin is still quite oily. Fingers crossed things improve in month 4....

Anyone else have a similar experience?

its good
Reviewed on May 7, 2016

"I've been on Yasmin for 3 years, and I have absolutely loved it. 3 day light periods, significantly cleared up my acne, lost weight, my breasts looked great! , no mood swings. no any side effects!

Doesn't work in the long run
Reviewed on May 1, 2016

I started taking these pills and switched over brands, all with Drospirenone for about 8 years (Jasmin, Jasminiq, Femelle and Yaxibelle). It was only for birth control, I got some black or whiteheads from time to time but nothing serious.

After I stopped taking them I had an adult acne, awful and painful, product of the prolonged use of this type of pills (my gyn told me so). I would say that as long as you take them your skin and hair would look great, it's an amazing contraceptive but after you stop taking the pill all hell can break loose... Now I've tried many natural remedies (vitamins, masks, etc), and finally decided to try another contraceptives with another component diferent than Drospirenone, so I don't have the same reaction when I want to be off the pill.

Obviously, it depends on each person, but it quite a common issue with drospirenone, so if you're taking this and want to check, talk to your doctor.

If you have any questions send me a message, I'm starting the log for the new pills....

This pill gave me my life back.
Reviewed on March 31, 2016

My skin is finally clearing up. Havent had a big pimple in 2 months. My skin is also no longer oily. I can finally feel confident, and dont have to stay inside my home like a hermit. I have also lost weight, boobs have grown and my periods are less painful. The only problem is getting off this pill, which i know ill have to sometime in the future. I dont want my old face back.

by snarkygirl on 07/15/2016 01:49
How long did it take to work?
Give it a try
Reviewed on February 12, 2016

So I'm 20 I have had acne since I was 10 years old. I've been on all the forms of antibiotics available from the NHS for acne, all topical treatments and i've been on Roaccutane/Isotretinoin twice and did a half course so was on that for a year and a half split up into different time periods. I've used all the types of contraception injection, patch & three different types of the pill. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me, ever. I honestly really advise trying this; you might be apprehensive reading reviews because every person is different and has different re actions to pills but if you have cystic or bad acne and are looking for a solution this is it. You have to stick to it though; skin gets a little bit worse before it gets better but then it really clears up :)

Works for me 😊
Reviewed on July 28, 2015

I am a 24 year old woman & suffer from horrible hormonal break outs. I get sore, swollen, cystic spots around my chin area & they can last weeks & weeks. I was prescribed duac a few years ago & this worked fine for me until about 9 months ago when it stopped working (antibiotics can become less effective after long use) so I went back to my doctors & was told about yasmin. I decided to give it a go despite the mixed reviews, & I am so glad I did! My skin is so much better! I got one large spot a couple of weeks into starting Yasmin, but this was normal for me as this is when I would get all these aggressive spots. However the spot went within a few days which is really quick for me, & I can honestly say I haven't had another cystic spot since. I get the odd little one sometimes, but they're so small you can barely see them! I used to be on microgynon30 before I changed to yasmin, & I have had no weight changes, nothing has really changed other than much better, less oily skin. I do get a bit of a headache as im coming off my period, but this is quite normal. I also feel a little different down below, I know it sounds strange but I smell a little different, not in a bad way, ive just noticed a slight change. This is obviously just because my hormones have changed 😊 I would definitely give this a go :) I didn't suffer an initial break out but I know some women can, so give it time to work. I noticed better skin after about 4 weeks on yasmin, & my skin is still clear today.. Good luck! Acne is such a horrible thing to live with! X

by fade95 on 02/09/2016 09:34
Since taking Yasmin the first week did you also got any downsides, such a more pimples?? Or did it immediately improved
Cleared my acne - no side affects over 7 years!
Reviewed on July 22, 2015

I was prescribed Yasmin by my Dr at a relatively young age.. my acne cleared completely and I was on this pill just short of 7 years!! I started experiencing irregular bleeding so my Nurse advised that I may have grown out of my acne by now and to try a different contraceptive pill. I tried two different pills and OMG MY ACNE COME BACK WITH REVENGE! It has had an absolutely devastating affect on my confidence and the Nurse has now put me back on Yasmin (after a 6 month break). I'm now onto my third month and it is slowly disappearing, a lot slower than before though! Yasmin is the only pill / product that works for me.

