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Vitamin B5


Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid).

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Vitamin B5

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Vitamin B5

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Works well but be weary of side effects
Reviewed on October 30, 2014

I used B5 for 2.5 years solid. I am still using it although I have lowered my dosage. Anything less than 5g/day doesn't do much for me. It works best when split into 4 doses. If you supplement with l-carnitine at the same time it boosts the effects. If you decide to try this make sure you are taking a Vitamin-B complex daily to prevent depletion of other vitamins. Some potential side effects are excessive thirst, hair loss, and increased appetite.

It works but don't overdoze too much!
Reviewed on October 28, 2014

Hi! I tried Vitamin B5 for over a year and I saw some improvement. It kind of calmed my skin all over and took the edge of my acne and rosacea. However I still had a lot of blackheads, and cysts and zits would still pop up here and there. You need to take a lot of it to really see a difference, but taking 10-20 grams of Vitamin B5 a day is very bad for you in the long run (it can damage your body and give you chronic headache). I would stay around 5 grams of vitamin B5 and ad a few other things. I found a really great regime on this website: [link removed]

My skin has never looked better!

worked awesome
Reviewed on September 9, 2014

B5 gave me really clear skin for a few months. I couldn't believe it. But the results started to fade after awhile. I'm not sure if my body is just getting used to it or what. But still, I would recommend trying it out.

My acne cure
Reviewed on June 14, 2014

I've had acne for almost 18 years and feel like I've tried everything trying to cure it. I was on Dianette for years which did cure my acne but it had really bad side effects. I turned into a moody monster, crying all the time, so I quit it. I decided I could put up with the acne to have my old personality back! My acne was never cystic, it was always like teenage acne, but there was just so much of it. I had it on my face, on my chest and on my back. And sometimes on bad days, on my arms. It drove me nuts. I tried so many things. Benzoyl peroxide seemed to make the acne go deeper and bleached all my clothes. I tried zinc supplements, vitamin A, and ACV. Gold Bond powder worked really well on my bacne, but it was a bit of a pain to use it every day. I was pretty skeptical when I tried B5, but I figured I had nothing to lose. Lucky for me! It cured my acne completely. I started taking four 500mg pills a day, evenly spaced out. My skin got less oily after a week or two and my acne had cleared up after about six weeks. I took it like that for a year, and then I started to worry that I might damage my insides or something so I stopped taking it, and the acne came back. I started taking it again after about six months. It took longer to work the second time around (maybe two months to clear up) but now it's back working perfectly again so I don't plan to quit it any time soon! I've never had any side effects and as far as I can tell it's safe enough to take as it is water-soluble. I would recommend anybody to try this, it cured my acne.

by Ashleyreis55 on 09/24/2014 02:06
Hi! Does it matter which b5 vitamins you take? I noticed there is lots of differnt name brands & kinds. Please email me what you used? Ashleyreis55@[link removed] :)
Vitamin B5 eliminated my adult acne
Reviewed on May 27, 2014

If you have adult acne, like I did, please give this stuff a shot. It eliminated my adult acne that appeared when I was 34-35. Deeper pimples around the nose, mouth and back that didn't go away with conventional treatments. I take about 1.5-2 grams a day. I feel compelled to share, because adult acne can really be a problem (physically and mentally) and this worked. I also tried zinc, vitamin a, and vitamin e, but they only helped marginally.

B5 really has worked long term for me
Reviewed on April 14, 2014

I suffered from acne my whole life, repeated visits to the docs, and a dermatologist, and just to be fobbed off with a crappy cream and told it was just mild acne, my acne has never felt mild to me, it has ruined my life, I have never felt confident, most of the time I'd just stay in, make my excuses to friends about not going out, I got sick of it. Then one day I read about b5. I thought there was nothing to lose so I ordered a load in. I started off for 3 months on 10g a day, 5 tablets at a time spread throughout the day, it took a while to have any effect but I persisted, and I'm glad I did. After about 3mths I lowered the dose slightly, about 7g a day, sometimes lower sometimes higher because too low and I'd breakout slightly, but after about 6mth I couldn't believe how well it worked. Two years went by of complete confidence, my best two years of my life, this was using about 5g a day. It did get a bit tedious remembering to take them but I was regimental about it. But one day I thought I'd give them a rest, about a month went by until I'd break out again, so I had to go back, although I had to megadose again, I'm just at the lowering stage now. I do still get the odd zit now and again but my skin is so good and my confidence is sky high.

Could be nearly 3 years of usage now and I havnt had any severe symptoms, just rumbling belly and a bit of upset with diarreah. I am fed up taking the pills though, I will give it a rest again, after my summer holidays. Btw I take a multivitamin a day with them.

Male 35

by Ashleyreis55 on 09/24/2014 02:06
Hi! Does it matter which b5 vitamins you take? I noticed there is lots of differnt name brands & kinds. Please email me what you used? Ashleyreis55@[link removed] :)
I thought it worked but I plateaued and then worsened after a few months
Reviewed on November 5, 2013

I am changing my original review ....

