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Made from select sun-ripened grain, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5%(50 grains) acidity.

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Reviewed on July 15, 2011

better to combine half of cider vinegar with half of cucumber juice. Keep apply in your acne area for 2 weeks and u will see the result. It works wonder on my skin

Reviewed on July 12, 2011

I never had an acne problem growing up. However, after I went on birth control for medical reasons, I experienced the worst breakout of my life all over my face. Being 20 years old and never having had an acne problem, of course I was desperate. I ditched the pills and began a grueling journey to get rid of my acne. For many months, I tried everything - Obagi products (helped immensely with old scarring but not my acne itself), a rainbow of topical ointments from my dermatologist, organic face washes/toners, drinking aloe vera juice, supplements, changing my grooming habits, natural remedies like lemon juice and honey masks...only with slight results. Nothing worked quite like apple cider vinegar! I began to use it only a few weeks ago, religiously (morning and night after face was washed) and noticed results after about a week! I tried to use it both as a toner and as a shot to drink. It's awful to drink, so I'll be doing that minimally (I still recommend it, because it couldn't hurt) but as a toner, it totally healed my skin! And people, my acne was stubborn hormonal acne, so you know this stuff is good! Combined with dry ice treatments (available at select dermatologist offices; basically sloughs off dead skin and dries existing acne), I am now almost acne free after many months of agony. I still use a topical ointment (Veltin) after I apply the vinegar just to be safe, but I know the main reason my skin is now healthy is due to the vinegar. I can't sing enough praises about it. If you're struggling with acne, try apple cider vinegar. It's definitely worth a shot. Good luck to all of you!

Reviewed on July 8, 2011

I was skeptical of this one... I've tried everythingggg and got desperate...

I started to wash with Purpose cleanser and then apply (1 part ACV/1 part which hazel/3 part water) toner. Every few days Ill do a mask with Baking Soda as well.

I was so surprised to find that mixing a few drops of Jojoba oil in with my Olay Regenerist Serum makes a perfect mixture! I apply this before my foundation in the AM. I hardly do any touch ups or blotting all day, and I have a healthy glow again.

I tried doing the 'drinking it' thing for a few days, but decided topical may be the better way to go for the results I wanted :) no complaints other than the smell

Reviewed on July 7, 2011

i have severe acne on my back. been with it for over 10 years. i tried the usual medication prescribed by doctors but nothing helped so i gave up.

i came upon this site and decided to try the solution. i have been using ACV (mixed with water and tea tree oil) for two weeks now and so far i like what i'm seeing.

my blackheads were completely wiped off and my back is smoother. the scars have not disappeared yet but some became lighter. there is about 30% improvement on my skin since i began using it. however, the acne still would not stop. about one or two would still pop up. But there is definitely improvement.

Reviewed on June 28, 2011

ACV has greatly helped with my acne! I started off using it undiluted which was of course silly... my skin was red for days of course. Then I started diluting it 1:1 with water and it is much much better. It felt far more natural. I still apply undiluted acv with a cotton bud onto active pimples without touching the skin around the pimple. It instantly reduces the redness and visible white tip of the pimple (not sure what to call it :) I use it as a toner, so after cleansing. Mostly in the evenings to avoid smelling of vinegar during the day, but if I am at home I will use it twice a day and it works miracles.

Reviewed on June 18, 2011

ACV is a real miracle worker. I swear by it. I have seen it cure extremely severe skin conditions. I absolutely adore it. And it's not something you depend on. I started having acne was I was 13. I didn't discover ACV until I was 25. I started drinking it and in just a few weeks my skin cleared up. Now I don't drink it anymore and my skin is still fine. But I drink it. I tried applying it to my skin, but that didn't really work for me.

Reviewed on June 9, 2011

I took the bad with the good here. Honestly, after taking Minocin gave me folliculitis, I couldn't figure out what to do to make it go away. Fortunately, my GP gave me Bactrim and I began putting apple cidar vinegar, and then later plain white distilled vinegar on my acne effected areas. It worked wonders!!

I could see and feel the vinegar bubbling up and killing bacteria, and that sensation only lasted a few seconds. While it did kill off the bacteria with the help of Bactrim, it also left the acne and folliculitis effected areas darker, as if the skin was dead. But that was fine, because a week or so later, the skin was loose enough that I could just scrub it away and the skin underneath was like BRAND NEW, SOFT, CLEAR baby skin. The marks took a while to heal but my skin was def healthier.

I tried drinking down ACV and that's just gross. I can't even shot the I just applied it topically.

My acne was once severe but now it is nonexistent, so I just put "very light"

Reviewed on June 5, 2011

im glad that i tried using braggs acv for my acne. synergistic effect is achieved when it is applied topically as astringent and when it is taken internally daily. it dries up acne, makes pores smaller and overall gives a glowy clear clean smooth face.

Reviewed on May 24, 2011

I started having some break outs on my chest. They were very small, tiny white little bumps. I'd read on here that ACV worked great on body acne, so I gave it a try. However, after a week of applying ACV straight from the bottle to my chest twice a day, I started breaking out like crazy. I have pretty fair, thin, sensitive skin and I'm guessing the acidity of the ACV irritated it.. Either way, I'm not putting that stuff on my chest again! Works great on my face though

Reviewed on May 20, 2011

I use regular Great Value ACV diluted with green tea solution as a toner. I love it! You can splash it or dab it on with a cotton pad. It helps heal scarring and reduce redness from previous acne. I use in combination with Dan's 2.5% BP and OTC cleanser & moisturizer. I stay acne free for the most part this is a huge improvement for me considering I used to have huge cystic acne all over my face. Now it's more of an occasional little bump.

Recipe: 1 cup boiling water, 2 green tea bags steeped for 20 min. 3 parts tea to 1 part ACV.