Might cure your acne and cost your life
Reviewed on May 17, 2015

I was on Yasmin for 7 years and it cured my acne 100%, but I could have died because of it.

Hormonal treatments might seem like the easy and fast solution for an acne cure, but trust me - it's not worth it. Besides horrible side effects of depression, weight gain, mood swings, headaches etc, this is one of the worst birth control pills out there that can give you blood clots. I got pulmonary embolism last year in both of my lungs because of Yasmin and had to take blood thinners for 6 months. (No genetic tendencies in my family.) I have two friends who also got pulmonary embolism because of Yasmin.

I am now on Finacea topical gel and Zinc which work great. I know this is a short review, and if you have any questions write me a message.

by snarkygirl on 07/15/2016 01:51
What are thge symptoms of pulmonary embolisms? Did you get migraines beforehand?
Was amazing... for the first two years
Reviewed on September 26, 2014

I was prescribed Yasmin when I was 16 and began suffering from acne breakouts, as well as getting my first boyfriend. So this was a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Within a few months my skin cleared up great, and for around 2 and a half years / 3 until the age of 18 and a half / 19 my skin was great. I still had the occasional couple of small spots around the time of the month, but nothing I would ever consider a problem or any more than anyone with naturally good skin would have. I forgot what it was like to have to think about my skin and it was amazing!

However, when I was about to turn 19 my skin went CRAZY. And I mean crazy. And it was practically overnight. The whole bottom half of my face was covered in huge red spots and I spent weeks and weeks hysterically crying refusing to leave the house. I couldn't understand what was happening, I was still taking my Yasmin properly which had kept my skin so beautiful for so long!?

After trying many topical treatments and antibiotics alongside my Yasmin I went to see a dermatologist as I was so confused about how this had literally happened overnight to my skin. The doctors told me that my hormones had changed and these were no longer the right set for my 19 year old self. I have now switched to Dianette 7/8 months ago and my skin is really good for the most part of the month but i'll still get a little breakout most months.

Yasmin is a great pill for controlling slightly messed up hormones, but beware, if you're prone to acne Yasmin probably will not control seriously messed up hormones and you may find you have to switch to something stronger such as Dianette. If you have serious acne. I'll be switching off Dianette in a few months and will go back to yasmin hoping to get my skin to how it was for the first 3 years which was the best its ever been!!!!! Would definitely recommend, if it works for another 3 years for me like it did at first i'll be so happy :)

by lyralyralyra on 07/08/2015 10:20
Birth control is suppressing your androgen levels, it is playing around with a very delicate balance in your body, as soon as you come off again beware having horrible breakouts for literally years... I'd recommend getting off it ASAP.
Reviewed on February 15, 2014

I know a lot of reviews are saying wait it out but I'm on to week 3 and I've never had acne like this before. I refuse to leave the house!! ...and new deep, red, painful, cystic spots on my chin and jawline are being added by the second. Not to mention the nausea I experienced and cramp I had in my legs. Not worth it! I'm stopping today. I used another BC which made my skin flawless but I looked 6 months preg with the bloating and I'm seriously considering that again


I continued on Yasmin for a further 3 months. It didn't get any better

It completey cleared my TZone but my jawline and lower cheeks are still suffering especially around my time of the month.

by cindybuzz on 11/14/2014 21:48
What was the birth control that made you look 6 months pregnant? As I've just come off Cilest for the same reason - amazing skin, but bloated as hell despite exercising and eating healthily.
by SG21 on 01/25/2015 17:06
Hey cindybuzz it was cyproterone it's dianette basically. I've just about got back to a flat stomach after a year