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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)
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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)


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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)

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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)

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Reviewed on January 22, 2013

This is the only thing that has eliminated my oily skin and acne other than accutane. I have had acne for over 20 years and tried everything including accutane 3 times and all topicals, antibiotics and even lasers and blue light therapy.. The accutane worked wonders while on it but acne and oily skin always returned shortly after treatment. Vitamin D has all the benefits of accutane without any of the side effects. Do research on Vit D and you will find it is actually a hormone that is normally produced and absorbed in the skin by UV. Your body needs Vitamin D and if you are deficient it could be that your skin is creating excessive sebum to try and produce more Vitamin D. It's to complicated to begin to describe here but do some research online and you may find that your acne is due to Vitamin D deficiency. Give it a shot. It is cheap and you will know within a few weeks if it is working if your sebum production decreases or stops. Acne resolution could take longer if you have many whiteheads/blackheads that need to come up (just like accutane) but stick with it and you may see amazing results like I have. I take it with a Vitamin C as well.

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Anonymous, England
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Reviewed on December 19, 2012

Never got poorly but th i think it did improve skin a lil i took it for fair few months and 5000iu aswell. No that's not a typing error 5000iu cos i read somewhere there thinkin of changing the rda to this.

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Fred, Brussels
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Matt, N.B, Canada
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Reviewed on September 19, 2012

About my experience. In April I began to start taking green smoothies and bought a mountain bike and started mountain biking 6 days a week up until June when I got a new job. My skin was amazingly clear in comparison to what it was. I attributed it too just the green smoothies I was taking.Up until then I didn't really spend a lot of time outside. I spent a lot of time at the gym, indoors for work and school and hockey. But that changed when I started mountain biking.

Silly me didn't put two and two together that my skin was remarkably clearer due to the amount of vitamin D i was getting from being outside for 2 hours each day. So skip to the end of June, I got a new job and just didn't have time to bike anymore. Had to start hitting the gym again cause of my work schedule. Within two weeks my skin started going downhill again and I got very frustrated as I kept up my green smoothies and I didn't know why. I was so upset and angry until I came across this article that said up to 80-90 percent of people are vitamin D deficient especially in Northern countries and it finally hit me. Omg it was vitamin D all along.

In the article they recommend between 2000-4000 IU per day of vitamin D3. It's been 4 days and I already notice my skin is healing quicker. Breakouts have almost stopped dead in their tracks and my skin is returning to early summer condition. I feel so stupid not realizing this after 10 years of suffering. Tried every over the counter product with little to no success.

I've combined this regime with 10,000IU of Vita A, 400 IU of E and omega 3 twice per day. I'm also going to be adding 1 zinc tablet per day, Vitamin C and a B complex this week.

IF you have suffered for a long time and have never tried this, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It makes sense with the amount we spend indoors now as a society that we aren't getting enough D.

Reviewed on July 18, 2012

I started taking Vitamin D over a year ago because i had a deficiency. It wasn't a miracle cure or anything, but it definitely helped the overall look of my skin.

I also stopped getting a huge (almost cyst type) pimple every month.

It's worth taking it, but you'll get the best results from it if you combine it with other things like Vitamin E, Zinc, and just taking good and careful care of your skin :)

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Reviewed on June 17, 2012

I started taking Vitamin D supplements because a blood test showed a deficiency and I was told by family members that it increased energy and mental clarity. I never expected it to have this type of result on acne. I went through a second round of accutane for 8 months which cleared my acne completely. However the acne came back. BP and salicylic acid kind of worked but I wasn't satisfied and they dried my skin out. I soon noticed however after taking vitamin d for a few weeks that the my acne had disappeared. I conducted a few tests to see if it was in fact the vitamin d that was the culprit. Every time I stopped the vitamin d the acne would come back. I literally noticed over night that when I took a dose again, the acne on my face started to heal. The inflammation would decrease drastically. I also noticed my face was much less oily.

I continue to take vitamin d with very good results. I take 5000IU a day. 2000IU in the morning and 3000IU at night. Any acne I do get is very tiny and heals very fast with virtually no inflammation.

Reviewed on May 11, 2012

Your body is not a trash can. You cannot throw fat soluble vitamins in at a high amount and expect them not to gum up the works. That being said, this stuff really worked for me. I've had moderate acne since I was in middle school and now I'm finishing my freshman year of college. Feels great to be at home in my own skin finally and not being envious of other people's complexion all the time. I cleared up in literally 2 weeks. I finally put it all together after coming to this review page. I had tried accutane for six months(six excruciating months) and had cleared up completely near the end when I started taking less and less. I was clear for about three months before the acne came back. Both times when my acne was really bad I noticed it had something to do with my sun exposure in some sort of way but I didn't know what exactly. Then it hit me while reading these reviews. I had been taking accutane which was blocking me from absorbing vitamin D3 from sources other than the sun. My skin broke out massively at that time, and only waned when I waned on the dosage as well. The second time, well being in college and all I drink pretty heavily. Not like here or there but really really heavily every weekend. (Madison will get the best of you). Alcohol has the same affect, blocking reception of vitamin D. So I stopped the drinking two weeks ago and started popping 400 IU twice a day with meals. I went from 6 or 7 gnarly pimples at a time to a final count of 0 two weeks later. Made this account to share my experience because I know what its like when no one has an answer for your problems. Try this out, it could change your life. And you can start drinking again, just don't go overboard all the time.

by maxam on 01/30/2016 11:44
hello,do you thing that i should combine accutane with D3 or only D3 will help me withouu the acne
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Reviewed on April 28, 2012

This is the best thing I have tried for my skin yet. Tried minocycline, it worked, but had some sketchy side effects. I would strongly recommend anyone to try this before anything else! Also, it is very cheap! I take 4,000 IU daily along with using a Clarsonic exfoliator and have found it to be the best regime for my skin. I have breakouts now and then that only last a couple days.

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Reviewed on March 25, 2012

I bought a bottle of vitamin D3 from Whole Foods not for acne, but because a blood test I had done showed low levels of it. My acne clearing up was a wonderful and unexpected side effect of taking the pills - it really has been years since my facial skin has been consistently clear.

It probably won't work for everybody, but since many people around the world are glued to their electronics and hardly see the light of day nowadays, it is quite possible that some acne is associated with a lack of sunlight. My vitamin D has 400 IU and I pop a few of them each day. It is vitamin D3 (Not just D), which is apparently more like the type you get from being exposed to sunlight.

Anyway, I've been taking these pills for about 2 weeks and it is the first thing that has drastically improved my skin in such a small amount of time. I believe that it is really worth a try (as most people are deficient in vitamin D anyway :P), just make sure that you buy something good quality and that it says D3. I really hope this works for others like it did for me!

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Reviewed on February 16, 2012

Have been having pretty bad acne off and on for 8 years or so, over the last 2 years it's been getting even worse, on my back, arms, and face. Just started taking this approx. 5 days ago, skin is almost completely clear everywhere, I've not been this clear since like 5 years ago, I'm going to keep it up, and keep an eye on it all, but so far I've never seen any results like this. I've tried just about everything you can think of with diet and natural supplements. Oh, I'm also back on Zinc and vit A because I noticed they helped "slightly" in the past, so between those three I'm almost completely clear, and weird skin issues (like oily AND peeling skin, constantly chapped lips) are all going away as well... Pretty amazing... I always suspected I was D deficient since I only go outside at night time.

So regimen is this:

Zinc - One adult serving

Vit A - One adult serving

Vit D3 - 1,000IU twice per day

I take the kind that's in a drip bottle.