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Vinegar (as a topical)
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Vinegar (as a topical)


Made from select sun-ripened grain, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5%(50 grains) acidity.

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Vinegar (as a topical)

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Vinegar (as a topical)

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A must!
Reviewed on April 30, 2014

Everyone who has acne NEEDS to try this! I haven't had a clear face in over 10 years!! I'm a 23 year old female and had enough acne to make me self conscious, always had trouble covering it with make up. It really gets annoying spending so much on make up and different products trying to look flawless, while other people seem to be born perfect with their clear skin! Ha. Anyways recently Ive been looking up reviews on literally everything! And stumbled across this...why isn't this on commercials on EVERY channel?!?! I paid $6 on a big bottle of braggs organic apple cider vinegar (has to be this one!!!!!!!!!!) and I very lightly diluted some in a little glass, washed my face and wiped it all over face and neck, slept overnight with it on. For the most part I left it on at all times, some people don't, just find out what works for you. After a couple days I stopped diluting it and just used it straight. I also began drinking a teaspoon a day, then worked my way up to two, bout to do the recommended three teaspoons a day. I first take enough honey to coat my throat, take the teaspoon of vinegar, then more honey to mask the taste, then I chug some water (doesn't matter how much, I do enough to ease the little bit of burning in the tummy) You really do get used to the smell/taste. BE PATIENT!!! I can't stress that enough!!! I was gettin mad cuz some people said they seen great results in "3 days" well it wasn't workin quick enough for me, but I continued anyway! I'm soooooo glad I did! (I've been using this for about 3 weeks now) I've never seen a product with such great reviews, they are endless! I now see why! Try it! As soon as you can! And then spread the word to help others! (I Created an account just to post this review!)

by rachelmalone on 06/24/2014 14:54
Do you wear makeup? If so, how do you wash your makeup off before using the ACV?
Amazing, best thing I have ever used to get rid of acne
Reviewed on February 7, 2014 should not say home remedies are largely ineffective! I have tried anything from Salyic Acid Pads to Proactive (Benzoylz peroxide) and they are not as effective as ACV! I use AC vinegar and has cleared up most of my acne in three days. I had this huge cystic acne/white head thing on my cheek and it is drastically going down. I dilute the ACV in water, the, apply it to my face. Straight up ACV will burn your skin and your face will turn red, dilute it! I highly recommend it, even millionare Scarlett Johnansen recommends it! Also, my scars are already fading. If you also suffer from body acne, like me, it works wonders! I have bad shoulder acne/keratosis pilaris and mild back acne, and this has cleared up my body acne and keratosis pilaris really good. BTW, the smell goes away in like 5 minutes amd is hardly noticeable.

by ivettal on 03/13/2014 02:24
was there any method or trick you used to get past the taste? i tried drinking it this morning but i almost threw up
by ivettal on 03/13/2014 02:24
was there any method or trick you used to get past the taste? i tried drinking it this morning but i almost threw up
by Marcedesman on 04/05/2014 13:01
I don't drink it. I apply it directly to my face.
Reviewed on March 19, 2014

Okay lol. I have combo/oily skin, meaning only my t zone, nose, around nose gets oily & weird as hell. I used BRAGGS apple cider vinegar (raw, unfiltered,unpasteurized, "with the mother") & water and used it as a toner each morning & night after washing my face. (half water, half ACV). This is a miracle! After I use it as a toner I'll dip a clean q tip into some ACV (JUST ACV, not diluted) and put it ONLY on the pimple. Not on the area/around. It disappears, no scars :) at the most time, 3 days? Least, few hours/overnight. Love this lol AND this works on skin tags. :)

apple cider vinegar is a miracle .. give it two weeks, drink and use as a toner, you will be estatic, and it eliminates oil all day.
Reviewed on February 25, 2014

I had severe acne my whole life, always re applying makeup, hated looking in mirrors, TOOK FOREVER to get ready.. now, after two weeks of ingesting acv plenty of times through out the day, and applying it as a toner NOT DILUTED, and NOT rinsing it, my face is clear. I Can't believe this... The scars are still there, but no new acne has appeared... I am 15 days into this, and can say I don't know what I would have done without it... My skin glows, I have crazy energy, and I feel normal again... Most people wouldn't be happy with the skin I have, as I have red marks all over my face still, but the bumps are completely gone (except for one stubborn one..