I initially took 5 grams each day for 5 days. Then went to 10 grams every day, space over 4 increments.

I had minor stomach discomfort for a couple of days only.

I did this for about 6 months and then stopped after I eventually decided it wasn't really working.

I did actually notice a steady gradual improvement which motivated me to keep going. BUT upon reflection, I THINK it was just mean reversion - which is a common problem with anecdotal evidence I can admit I fell for. You see, before this treatment, I was using an LED blue light for a few months which really messed up my face, causing hundreds of black/white heads. While that sounds fairly harmless, it really took me 6 months to get rid of them and my complexion was really awful due to the light. This gradual clearing happened when I was on the B5. But I don't think it was the B5. I think it was the absence of the blue light. Meanwhile during the B5, even though all those hundreds of little plugs were slowly clearing, I was still getting roughly the same number of new pimples as before.

I was also dealing with mild accurate on chronic diarrhea the whole time on the b5. I went a week or two or even three being fine and then maybe a week it would flare up. It was worse with caffeine, even chocolate.

Then, after I hit 6 months, reality seemed to sink in that the number of new pimples I was getting wasn't really reducing, and the overall texture of my face had plateaued. Again, it was better, but I think it was just going back to how it was before I started the blue light. It might have even worsened a bit at this point, and I so went cold turkey, stopping all the pills. It just became clear it wasn't worth it.

However, my next quest turned out to be blissfully successful in about 2-3 weeks.

6 cups of green tea per day plus a topical vitamin C powder (brand "Philosophy"). I for some reason have an increased need for antioxidants (which surprised me since my diet is truly impeccable.)

Cheap, natural, easy and effective. Feeling great about my story.

Good luck!

i'm aged 31 and female.

Tried tons of meds, this is only thing that worked
Reviewed on January 5, 2014

For around a month I have been taking b5. I'd say for the first week I was taking 1000mg per day but quickly realised that it was an absurd amount so reduced it to one 500mg caplet per day. First thing I noticed was that it was making me really dehydrated first thing in the morning so this was another reason I reduced the dosage to one slow release caplet taken in the morning rather than taking one before I went to bed as the dehydration was causing me to wake up with headaches every morning. After a couple of weeks my skin seemed to be getting slightly dry in patches which I took as a sign of it working - hallelujah! This kept me going and helped me to remember to take a caplet every single morning without fail. I am now about a month in and the change in my skin is remarkable. Yes it is very dry and this does worry me, but as soon as I'm completely happy with my skin I'm going to halve the rest of the b5 tablets I have so I will be taking 250mg daily so hopefully this will decrease the dryness. I must add though that I am also nightly using a topical lotion called adapalene 0.1% cream which was prescribed to me. However if I were asked which I think were working I'd say it was the b5 for sure.

One think I have read though is that a continuation of taking a b vitamin for a long time period can reduce your levels of other b vitamins. So I may buy a multi b vitamin once I have ran out.

I definitely recommended trying it if you've been prescribed tons of other things like me and they didn't work. (Both topical and antibiotics).

didn't work
Reviewed on December 13, 2013

I took 10-15 pills a day. It didn't help with my severe acne...caused by the oil cleansing method. My hair started falling out about after 3 weeks so I stopped.

Only thing that has worked for me.
Reviewed on November 13, 2013

I used vitamin B5, also called Pantothenic Acid, daily a couple of months ago. However, I ran out and did not buy anymore because my skin was in great condition and I figured that I no longer needed it. Recently, I broke out very badly and tried multiple products in order to get my acne under control (minocycline, epiduo, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, home remedies, you name it). After a few weeks of using these products, my acne was not getting any better. Then one day I remembered about B5! After about 3 days of use I noticed a major difference! Oil production decreased, blemishes decreased, and my face was becoming much clearer. I recommend taking 10g daily (20 500mg pills) for the first few weeks, and then over time decrease this dosage to 4g daily (8 500mg pills) as a maintenance dose. Also, it is good to space out the pills evenly throughout the day (I took 5 when I woke up, 5 early afternoon, 5 late afternoon, and 5 before bed). Doing so will diminish the possibility of experiencing side effects, which may include upset stomach and stomach pains. The best part about B5 is that it is water soluble, meaning that you cannot overdose on it because the body will simply remove the B5 that it cannot use through urination.

How B5 works:

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is a component of Coenzyme A. Coenzyme A is necessary for hormone production as well as fatty acid metabolism. During puberty, as hormone production increases, the body chooses to use coenzyme A to produce hormones and neglects fatty acid metabolism. Because the body uses coenzyme A for hormone production instead of fatty acid metabolism, sebum (skin oil) levels rise and acne follows. Supplementing with megadoses of vitamin B5 allows for enough circulating B5 to address both bodily processes, thus curing acne.