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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
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Brand: Vaseline

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly


100% pure petroleum jelly.

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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, 13 oz
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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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Reviewed on April 18, 2015

I started to break out so badly all over my forehead about 5 months ago and it would not go away. I had huge red bumps everywhere and new ones were forming every day. I tried literally everything- you name it, I tried it. I even went to the dermatologist and they prescribed me oral antibiotics and a topical cream but even these did not get rid of my acne. I completely lost hope until I read online that Vaseline gets rid of acne. So I washed my face with a mild cleanser and put on Vaseline as a moisturizer before bed, and I swear to god I woke up with much clearer skin. Not only does it make my skin smoother, but it gets rid of redness and fades my acne scars so quickly. I only started using Vaseline 1 week ago and my skin is 100 times clearer. I am finally comfortable enough again to go out without wearing any makeup to cover my acne and scars, which is something I could not do a week ago from today. I also haven't had any pimples form since I started using Vaseline. If you're like me and you think you've tried everything, use Vaseline as your night time moisturizer. It was the best decision I ever made.

It really helped.
Reviewed on April 9, 2015

For me personally I used this a lot when my skin is dry or have acne. I put this on my face over night and wake up with soft glowy skin and my pimple shrinks, redness goes down and dark scars starts to disappear. It works wonder! I love it. It may be sticky but that doesn't bother me.

This may help !
Reviewed on April 1, 2015

I haven't used this exact Vaseline i used the Aleo Vera one i find it calms the redness down and speeds up the healing.Also i now drink the Aleo Vera drink and its helped my skin so much i don't have clear skin but the amount is reducing. I find only washing your face , using scrubs and masks have helped a lot.Also don't be afraid to go to the doctor and ask as they can give you creams and washes that will clean out your pours.Also people say its a myth about chocolate causing spots , it isn't.However its not just chocolate if your diet consist of lots of salts and sugars and you don't eat fruit that will be a main cause.Now when i want to snack i pick up some fruit.Another thing i do it soak my face in hot water , however make sure you use a non perfumed moisturizer , something like Aqueous Cream BP you can get this proscribed or buy it in a pharmacy.Another thing is if a spot isn't ready to pop don't mess with it , you'll regret it after , there will be a large redness and cut which may be infected this can get very big and hard to cover its not worth it. Try not to pick !Please reply if you have any suggestions and things i could try please :)

by litsi99 on 04/08/2015 02:42
do you just add in all the face or just where the acne is at?
Fixed my irritated skin
Reviewed on March 28, 2015

My skin became irritated from using so many products to try and clear up a breakout I was having, making it dry and flaky and breaking me out in my problem areas. I decided to try vaseline and was surprised at how well it worked. I put it on my face at night and woke up to my face being very soft and no longer dry as well as not as inflamed and the size of the pimples was drastically reduced.

Also, I want to point out I have VERY sensitive skin and this hasn't seemed to clog my pores or irritate my face at all.

This healed my skin
Reviewed on March 19, 2015

When I first started I was terrified, my skin looked so bad though after BP etc. My skin is very sensitive and I had just been putting anything on it in hopes of "killing" acne. But I kept getting more and more, and they we're angrier than ever. So, one day I put this on and kept putting it on so everything came to the surface. After this I just kept using it, every night. I use it to cleanse my face from make-up too if I wear it. I went on accutane about 1.5 months after I started using this. I had already been confirmed for it just when I started using it, but had to wait to be put on birth control and all that crap. I kept using it throughout and I haven't gotten a pimple since. I still use it now off it. I am amazed of how well my skin is healing. I went to a new derm after accutane and she convinced me that vaseline will break me out. She gave me some differin. After two days I had eczema and pupules all over my upper cheeks. I went back on vaseline and now it is getting back to normal. I am a bit angry that derms don't explore new possibilities with acne because these creams and stuff, and antibiotics (except accutane which actually works) is getting old.

It will not clog your pores. I have been using it for 10 months (before, during and after accutane) and it has never clogged my pores. The only thing it will do is help heal your skin. It traps moisture and doesn't give your skin any new, so it is just helping you skin oppose to your ordinary moisturizer that you will eventually become dependent on. You really shouldn't need to use a moisturizer in the first place or anything really. You shouldn't furiously wash your face so much either. If you don't wear make up then maybe splash some water on your face once a day but that is it.

I know that vaseline isn't natural, but whatevs. I mean I don't need to use anything and my skin is starting to look so much better so I know it is helping with something.

Also, never use BP or anything on a popped zit, the bacteria has already died when it popped and now it just needs to heal. Put a lot of vaseline on it!!

Vaseline does not clog pores!!
Reviewed on February 3, 2015

I recently started using Vaseline because one day it dawned on me that Everyone I've ever known who use Vaseline on their skin had perfectly clear porcelain like since I'm suffering with adult acne I decided to use it on my is a skin protectant people!!! So therefor it will shield your skin from environmental contaminates and bacteria keeping it "protected". After using it my skin has had very minimal breakouts and less severe and they only last 1-2 days if that. I have oily skin and it does not clog my pores. I use it after I put ACV on my face as a toner, I let it dry then apply Vaseline overnight. When I was using AVC alone I did not see great results until I started to use Vaseline. My aha! Moment...I never write reviews but for this product I can honestly say it works!

by caribcurls on 02/28/2015 15:46
What is ACV?
by mfn* on 03/09/2015 16:36
ACV = Apple cider vinegar. To use as a toner, most people buy organic (for example: Bragg's or Trader Joe's brand) apple cider vinegar. You then mix it in a bowl or something and dilute it to be at least 50/50 ACV and water because ACV is very acidic. Apply to a cotton ball and then rub gently on face.
Results were amazing for me
Reviewed on October 17, 2014

Im 21 and deal with adult acne to some extent. Im not troubled like my teenage years were. I have always had pretty clear skin but with changing seasons, my face takes a beating with acne. My grandmother has always used vaseline at night and looks 10+ years younger than she is so i decided to try it. This is seriously a miracle serum it seems! Ever since using it nightly on troubled areas, my acne lessens in amount and size, as well as redness quite substantially. My face isnt very greasy so this works wonders and doesnt clog my pores. I highly reccomend it!!

Huge Improvement!
Reviewed on March 24, 2014

A few days ago I went on vacation which totally threw me off my normal routine. This resulted in numerous patches of acne on my skin. As I was using drying treatments to cure the acne quickly, I made my skin worse. Last night I applied vaseline over all of the acne scars and this morning i woke up with moisturized skin and also some of the places are peeling. I highly recommend using this for a quick fix! I go to the beach in two days and this is a lifesaver!

Clear skin!
Reviewed on February 25, 2014

I am allergic to stearate. That being said, I am allergic to most chemical products, especially creams. After suffering from another allergic bout from a moisturizing cream, I decided to stick to Vaseline. I have combination skin: oily T-zone and chin, dry cheeks. After using Vaseline for a few days, all my pimples healed up. I haven't gotten a single pimple in weeks. It might be because I have finally steered clear of stearate, but Vasline helps my skin to renew itself.

Reviewed on February 25, 2014

I use it as a teenager works really well when I use it with or without water it works amazing a lot less pimples doesn't clog your pores