Reviewed on January 29, 2014

I've suffered with a cluster of spots on my cheeks and jaw line for 3 years now. It's calm sometimes but I'm having bad flare up at the moment. They are burning up almost bubbling with about 15 pimples grrrrr ! I drink honegar but after reading this I've decided to apply to the area directly ! Day 1 is going well so will keep you all updated with the result ! Fingers crossed :)

Day 2 .... The cluster of spots are drying up quite nicely!!!! Happy with this so far !

by kalitia1 on 01/30/2014 09:15
Day 2 ..... The cluster of spots are drying up nicely !!!!! Happy with this so far !!!!
works.. need a couple days though:)
Reviewed on December 29, 2013

I tried this a long time ago and due to the burning sensation and the fact I saw acne come up, I shelfed this for a long time.. after much reading and research, I found due to it' s detoxifying it brings the deeper acne up to the surface. I took a weekened where I could stay home, applied ACVinegar a few times, left it on for a while then rinsed. I then use baking soda and water paste as a mask, let dry, then moisten, exfoliate the raised acne away and rinse.. use this treatment once a week.. both products cause initial redness and a burning sensation.. you will need time, just a little, after using this. ending rinse with cold water helps

works i think
Reviewed on December 18, 2013

I have mixed feelings. I think it works. It makes my acne "sweat". After I put it on, my cystic acne starts oozing pus. It burns worse than anything I have tried so far though and hurts my eyes and the smell is overwhelming. I diluted it 50% water. I want to use it more but the experience is not that fun.

Update: It's been about a week and my acne looking better than ever because of ACV. My cystic acne is getting smaller and smaller, almost gone..I have only 3-4 active pimples on my face now!! I had like 10-15 active ones before. Don't know if it will do anything for the scarring I have but I will try to update in another week or so. Someone on here said to give it two weeks. I surprised it's working so fast. Have been using 2x a day, morning and night.

Helps my skin glow but seems to be causing acne
Reviewed on December 9, 2013

I began using organic vinegar topically (1.6 vinegar/water ratio), and the first day of usage, I had pimples come up all around my mouth and chin. I've heard that vinegar will sometimes "purge" the skin, causing extra pimples before it improves the skin. Is this true (and perhaps I should continue using the vinegar?)?

by Resa93 on 12/24/2013 07:27
keep using it! When I first started, it burned so bad and my acne would ooze pus, but now its finally healing and new ones aren't coming up anymore. I don't think it "causes" extra pimples, just brings to head the ones that were going to come out eventually anyway.
convinced skeptic
Reviewed on December 3, 2013

so i have mild to moderate to severe acne, its mainly on my cheeks and jaw line... I usually dont break out with blackheads or white heads, but i get like red bumps, like a zit is forming but it never forms just stays red and bumpy. i have tried many many things and nothing ever got rid of it. some things would make it more mellow but never gone. now i think alot of my red spots are old scars but idk. theres no texture to some of them just red spots. so last night i made a cider vinegar concotion to use as a toner... just using it one and 95% of my bumps were gone, i have smoooth skin for the most part. the redness is still red but not as bad and mind you i only used it ONCE! obvious results after ONE use. my concotion is the following: 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup brags organic ACV 2 bags of green tea leaves dumped into the mixtures, a crushed Zinc Pill and some tea tree oil and RAW organic honey. it smell waaayyy better than just the ACV! so my routine was wash face with my clarisonic, pat dry, apply my toner with a cotton pad not cotton ball. you will see why.... now since there was the green tea leaves loose in the mixture you get the leaves on your face gently rub those leaves all over your face with the cotton pad and leave it on for a few minutes its like an exfoliant. then rinse off the leaves and take another cotton pad and put the toner on it.... the leaves will be on your cotton pad still because its loose in the toner, but the toner obviously soaks through to the other side of the pad, se that side to apply the toner w/out getting any leaves on your face, once it dries, moisturize and then youre good! i never write reviews but i felt this was important to write! alos i drink green tea and and my ACV to my tea and take zinc and fish oil everyday to improve my skin from the inside! good luck

A perfect addition to any regimen
Reviewed on November 26, 2013

I had quite bad acne for many years. After years of finding out what works for me, I was able to get my skin to a tolerable level of a few prominent zits on my face at one time. I decided to add ACV to my regimen twice a day, using a q-tip to apply it to my problem areas, and my skin has never looked better. It dries up and shrinks zits fast, and is perfect for applying to recently lanced whiteheads. I still use retin-a at night and cleanse twice a day, but for 1 dollar a bottle I would recommend adding this to anyones regimen. The smell is prominent, but quickly fades within 5 minutes.